Monday, February 23, 2009

Bailout a-la TARP

The US mega US$800 billion Troubled Assets Relief Programme (TARP) has been subjected to ridicule for its failure of reviving the US economy. But these pictures (which I have received via email) were certainly the best (most ticklish) "commentary" I've seen to date. Enjoy.

What happens next?

Umm... the next picture is still in the process of being taken... ;-)


Anonymous said...

The pics are fakes but ha! ha! nonetheless.

Are the pictures insinuating that the TARP is a blackhole? :(

Yoon Kit said...


The last two pictures are fakes.

The second last one, where the green truck slides across is the same as picture #5: note the man in white t shirt running away.

And the last one is the same as the third last picture: the group of people on the corner are in the same pose.

So the second bailout (green truck) worked.

But its funny anyway.


Simon Seow said...

LOL. Is this for real or photoshopped?

Golf Afflicted said...

Of course the pictures are photoshopped la :-)

But I thought its great 'commentary' :-)


Charles said...

i dont get it...

bn haramjadah said...

the photographs are not fakes but real photos, they were taken by agensie france, like our local bernama, this incident happened in the winter of 2006 at a fishing village in france and it was in the local news. Not everthing gets photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

bn haramjadah :

you idiot, if you knew anything about photoshop you would know they are fake.

FFS, look at the crowd, look at how the "smudged" part of the crane, and in the water. Those are marks of healing brush, or healing stamps you idiot.

Great photochopped skills though, certainly fooled BN HARAMJADAH

Yih Ven said... want to bail people out of their troubles but you are the one got bail out at the end.

Anonymous said...

Today all regional stock markets go down, but counter in Malaysia are up!

May be there's invisible hand :-)

Anonymous said...

TARP is not that bad la... save these pics for our Fed Govt-Water Concessionaire bailout