Monday, November 10, 2008

Lying Chief Police Officer

Well, you can read accounts from DAP state assemblyman for Kg Tunku, Lau Weng San and myself from here and here. I won't really repeat them here.

But have you read in Malaysiakini that the Chief Police Officer (CPO) of Selangor, denies outright that the police officers charged at the peacefully assembled citizens while the national anthem, Negaraku, was being sung.
Despite video evidence, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that the police moved in on participants at a candlelight vigil last night while they were singing the national anthem.

"That is what they (participants) are claiming," Khalid told reporters at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters about midnight. When told that there was a video recording of the police action, Khalid replied: “I am denying it.”
Well, would you believe your own eyes or this lying chief police officer? Check it out with your own eyes at the video by Malaysiakini here:

Can you trust your police force when even the chiefs are lying to Malaysians? We have already cut short all our speeches, advised all who gathered there to disperse after the anthem was sung, and the Police couldn't even wait for 2-3 more lines of the song be sung.


Anonymous said...

the incident last night was problably his plot to strip you down to nothing but too bad they only got to go halfway

cesckun said...

Mr tony
what have you face last night from the police? hope your fine

.:: Ant ::. said...

We Malaysians are living in a state of lawlessness whereby the ones with guns overule the oppressed.

Another dark record in Malaysian history.

Anonymous said...

YB, glad you are safe. Keep up the good fight. "All through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always." - Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

hey, that Khalid boy didn't lie. Those wearing red helmets were barbarians, not police officers. Police officers wouldn't do such thing, I mean police officers outside M'sia.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of our police acted above the law of the nation showing complete, total & absolute disrespect to even to our national anthem. This is the biggest joke to the international community!! I feel so ashamed and disgusted of our nation's leadership.How am I going to face my foreign friends????

The IGP of the country must resign IMMEDIATELY over this disgraceful action for losing control of his men.Period!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprise,i guess no one is,they are good at it.

Anonymous said...

don't push the selangor cpo to a corner. give him some space. if you push him too far, he may retaliate in an even more aggressive manner.

he would've nothing much to lose anyway, if you had pushed him to a corner.

i say, dont taunt him/them police. you are a YB, u think of a way in which you can capitalize on your "15min of fame" :-)

having said that, i am proud of you to be an MP, altho i dont belong to your consituency. you and the rest of them bring new FRESH hope to the otherwise dull and downward-spiralling parliament(arians).


NEO said...

Hi Tony,

The PDRM will claimed that the vedio clip @ youtube is fabricated by the opposition.

Just like the "Altantuya Case" which widely reported in Australia last week.

My sister has called me last week and asked about the involvment of of No. 2 Man in the above case and etc.

Well, the Malaysia Government will as usual said "All Fabricated"

Anonymous said...

What else we say??? Sighh...

"Shang liang bu zheng, xia liang wai"

We REALLY need a CHANGE in Govt. and the police force.

June said...

Hey, hope you're alright. The state of affairs is deeply disturbing =( Take care.

Anonymous said...

No surprise and nothing new. Taking the que from a past event, they arrested a six year old kid and put her in the cell, what more less, can we expect from these 'blue uniform monkeys'...especially, led by a sub-par lying chief.
Democracy is meaningless, in in this so called Bolehland.

lzblue said...

Hope you are fine and safe.

Anonymous said...


liars abound from the very top to the bottom.
wonder if they ever think their lies would bring disrepute to the police force, family and religion?

Anonymous said...

Please charge the police for sedition as they r disrespecting the national anthem and attacking patriotic citizen. As a uniformed goverment officers and discipline forces they should stand attention and still until the national anthem ends before they can carry out their arresting activity. Disrecpecting the national anthem is equivalent to the act of burning the national flag and should be charge under the Sedition Act.

Anonymous said...

This is Lesly Leon Lee here. I took the video. I am a real human being. If fabricated means pressing the record button on a camera, an recording what was happening right in front of me, then yes I fabricated it.

Anonymous said...

What was the phrase used by Lingam? Looks like, sounds like, ....

Anonymous said...

As usual police brutality is so wide spread and has been for so long. It is worse when the ones who are supposed to protect us civilians are the ones who are guilty of such assault. Mind you, they lie thru their teeth as well! And the FINALE, as usual our Home Affairs Minister is not aware of the whole incident!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I see rain as a shower of blessing !

My mistake for Praying for no Rain , fine weather and clear sky on 9-11.

Something 'very spiritual' caused
" the police snapped upon hearing the song the second time."

Let's continue to Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony, hope you are fine.

Ours police is the biggest gangster, PKR cutting their source of income and now release all their anger on PKR and DAP leader.

Worst now ours police gang up with Mak Rempit to rob and attack innocent citizen, and the no brainer CPO of Selangor dare to said that Selangor crime rate is maintain at 0.2%, what a lie after lie.

CPO of Selangor and CPO of Malaysia are the bigger gangster head in Malaysia which told us the crime rate is low. But if you went to make a police reports, the police told you this is 4 incidents happening today. Should we believe CPO or the police who making the reports.

Pak Lah please wake up, worst he force to pass his power to another gangster head who can kill and not guilty. What kind of country Pak Lah is restructuring?

My fellow Malaysia please united ours voice and power, together we can protect ours loving country from devil and gangster.

Strong DAP Supporter.

Shawn Tan said...

While it is very ungentlemanly and very unsporting of the police to do what they did, every coin has 3 sides. In this case, I will simply ask if a permit for the gathering had been obtained. If there wasn't one, then it was an illegal gathering and the police had every right to take action. Then, I place the blame for the whole fiasco on the organisers for failing to obtain the necessary permits.

While one may argue about the whole issue of democratic freedoms and what nots, the fact of the matter is that our laws are what they are. We should not demand that the police and government respect the rule of law if we ourselves are unwilling to follow it. If we find our laws too repressive, work to have them amended or repealed. Man made laws can easily be changed with a simple stroke of a pen.

You are arguing this from a "moral" stand point while the police are arguing it from a "legal" stand point. So, neither one of you are debating on the same issue, although you are both talking about the same event. Personally, I think that your time as an MP would be better spent in trying to fix the legislature rather than challenging it.

I doubt that your constituents voted you in to spend your precious time in lock up (although I do understand the need for opposition politicians to go through this rite of passage). d:

KIMHO8 said...

Another ridiculous action. Shame of them!

Anonymous said...

Seeing all this, what hope do we have for the police to be impartial and neutral in a national crisis, say for example if/when Pakatan Rakyat really takes over the government?

Anyways, YB Tony, glad you are OK.

Abu Zahra
SS3, Kelana Jaya

Anonymous said...

Dear ALL Tony Pua Readers,

Please disseminate this "Brutal Malaysian Police" incidence by copy & paste this article to your email and forward them to ALL your Local & Oversea Family Members & Friends!

Tell them the Brutal Truth of our Bloody Hell Police's inhuman acts!!!



Anonymous said...

With such a police force (should be called a police farce), no wonder our crime rate is going up rather than the stock market. Only know how to catch innocent victims. No surprise all the snatch thieves & mat rempits are police cadets or member-member with them. After all, pump petrol into the kap chai all paid for from tax payers $$$. Ronda ronda all f-o-c.

There is no prider & intergrity being in the PDRM - how can the gov expect people to join the force. Look at the qualities of the Police Force of HK & S'pore. What happened to the study trip to HK's ICAC by the IGP & co??? What did they learn from this shopping trip...

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony

Sorry to say that I believe what the Sgor CPO said. His words purely described the kind of CPO we have.

After all, look at all the rampant Mat Rempits on the street, snatch thieves, break-in, robberies, rapes, etc etc. All these are not happening as far as the Sgor CPO is concerned. Likewise, he didn't or couldn't hear the over 300 rakyat singing the Negaraku. So, it sums up that we have a DEAF CPO.

Their number one priority is to act against those against BN-rule & protect only those in BN, not the ordinary folks of PJ.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Send the video clip to all the news agencies in the world.




Reporters sans frontiers

etc etc...

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

belajar dr singapura, no wonder lah, Msia ini mundur dan dipandang rendah oleh rakyat singapura...

Anonymous said...

what to do... they are the leader behind the kongsi gelap.

they cover up the news... other district and kampung area still saying that you all having street mogok with fighting with parang, batu dan botol.. even you all having peace gathering.

however, next election, sure i still with PAKATAN for SELANGOR!!!.

Anonymous said...

To poster 'Shawn tan'...

1) I wonder in what country does a coin has 3 sides.

2) If a permit was asked, would the proper authorities grant it. Btw, selangor is under a pakatan govt. I seriously doubt our currect MB will disapprove of the permit.

3) If the gathering was illegal, there was no need for police brutality. The organizers & participants were very peaceful. Was there a need to bring in the FRU, in full riot gear + tear gas guns.

I was there & i saw it with my own eyes.

4) This is not the first candlelight vigil. Why the need for FRU? Has the police officially approach the organizers to get a permit?

5) Are you a taxpayer of malaysia? If yes, it is your civic right & duty to question the police & govt. "No taxation without representation". If you're going to be an armchair critic, google that term up, to look at the history of it.

6) How can MP's fix the legislation if they don't challenge it?

Frankly speaking mr. Tan, you're an absolute disgrace to your education. You're sound like a typical malaysia. Complain when goverment taxing & screwing you over, but when people take action, lament why some people can be so stupid.

If you're still a Malaysia, suggest that you come for the vigil, and i'll pray you get a taste of what the normal citizens face during lock-up.

And if you're not in Malaysia & migrated, AMEN. There must been a good reason why you've left for greener pastures & not fight the good fight.

Shawn Tan said...

dear doinkers:

A coin is in the shape of a cylinder and any primary school kid can tell you that a cylinder has 3 sides. Otherwise, you would not be able to stand a coin up on its side as in this picture.

You are obviously emotionally affected by the police actions. I applaud you for doing what you think is right. So, I wish you well and hope that you will recover soon. Maybe then, you can see that a coin does indeed have 3 sides.

As for the rest of your accusations, you don't know me. Thanks for posting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to be rude to an assembly man. It is one thing to be rude to your own peaceful citizens.

It is just WRONG to be RUDE to your OWN NATIONAL ATHEM.

The Police have NO RESPECT for NEGARAKU. They must be charged in court for treason and contempt of the National Anthem.

Anonymous said...

Polis Diraja Malaysia is a shit!
Shame on You,PDRM!
As a Malaysian, I'm very embarassed that our country got this kind of barbaric police to "protect" our citizen, no no no, it seems like PDRM is harming us more rather than protecting us.
I strongly urge them to effectively reduce the crime in the country (especially Petaling Jaya) but not keep doing such stupid thing!

*Spit on PDRM*