Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taman Medan Toll Plaza Abolished

First of all, we will like to express our sincere thanks to the Works Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed for giving Malaysians a Valentine's Day present by abolishing the Kuala Lumpur-bound toll plaza at PJS2 on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) with immediate effect.

The Minister said removing the toll was also meant to soften the effects of economic uncertainties for the residents of PJS 1 and 2.

However, before Malaysian's decide to pop the champagne bottle for the celebratory dinner marking the possible start to a review of all other toll plazas and toll rates across the country, we will like to call upon the Minister to disclose the compensation paid to the concessionaire for the abolition.

As reported vaguely in The Star today, analysts have disclosed that the concessionaire will be compensated.

In addition, the Minister must disclose the yearly compensation involved relative to the toll revenue collected by the concessionaire annually since 2004.

If the compensation approximates or exceeds the value of the toll revenue collected by the concessionaire, then this Valentine's Day present is not a real present, but is paid for by the rakyat themselves. If such is the case, then it will demonstrate the lack of sincerity of the Barisan Nasional government in restructuring the unfair toll concessions in Malaysia.

If however, there is no compensation paid, or the amount is small, the full credit must be given to the Minister for finally listening to the grievances of the people and we'd provide full support to the Minister to do the same for all other toll roads in Malaysia, particularly those which continue to provide poor service and causes traffic congestion to road users while making extraordinary profits.


Anonymous said...

was the toll banished KL bound or Subang bound?

i took the NPE on 15th Sunday & still paid at two tolls coming from Sunway & got off to Bangsar...

did i get on the correct highway?

the toll abolishing came at a time of the two by-elections...another buttering by BN?

that is why P-R need to remind the people why we need a stronf opposition. to keep the ruling gov on their toes & heels. ruling gov when become too powerful & greedy 9this is natural in all developing countries) will tend to forget the people who put them there in the first place...then start to think it is their birth right.

this is also a problem with the 'sucking up' to the boss attitude of 'yes men' within BN to the bosses of BN...they start to think they are some sort of god. it becomes hard to let go when people worship every step you take & making you feel immortal like. this is the problem with our political culture when half of our MPs are 3rd graders.

Anonymous said...

I will consider voting for BN if all tolls in the Klang Valley, in particular the LDP, Kesas, NPE, and Federal Highway tolls are all abolished.

Otherwise I will convince at least 100,000 people to vote for Pakatan Rakyatin GE13 and kick Najis out! Mark My Word!!