Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lawan Tetap Lawan


The Speaker of the Perak State Assembly and the Perak State Government will be filling a suit this morning at the Ipoh High Court to declare that the 3 State elected representatives namely Puan Hee Yit Foong, Encik Jamaluddin bin Mohd Radzi, Kapt(B) Mohd Osman bin Mohd. Jailu for Jelapang, Behrang and Changkat Jering are no longer elected representative for the said constituencies respectively. The speaker have already accepted the resignations of the said elected representatives and the state Government also recognizes that they are no longer elected representatives for the said constituencies.

This declaration is sought to compel the Election Commission to recognize that the said 3 seats have fell vacant and by-elections must be called. BN also cannot claim that it has the majority in the State Assembly as The Pakatan Rakyat has 28 members while BN also only 28 members. The position of 3 other elected representatives will now have to be determined by the court.

In view of the hung situation the Speaker and the Perak State Government are in full support of the requests by YAB Menteri Besar that the State Assembly be dissolved. We sincerely hope that HRH the Sultan of Perak will grant the dissolution of the State Assembly as requested.

In situation of doubt, it is best to go back to people to seek a fresh mandate as such practice is an inherent part of parliamentary democracy. We do not know why BN is so fearful of seeking a mandate from the people if it purports to rule with the people's support.


Anonymous said...

What you guys think about Puan Hee?
What is the main reason she quit DAP? She is trouble free and be in DAP for so long.

Anonymous said...


1) Is Pakatan Rakyat capable of ruling?
Answer: Hardly it's been 1 year, they have lost what they gained. Pakatan Rakyat is a capable ruling party??? Hahahahahaha...My 2 nuts!!!

2) Is BN unethical in their reign towards capturing Perak?
Answer: Anwar Ibrahim was the 1st one who started this game. Not only did he failed in his 916 bid but he's getting a taste of his own medicine. Thus, we CANNOT regard BN capturing Perak as UNETHICAL. It should be called VICTORY using rival's modus operandi.

3) Is this the beginning of Pakatan Rakyat downfall?
Answer: Hard to tell but based on sentiments, Pakatan Rakyat will lose out soon in other states such as Kedah & Selangor. Representatives within Pakatan are extremely upset with the way how Anwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nik Aziz & Co. are running things.

4) Would you consider Pakatan triumph as just a HAY FEVER?
Answer: No, it's NOT a HAY FEVER. It's a just passing wind. Political party which doesn't have substance CAN NEVER last long. Look, what happened in Perak proved it all.

5) Do you agree with BN ruling Perak again?
Answer: Pakatan leaders including pro-Pakatan website ( have been so supportive of Sultan Perak. Now that even the Sultan had agreed with BN taking over & sternly instructed that ex-MB (Nizar from PAS) to resign, it's clear the Sultan agree that Pakatan Rakyat is just a load of RUBBISH. I assume the Sultan is fed-up with Pakatan rubbish in his state.

6) What is the future that lies for Pakatan from now on?
Answer: DAP will go back to their 1 & only territory (Penang), while, PAS will retreat to their PORKLESS & ALCHOHOL-LESS state (Kelantan & Trengganu). As for PKR, Anwar will continue to hunt for more Males Anus.

Anonymous said...


Very true & well written, Tony. Anwar Ibrahim was the one who instigated LAWAN using crossovers & now Pakatan had been defeated by that respective LAWAN.

Hahahahahahaha!!! Well written. Lawan memang lawan. Yang nak melawan KALAH & yang dilawan MENANG....Kakakakakaka!!!

Anonymous said...

i cried for my country
yes lawan tetap lawan
i just hope PR can stay cohesive until the nx election
keep it up Pua! need professional like you

Anonymous said...

Brother Tony,

The Sultan have made his decision. He is allowing BN to form the new State Govt. Moreover, he had asked that dickie-head comrade of yours from PAS (Nizar) to FARK-OFF back to his porkless & boozeless land.

Everyone knows that the Sultan Perak is a wise man. His decision clearly showed Tuanku is fed-up with all the nonsense Pakatan Rakyat is creating in his beloved state.

What can we expect from parties such as DAP, PAS & Keadilan??? They're useless & the recent development in Perak is enough to verify this statement as TRUE & VALID.

Anonymous said...

To all Pakatan Rakyat representatives & supporters in Perak,


I foresee there will be many Pakatan Rakyat supporters getting bashed-up by those mighty FRU in Stadium Ipoh tonite. There SORE LOSING supporters will defy the warnings not to attend illegal gatherings.

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Ramai BABI PAKATAN RAKYAT akan disembelih malam ni. Kakakakakakakakakaka!!!

Anonymous said...

As normal RAKYAT living in the current macro environment of financial crisis, indeed we are tooooooo sick to see all the happenings in Perak.

Can't the Government focus more time to reveal the economy and its stimulus plan and release the money to the market more effectively?

Why they only emphasis on securing their seats? As a results oriented society with KPIs etc, we know how to judge their performance. Do you think we as RAKYAT will elect them again on the coming election?

Anonymous said...

Today UM-Nono, tomorrow PxR, then UM-nono again, insect is better than him... At least insect won't jump for $$.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you've got to clear and delete these shitty comments above. These are UMNO bastard trolls masquerading as "Chinese" commenters.

Let's clear these trash and fight another day.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is the laughing stock of the world today with our stupid Barisan Nasional and especially the forthcoming PM, Najib Razak.

Know why? Whoever support Barisan in Perak are sore losers. Those 2 PKR members that defect to BN committed a crime by receiving bribes and LOOK! Our Najib is accepting them into BN for the sake of wanting "MARUAH"!

Come on la! Barisan tarnished Malaysian's face with SHIT! Why not just have a new fresh election and made amendments to the Constitution on party hopping or next, we might find our Prime Minister hoping to another party!

Anonymous said...

Hi Observer,

By deleting people comment consider Democrate action? Why malay cannot put comments, why only chinese can? Shame on your comment.

Why only PR supporter can read Tony's comment? Like that make this a private page!

You can democrate you must able to take on the challenge by reader.

ANyway I'm a chinese in KL but i still read Tony's blog because some of his analyst is professional and make sense.

elizabeth said...

Over the last 24 hours I have been thinking... what was my intention when I cast my vote at GE12...

I voted for Dr Cheah and tony pua for the state and parlimentary seat respectively... I attended ceramahs, heard them speak, and found out a bit more about them and their background.. I would say, these 2 gentlemen are great people who deserve my vote.

However, more importantly, my vote was for DAP, and the Pakatan. My vote was for CHANGE!! I had enough Of BN and their corrupt practices...

So, Mdam Hee, I am amazed that for a 2 term DAP assembly woman, you take the mandate of the people lightly... You deceived yourself into thinking that the votes of the Jelapang people was for you in your personal capacity.... You let the people down..

We are sad, because of you...

The people of Perak love their royal family... they are proud of them... and even until the very last moment, they held on the belief that the sultan will act wisely....

At the moment, BN and PR have equal no of seats. The so called majority is the 3 'independent's. With the upcoming corrupt court case, and today's filing at the court to declare those 3 seats vacant, isnt His Majesty acting in a hurry to swear the BN people in?

Just the last few days, our crown prince said that royalty must uphold democracy... and our sultan just said that 'misdeed' will bring down the monarchy.. Maybe His majesty was speaking propheticallY????

A sad day for Malaysians, we have been raped by BN and the Palace....

Anonymous said...

TO those idiots who claim Anwar started the Katak ball rolling have you forgotten your history? Or are you so shallow that you don't remember it was Mahathir who started it back in 90s and now Najib who has learnt so much over the years under Mahathir is employing the same tactics Mahathir used in Sabah.

And it was UMNO-led government that in 1992 declared that Katak-ing is okay and MPs or assemblymen need not vacate their seats..they misused their 2/3 majority to amend the constitution remember?

What we are fighting against is this Katak culture and to amend the constitution to force wakil rakyats to vacate their seats.

Pakatan Rakyat have done a good job in trying to promote good ideals..they are not perfect but they've tried very well..compared to BN which made no effort at all.


Anonymous said...

looks like there a lot of trouble maker person in malaysia.

as a assembly representative preson for state rakyat. had him/herself ask the people intown. what they want?

looks like election not longer depends on RAKYAT but for personal!!!

Hopeless malaysia...

one work is correct... malaysia "apapun" BOLEH...

BN confirm collapse.

Today if they said they so good.... why dont they agree with re-election, A FAIR TO EVERYONE - ESPECIALLY THE "RAKYAT"!!!!!

Puan Hee Yit Foong - HAD ANYONE NOTICE... THAT she is not happy in the photo taken?????

Unknown said...

You UMNO goons really have no idea what integrity means. I do not hate you. I pity you for you are the very reason why your race remain weak. And the worst thing of all is that you still have no clue.

Tony, keep up the faith and the good work. Remember that the Rakyat still support you and the Pakatan govt in Perak.

Anonymous said...

why dont pakatan attach parlimen seat at the moment?

to be winner in the game... when people attach u at the state... u should attach on the other site or the back... and must fast..

if u keep defend, then u will lose...
why no one suggest this to PKR?

i think Anwar need a politician adviser like mathatir.... a really good adviser...

Anonymous said...

Two wrongs don't make a right. Anwar's Sept 16 is a moot and hypothetical as it never happen but not the Perak case. Just because PKR supported the hopping, it does not make UMNO's action justifiable.

Some people get all their common sense sounds like "rojak".

Fortunately, more Malaysians are more mature than this.

Raping Democarcy

Anonymous said...

can't anyone see something's fishy going on???
Why would anyone want to leave when they r comfortably in power?? I Think money is the factor!!

Anonymous said...

It's unfair to judge PR gov after only a year of ruling. Even under BN last time, perak has not really developed well. everyone knows that PR government has got no money from the federal gov, so development is surely harder. However, i hope the new BN gov will develop PErak more

Anonymous said...

To 'Tan Ching Hong' and 'kien ming' ( I do not believe that these are your real names)

I do not think that it is fair to judge the performance of PR government after only one year of suling. As a true Perakian, living there for almost thirty years, I know better. The PR gov has been trying hard to develop Perak under tight budget. ( I say tight budget because it does not take a very smart person to know that the federal government will not give much money to an opposition gov. The same goes with Kelantan too)

-JoE.CoM- said...

i think Pakatan Rakyat still need a lot of temptation. Only the 3 parties, DAP, PAS and PKR can form a strong bond with each other.

Now, what we Malaysian can do is during the next or any election, WE SHALL SUPPORT AND VOTE for PAKATAN RAKYAT !

That's our power. We have the freedom to support who we want !

Makkal Sakti !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tan Ching Hong,
Why not return the power to voter? Let the people choose who they like to rule Perak if BN is confidence that people in Perak still support BN.

I can tell you why, after losing 2 elections recently, BN chicken out, they only know how to use force and bribe to gain back their power.

Strong DAP Supporter.

Anonymous said...

i am from Perak and we all want a new state election. Please be fair to us. shame on Hee for joining BN. the other two PKR dogs, it's understandable that they jumped ship. The corruption charges will be cleared by Najib. but Hee, why God why? where is your dignity?

off topic, where is Bala? in Mongolia?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, you can't run away from PR collectively screwing up including DAP.

To have relied on a method (the resignation letters) that has failed in the past to counter this expected outcome is well pretty mediocre.

A better way would have been to sign a punitive letter. If they defect, then they have to pay their party a huge sum - RM5 million on the basis the investment in them and national cost of defection is high perhaps even RM100million if it caused the downfall of a sitting PR govt. Its an enforceable contract by all international standards. They can quit to cancel the obligation. That would have stopped all attempts at defection which was never a good idea in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Taking a Quote from Howard Dean - "Hypocrisy is a value that I think has been embraced by the Republican Party. We get lectured by people all day long about moral value by people who have their own moral shortcomings."

It seen to me "the Republican Party" can be substituted with "DAP, PKR, UMNO, etc" for the Malaysia version. The sentences also apply to some of the MY political bloggers.

Only personality like Karpal, Zaid & few others are not included.

Wakil Rakyats, you included had been set for life with pension, perks & health benefits (incl your family). We are not & have to work to improve our life & pension. Please put a stop on the political craps & start improving the country.

It seen to me neither PR or BN is capable to improve this country. Looking forward to a new party that is formed by people like Karpal or Zaid in future.

Once an apple is rotten, it did not matter which basket it goes to, it is still rotten.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony

Let the diehard BN supporters gloat. They better read the following article:

If the BN regime does not do something fast about the economy, their nightmare of a regime change at the Federal level could happen faster than they think!

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

I really think that PR should just do the noble thing and accept what the King has said. Live to fight another day and dont drag the whole party thru the mud and make urselves look like u are fighting with BN on the same level. Have a little more pride, they play dirty let them have their day... for it is numbered. ppl like myself, everyone in my office, everyone i know is 100% behind PR but please stop the bickering with BN. We all know they are not worth their salt... show us PR is. Its just a matter of time, we will kick BN out of the park. BN till today has not come up with one intelligent decision or suggestion even to better the country. not one leader in BN stands out, none of them is capable of addressing the world... none has the caliber. cheers

Anonymous said...

Pity for Puan Hee Yit Foong...

I believe she not long go back home and go jelapang.... then how to become representative of rakyat?

so do she need to resign?

i heard that her house now is break... a lot people waiting for her to go back home....

To Puan Hee Yit Foong, think it before do any wrong decision.... ARE SHE been "UGUT" by "NAJIB"????
something is wrong there....

Besides, Sultan already "nyonyak", like last time people said mathatir...



HOPE high court will acting soon...

piss of with sultan also...

Anonymous said...

since when did we become a country so full of hatred and disgust towards others.

i was all for change, democratically, but now all i see is hatred and disgust towards malaysian who have a different view from each other.

bn people have been cocky and arrogant, that is why we the voters who are not aligned to any party taught them a lesson in humility. we were expecting change from pr to champion us the people, but it seems that pr have fallen into the same hole as well. cocky, arrogant, and inciting hatred towards whatever bn has done.

its wrong. change whatever that needs to be changed and continue with whatever is good. do a good job and the people will vote for you.

what is with all the crap writings of hatred and condemnation towards others? we call ourselves malaysian, free and just but only towards those that agree with us.

no matter who started the katak ideology is irrelevant, it shouldn't be alright to point fingers on who is responsible as it should be condemned by both sides as being unethical and immoral. i have so much respect for dsa but he too should not have condoned or instigate the katak ideology.

it seems to me that its as if its alright for bn to jump to pr but not ok for pr to jump to bn. come on, is that fair and just in the eyes of the people who are majority not members of any party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

just browsing around here.

Couldn't help but feel disturbed
by "offensive" comments posted by netizens in your blog. A debate is a debate, whichever side we are on, I believe we Malaysians should articulate our opinions in a rational manner & not resort to taunts , notably demonstrated by Tan Ching Hong & Kien Ming above.

Such "examplary" behaviour only reflects the state of their mentality.

Anonymous said...

PR politicians like Tony, tian chua eli etc are just bloggers suddenly thrust into the limelight. They dun hv brains except to blog. So what u get now is rubbish. So vote for UMNO (exclude mca or Mic/hindraf)