Sunday, February 15, 2009

UMNO Thanks EC

Just as the new Election Commission chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof denies any consideration of the UMNO party elections in the setting of the by-election dates of Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau, UMNO leaders wasted no effort in thanking EC for helping them out(!)

As reported in The Star,
Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said the commission had exercised its discretion in timing the polls so that they would not overlap with the Umno event.

“The Election Commission is being practical otherwise there would be a conflict of agenda between the Umno meeting and the by-elections,” said Muhammad, one of the three candidates for the Umno deputy president’s post.
So it's quite clear, who's the real boss in Election Commission.  Not even any pretence of independence or impartiality.


Anonymous said...

Yes, very discouraging and disheartening indeed.

Anonymous said...


UMNO has reached a stage where it cannot be bothered with the laws or constitution of this country anymore - unless of course they work towards UMNO's advantage. Neither does UMNO care for the will of Malaysians of all races - Malays, Chinese and Indians - except the will of their own supporters. Now the people understand fully why UMNO openly and shamelessly initiates and condones illegal power grabs as in the case of Perak. UMNO has managed to get the EFC, the police, the civil service, the judiciary and yes, even the royalty on their side. So UMNO does not give a damn to how the people or even the world field.What the Chinese find even more despicable is the blind and senseless support of the MCA, Gerakan and MCA towards UMNO's bullying tactics, never mind UMNO also spits on the 3 non-Malay BN components, especially the likes of their leaders like Gerakan's Koh Tsu Koon, whose dignity is even lower than that of a hungry beggar! Much as many people may not agree with Anwar's move to take over the federal govt through the back door like 16 Sept, they cannot blame Anwar for wanting to do so because that is the only way to kill off UMNO who does not believe in a level playing field at all. I hope more and more people will stop blaming Anwar for wanting to do what he did and stop comparing the 16 Sept and Perak illegal power grab situations. As Hannah Yeoh had rightfully pointed out, they are entirely different situations altogether.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is another political party in the land, why should they consider themselves above others. Is there any special reason EC offer them special treatment. Is'nt EC should be impartial?
Money not only can buy jumping Frogs, it can also twist the rules for fair play.
This name sound familiar. Is'nt he, the UMNO information chief, a non speaking Malaysian, carrying a bagful of undeclared money to a foreign land and got caught?

Anonymous said...

It does not matter whether the date given by the EC is "tilted" towards UMNO advantage, the fact remains that Perakians are an angry lot and they will register their anger and frustration at Bk Gantang. The coup by Najib will be a phyrric one. Just tell me where I can wager my RM 1k bet.

Anonymous said...

For once, Muhammadx2 is being honest.

May be, the EC should take a leaf out of his workbook, "How not to carry illegal stuff in a bag outside of M'sia".

New EC chief is just the same as the previous, nothing but an appendage of the corrupt BN.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

A genuine winner is someone who excels regardless of the odds & obstacles. However, this article of yours sounds like you're trying to find excuses for yourself & your party of which you foresee you'll end up as the LOSER.

If you want to be a WINNER, stop finding for excuses. All talk makes you sound like a PARROT.

Anonymous said...

Don't trust what that MMT said. They will do an about turn...! OK....! Everyone get ready. KJ & Ezam will be there to entertain all of us again...!

Hussin said...

Hi Tony,

You are just stating the obvious, so to me it is a waste of resources to even touch on matters such as this.

Anyway, what guarantee is there that BN will benefit with the late elections? What if something happened during the UMNO Assembly that make the party split into 3 or 4 factions? Is anybody going to say that the EC is now pro PR?

I think PR should just concentrate on strengthening its coalition and it will do well regardless of whatever BN does.

Anonymous said...

The EC is an appendage to UMNO unholy tentacles.
The dates for nomination and polling for the two seats clearly favour the corrupted UMNO as it is after the UMNO elections.
This will give more time for UMNO to settle down and campaign.
The thing about cooling off tensions in Perak is a load of crap.
Down with UMNO and BN. Boot them out.

Anonymous said...

rpk said bn is working towards getting pr reps to cross over in kedah and selangor.

watch that hassan ali.


Anonymous said...

what to do? he also selected by BN people....

so when PKR want to take over?

use Najib way, hide the 30nos BN people, then go agong then appoint as PM also...

dont sais that "we dont want to follow their way"
Just do and become government first, then after everything stable then re-election!!!