Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PAS & Prohibition

The storm over the issue of severely restricting the sale of alcohol in Selangor has since come to pass when the proposal which was to be tabled in the Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) meeting this morning was withdrawn, and the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim gave a press conference to douse the fire later in the afternoon.

I had issued a media statement earlier in the morning with headlines on the issue appearing on all Chinese press. While, the matter may have come to a momentary pass, some of the points, which were also reported in Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider remain valid, so I'll repost my entire statement below.

PAS Selangor Needs A Crash Course on Coalition Politics

The Chinese vernacular press today had headlines screaming that PAS Selangor intends to impose a ban on the sale of alcohol throughout the state, which will involve stopping the sale of these products in 7-11 outlets, mini-markets as well as 'open' coffee shops.

It also appears that despite not having obtain approval for such a proposal in the Selangor state executive committee (EXCO), PAS Selangor has attempted to subvert the EXCO's authority by introducing such regulations in Selangor by instructing its municipal councillors to table such motions for approval at the local councils.

While PAS Selangor has every right to propose any regulations it feels is necessary, they must not forget that in Selangor, they are part of a coalition comprising of 2 other parties in the state whereby they possess 8 seats out of 36 seats won by the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. Therefore, any attempts by PAS Selangor to flex its muscles without due regard to its fellow coalition partners will be deemed as arrogant and uncooperative, which will only serve to weaken the governing coalition which was voted in by the Selangor citizens.

More critically, PAS must understand the fact that Selangor, perhaps more than any other state is one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan states in the country, with non-Malays and non-Muslims comprising at least 49% of the population. PAS Selangor leadership under State Executive Councillor, Datuk Dr Mohd Hasan Ali must realise that it has won many seats in Selangor which are mixed constituencies such as Kota Raja parliamentary seat. PAS has won with a sizeable 8,329 votes majority, despite the fact that more than 50% of the population are non-Muslims – a feat which was previously unimaginable before March 8th.

Hence, if PAS Selangor choses to ignore the spirit of the multi-racial and multi-cultural mandate granted by the people of Selangor in the last elections, its continued unilateral attempts to impose its views in the Selangor administration will only lead to the break up in the state Pakatan Rakyat.

The DAP does not and will never support the sale of “haram” goods such as alcohol and spirits to Muslims, giving full respect to each their religious beliefs. However, the DAP will never support the blanket banning on the sale of alcohol in retail outlets, not because we encourage the promotion of alcohol consumption but because the proposed ban in essence infringes on the rights of others in state of Selangor.

We call upon the state PAS leadership to listen to the voice of reason not only from its coalition partners but also from within its own party which is not unanimous with the decision. PAS Selangor must understand that it is part of a coalition led by the Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and learn quickly the intricacies of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition which is vastly different from the Barisan Nasional, where UMNO lords over its coalition partners.


Anonymous said...

please..please..please. what a shame to have a pea-sized brain MP like you tony pua.

have you been to kelantan? non-muslims can drink alcohol quite readily until they get bloated. no one cares. this is true despite kelantan has 97% muslims. i suggest you to go to kelantan and have a yamseng there before you start barking here.

to clarify your cloudy head, before you start barking nonsense again, please read this link below. i recommend all PAS-bashers here to read the link below before you follow your dumb MP.

and one more thing... who told you that selangor has at least 49% non-muslims? ignorant MP! according to 2008 census, there are 52.9% malays (by law, muslims must be more than 52.9% as there are chinese and indian muslims).

and remember, it is expected that selangor will have approximately 65% malays within the next 20 years, and at that time, you and your party might be irrelevant!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

DAP MPs and state assemblymen still do not realised they are in power today becoz the Malays voted them and now they are trying to be heroes to the chinese community only.

to the DAP dont you all are aware that alcohol are bad for health just like cigarette.

I am a chinese and i hate all the above habits.

Not all policies by PAS are bad.

in fact PAS has been urging bread earners to go back to their families after work instead of heading to all these karaokes joint where alcohol and chinadoll are in abundance.

i remember not very long ago a group of chinese housewife went to see a certain OCPD asking for help
becoz their husband have been spending all their time in all these karaokes outlet.

how many chinese families have succumbed to these evil ?

bread winner spending their hard earned money on alcohol, gambling and later on womanising will come along.

DAP remember you guys represent all malaysians and please do not try to be a hero to a certain community even though knowing very well all the above are bad for everyone.

carry on with your typical chinaman attitude and i can guarantee you guys will all be a one term MP/state assemblyman.

BTW NONE DAP MPs has responded.

Shawn Tan said...

Regardless of the rights/wrongs of alcohol and drinking, PAS trying to push the issue through by going through private channels is not proper. They should table this at the state level and have it passed by the state assembly. This is to ensure that things throughout the state are at least consistently implemented. It will be so easy to circumvent if there are pockets where the rules are not enforced.

However, this does raise the issue of local council elections once again. One of the promises made by PR was to have local council elections. Until such time, the present system is just the same as it was under the BN. Local councillors are still subservient to the wishes of the political parties, which is not the right way. They should be servants of the people who elected them.

sp lim said...

When they ban alcohol, I didn't speak up because I don't drink

When they ban gambling, I didn't speak up because I don't gamble

When they ban lipstick and high heels, I also didn't speak up because I'm a man

Then they started to ban things that affected my way of life. I tried to speak up but it's too late. They are now all powerful and they ban you from speaking up also.

Anonymous said...

Uncooked, raw, inmature comment by the first time MP from the Chinese chauvinistic party.

Please check your facts la bro.. It is not a "blanket ban". "Control" is the word. And in fact, it is a PROPOSAL. If it is not accepted, it is OK. What's the fuss is all about ??

And dont harp on the no of seats la bro. As if you only depend on CHINESE vote.

This is not Kwangtung la bro..

Grow up !!

penulis said...

YB Tony Pua,
Just one question. Didn't you read that it has been brought to the MBSA meeting not only by a Muslim of PAS. It HAS BEEN discussed and they HAVE agreed.
I know that you don't encourage people to drink alcohol. The problem now is really bad for every single person in Malaysia. If you don't have any better suggestion which can prevent this from worsening and you don't actually realize that you are not a part of the meeting by the MBSA discussing on the matter. It's better for you not to condemn PAS all the way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 11.09pm and bangsa cina malaysia,

whilst the of point of alcohol being a health concern is valid, we also need to be sensitive to the needs to others. A total blanket ban is unwise. MB TS Khalid proposal is sensible as limiting the availability of alcohol to 18 yrs and above, and banning selling of alcohol to Muslim would be a fairer measure. (Although some of my buddies will be down right pissed!)
YB Tony Phua has not erred on this issue.
You sound somewhat similiar to a character or a group of characters from Star Wars, If you are, I hope you can stay on the right side of the force.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

I think is your right to comment PAS proposal but for me, PAS motive is good. Alcohol is not good and restrict the selling of alcohol is a wise move.

Look at stats, how many innocent people killed by those drunk drivers on the road.

I am chinese, but I support PAS move but they shouldnt be any ban selling in restaurant and pubs..

Why not you guys sit down with PAS and PKR, discuss on how to solve the alchool issues , like stop selling alcohol from 12am to 8am, stop selling in minimarket and 7 eleven or educated the young ones during primary school ..

Remember, if you still acting like this, I am sure DAP is going to drain. You fight for all not only for certain races.

Anonymous said...

"have you been to kelantan? non-muslims can drink alcohol quite readily until they get bloated. no one cares. this is true despite kelantan has 97% muslims."

I think it's true BECAUSE Kelantan has 97% muslims, not despite it.

As mentioned between-the-lines in Tony's post, Selangor is not Kelantan.

"to the DAP dont you all are aware that alcohol are bad for health just like cigarette."

If you want to make it a health issue, go after cigarettes and trans fatty acids first. Some research even shows a correlation between moderate alcohol consumption and reduced risk of heart disease.

To me, this is an issue of multiculturalism and civil liberties, and I support Tony Pua's position 100%.

And by the way, alcohol is less widely available (yes, that's right, LESS widely available) in Melbourne Australia, and yet teenage binge drinking had reached a dangerous level. Making the stuff difficult to find on store shelves doesn't solve the problem. If you really want to solve underage drinking, the solution is harsher penalties for those who don't card-check their customers before selling them a bacardi breezer... if Amsterdam, a major tourist destination, can crack down on underage pot smoking from all nationalities, there's no excuse for Malaysian 7-11s or whatever not insisting on seeing an IC before selling booze. If the threat of a loss of liquor license hangs over their head, I believe they will cardcheck customers aggressively... e.g. I believe Amsterdam has a 3-strikes policy, coupled with increasing (and hefty) fines for each of the strikes.

If you really want to solve a problem, let's talk about it sensibly, not this "jom haram" approach which in all likelihood isn't going to solve anything, and could even make matter worse.

I think we need fewer ulamas and more economists.

Anonymous said...

Majority non muslim comsume alcohol and a true muslim will know how to restric themselve from such vice. If the Jakim had been more hard working to educate the muslim there is no need for such ban. Jakim should ensure all muslim to stick to the true Islam teaching and not going around suggesting baning this and that.

The failing part of true teaching should not blame to expose to non muslim influence or being lure by haram items. If a muslim is not strongly embrace to the faith there is no point of imposing all these ban just to show the world that Islam is being practise. These muslim shall go oversea to enjoy these haram thing.

The baning of all these shall not produce a true muslim if the true Islam teaching is not being taught.

A reminder alcohol & gambling is also not allow in Buddhism

Anonymous said...

hmm... to anonymous, yes, there are more muslim in selangor than non-muslim, but I doubt all the 52.9% muslim believes that alcohol should be ban, there are a number of muslims that believes in freedom and rights and will never be hardcore fans of PAS, just like some chinese who supported MCA.

Well, we can't agree on banning alcohol, but we can agree on educating the public on drinking responsibly such as harder penalty on car drivers that are drunk. We can't agree on agree on who should own more land, but we can agree that the island won by singapore rightfuly belongs to Malaysia. We can't agree on which school system is the best for our children, but we agree that english is the right medium? wrong?

DAP and PAS should see eye to eye on the similarities instead of the difference they both had. Work together for selangor or lose badly in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

oh.. btw, I don't drink and I don't think banning alcohol is the right solution.

KoSong Cafe said...

Tony, correct me if I am wrong, your double negative 'never not' in the second last paragraph gives an opposite meaning to your statement:
"The DAP does not and will never not support the sale of “haram” goods such as alcohol and spirits to Muslims, giving full respect to each their religious beliefs."

I believe PAS was under the impression they are kingmakers in Selangor as they can form the state government with BN instead.

Anonymous said...

Do only chinese drink booze? one must remember our indian, kadazan, iban n other ethnic brothers n sisters (plus foreigners of all races) enjoy a drink or two. i think it is hypocritical to ban booze only n not ban sale of cigarettes if one is talking abt protecting believers. if we allow sale of cigarettes, why not alcohol? both r addictive but smokes is more harmful to the non-smoker than the smoker him/herself. cigarette kills. booze only kills if taken in large quantities but stuff like red wine n brandy do help healthwise.

if we were to ban alcohol n smokes, we shld start with MAS to protect those innocent steward & stewardess. then close down all such coy like BAT, Guiness, Carlsberg n let their workers find other jobs. why stop there? vegetarians r compassionate abt life so to respect their believes, we should ban all meat consumption n eat vege only.

God created us with brains n given us freedom of choice. His word in the Holy Book gives more than enough guidance on how to live a fruitful n blessed life. all we need to do is to read His word, pray n love Him and our neighbours. All are created by God. All should love, not TOLERATE.

Anonymous said...

i don understand why you ppl oppose ban of arak. arak is no good, it responsibles for accidents, wife abuses, brawls and etc criminals, and pas do the right thing to impose the ban. think of cannabis, morphine, and even heroin, they are designed for good until they are abused and finally got banned! when you can ban marijuana, why not banning arak as well! of course muslim law is universal - they foresee gambling and arak are bad and downfall to society/country/nation and gov has responsibility to maintain good order of society. it is dap+pkr that short-sighted and greed for short term of profits and unlike pas sees long term for the good of the society. some countries like sgpura where you educated allows prostitution. why don u propose to make prostituion legal, since 1st world countries see good of it!

dap, plz don do anything to ratter p-r coallition that already brittle. not that pas will defect, they just impose morally good law, and what's wrong with this! is banning arak leads to corruption? is banning arak leads to chaos? pas already swallowed their pride compromising with dap, and yet dap keeps hentaming pas against spirit of p-r.

i know this comment will be blocked coz dap is so bias that disallow any comment from pro-pas.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I'm confused. If alcohol is not under a blanket ban in Kelantan why try to impose a blanket ban in Selangor?

Golf Afflicted said...

Thanks KoSong Cafe for spotting the mistake, I've made the edit by removing the double negative.

;-) Tony

Anonymous said...

if dap so smart, go engage independent researcher to gauge how many support the ban. how many vote against ban of arak+beer? how many vote against ban of rokok? let democracy rules.

Anak Perelih said...

In one of the blog, I was informed that At MBSA, it was an Indian councilor who made the proposal and was supported by a Chinese and PAS members... and it was proposed on the base of health reasons... even in some of the blog... many non-muslims supported it especially Buddhists... Please don't fall to BN Party controlled media play over here.....

Anonymous said...

It's all come down to the 'race' thing again huh? You guys are playing into UMNO-BN's trap already. With all due respect Bangsa Cina Malaysia, I think YB Tony Pua is not trying to be a hero to the Chinese community but rather he is fighting not to take away the freedom of non-Muslims to choose whether to drink or not. Agreed, abuse of alcohol is an evil, but instead of having a blanket ban, the government should introduce measures to educate and create awareness amongst the non-Muslim rakyat on the dangers of alcohol-abuse. That way, you try to influence the choice the rakyat makes and at the same time not take away the rights to choose.

Anonymous said...

Lets try to think of how such ban will impact the Selangor State's revenue, tax, business opportunities, employment, value of properties or even crime rate too? Sorry to mention, but, was there a comparison done between the states.

Abuse of alchohol, drugs, freedom are only used by immature people, and immature people do not come racial based. Should we revamp the education system (Family or Formal) instead of pointing the finger on such products?

I do not agree with YB's view on how some community has aid certain community to win seats to take control. Isn't the essence is about building a better community and understanding? However i do not also agree with some of you above who mentioned abuot statistic and racial differences, have we lost track of the issue? Discuss the issue with concious, lets address the impact in doing so, and not merely a small misunderstanding on proposal?


Robert Teh said...


It's a great shame that you DAP guys need to always shoot off your big mouths without thinking about the consequences on the relationship between the parties in Pakatan Rakyat.

Look harder into the statements made by leaders from all parties before going to the Press. Limiting the sale of alcohol is not that bad an idea - I would support any govt. policy to stop the sale of alcohol after midnight. In the liberal West, they don't sell alcohol to anyone after 12 midnight and at the pubs, the last call (or orders) comes on at 11 pm. No more orders will be entertained after that.

PAS is not calling for a total ban of alcohol - just limiting the sale or places of sale, like 24-hr 7-11 or Mamak outlets. Imagine the social problems arising from alcohol abuse during the hours after midnight.

I don't think you want your wife or kids to be hanging around these 24-hr outlets after midnight where alcohol are allowed to be consumed in public!

Human rights freedom got to have its limits for a society to live in peace, security and harmony.

Anonymous said...


Tony Pua (our potential 1 term MP),

Just organize a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL while shouting "Yaaammm Seeeeng" & have all your stooge supporters marching from PAS HQ in K.L. all the way to PAS HQ in S'gor.

This time don't even bother applying a POLICE PERMIT & I assure you'll be safe from FRU bashing. However, be prepared to get smashed from those insane turban heads of PAS. They will come at you worse than FRU. There are TALIBANS!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the ban!

Let's ban the sale of cigarettes because cigarettes increases the probability of people getting cancer.

Let's ban the sale of cars because the pollute and it's dangerous for someone who cycles like me.

Let's ban the Internet because some Malaysians use it to look at porn illegally.

Let's ban the sale of PCs & printers because they can be used to write seditious articles and articles that question religion.

Let's ban the sale of paper because people use them to print illegal stuff.

Let's ban the sale of condoms because some unmarried Muslim youths buy them for premarital sex.

Let's ban hotels because some people go there for vice activities and khalwat.

Let's ban the sale of beef because it's insensitive to the Hindus.

Let's ban the sale of pork because it's insensitive to the Muslims.

Let's ban the sale of meat because it's insensitive to the vegetarians.

It's laughable, really. If you don't want these guys selling to Muslims, then have stricter enforcement. Withdraw their licenses, fine them and send them to jail if they are selling alcohol to underaged kids or Muslims. The very idea of a blanket ban just because you don't agree with it is stupid.

In the US, shopkeepers and many restaurants actually check your ID if you are buying alcohol. No reason Malaysian shopkeepers can't do the same. Put the onus on them. Tell them that they can sell alcohol if they wish but they should be careful who they sell to as enforcement will be strict.

Anonymous said...


PAS mentality to ban booze sale is an idea of which will only exist in countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Afghanistan. They way these PAS dudes dresses & speak are clear enough to know they are somehow TALIBAN related. They tend to like BANNING anything that is against Islam.

Thus, to all these insane Islamic Babarians from PAS (eat this!!!):

"Saya suka makan BAK KUT TEH sambil minum BEER. Ini HAK SAYA!! Tak suka tolong balik Saudi Arabia!!!"

Anonymous said...



Venue: Lobby, Bangunan Ibu Pejabat PAS (Selangor).
Date: 29th November 2008 (Sabtu/Saturday).
Time: 6.00pm - Late.
Attire: Casual (strictly no Taliban Turbans!!!)

Food & drinks will served on COMPLIMENTARY basis. Only BAK KUT TEH, BEERS & WHISKY available.

"Drink & Eat till you drop"

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sale of Alcoholic drink should be controlled. No w/saling to general public like buying in ctn and bulk from carefour or tesco. It should be controlled like the sale of Ubat Terkawal. YB, look under the Sale of Drug Act.

No drinking in public places like public park. Inside private establishment is OK, like one's own resident. I think in a coffeeshop/bar/lounge/pub upon agreement of the business owner is OK too.

Moderate drinking as a form of social event for non-muslim should be allowed as part of freedom of choice.

The law should only curtail heavy drinking which leads to anti-social behaviour.

Just my two worthless cents

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

Beloved Y.B. Tony Pua,

I TOTALLY SUPPORT your move to OBJECT the ruling of banning alchohol sale in Selangor state. My reasons for my supprt are as followed:

1) If this ban is implemented, non-Muslims will be deprieved on WONDERFUL things in the state.

2) If this ban materialize, PAS will also try banning all 4D shops & BAK KUT TEH stalls in the state.

3) There will be no more booze, Pork Knuckles, Roast Pork, Char Siew Bun, etc to be left enjoyed by non-Muslims in the state.

4) If PAS has its' way, we will see more & more FEMALE NINJAS roaming the streets in Selangor.

5) If PAS has its' way, we will see more & more TALIBANS look-alike in the state. Tourists will think they have accidentally landed in Afghanistan instead of Selangor.

6) We will have HUGE ALARM CLOCKS singing 5 times a day waking us up as early as 5am.

7) We will see HUGE ALARM CLOCKS at every corner of the street in Selangor.

8) There might be a RACIAL RIOT due to non-Muslims in the state getting crazy being deprieved of their wonderful rights.

Damn...I feel as if I'm living in Afghanistan soon. I hope NOT!!!

Malim Deman said...

I agree with Calvin, banning Alcohol is not the right solution. Many things are banned in Malaysia, and this action just drive whatever illegal activities underground. Proper education on the bad effects of vices are more important!

Anonymous said...


I'm someone who constantly DON'T agree with your actions but this time round...


This is what I call the actions of a GOOD MP.

Anonymous said...

let's ask ourselves this question: if what PAS proposed to do was really nothing and all of us who are opposing it are overreacting etc, then how come PAS are back-tracking now?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, it is quite obvious that many people did not read the link that i provided at 11.09pm.


please..please my fellow malaysians. please do a favour to yourselves. don't just swallow what tony pua and chinese media say. he has his own motives. read and you may have some idea who is this chinese chauvinist called tony pua. he may also be a singaporean SB judging by the way he behaves.

for the time being, please have an open mind and read what roslan sms wrote in his blog (i cut and paste below). then you can make your own decision, who is the bad boy here: PAS or tony pua and his chinese media chauvinists.

p/s: tony pua, PAS has plenty of voters bank to catch on the next election. as for DAP, no matter how hard you try, you may increase another one or two seats only. so, stop being arrogant and ignorant. in malay, we call it bodoh sombong!

please all read what roslan sms wrote below:

Isu arak di Selangor jangan kelirukan rakyat

Akhbar-akhbar berbahasa Cina tiba-tiba hari ini memaparkan kisah arak di Selangor (saya ditunjukkan perkara ini oleh sahabat saya rakan ahli majlis MPSJ dari DAP). Kononnya PAS Selangor sedang bertindak mendesak kerajaan negeri mengharamkan penjualan arak seluruh Selangor. Kononnya ada pelan “A” dan pelan “B”. Pelan “A” adalah melalui mesyuarat EXCO, jika tidak berjaya maka wakil-wakil PAS dalam seluruh PBT Selangor akan membawa usul diperingkat PBT. Tidak cukup dengan itu, portal berita Malaysiakini turut mensensasikan perkara ini.

Saya bertanyakan rakan-rakan pemberita akhbar Cina dari mana mereka dapat maklumat ini, kata mereka dari sumber-sumber tertentu.

Jelasnya, pertama, PAS Selangor tidask pernah membincangkan perkara ini dalam mana-mana mesyuaratnya. Kedua, arak ini haram buat umat Islam tetapi tidak untuk yang bukan Islam, kerana itu di Kelantan yang didominasi PAS, kerajaan negeri hanya mengharamkan penjualan arak dikalangan umat Islam (jika Kelantan begitu, takkanlah Selangor mahu mendesak mengharamkan arak secara total). Dan ketiganya arak ini memang diharamkan terhadap umat Islam di Selangor melalui Enakmen Pentadbiran Undang-undang Islam yang ada, tidak berbangkit PAS mahu buat tuntutan sedangkan undang-undang telahs edia ada dari zaman BN lagi.

Memang rakan-rakan ahli-ahli majlis dari MBSA ada menuntut agar dikuatkuasakan pengharaman ini di Shah Alam dan saya difahamkan ia telah pun diluluskan dalam mesyuarat majlis tanpa bangkangan mana-mana pihak.

Isu ini bagi saya sengaja disuakan bagi melihatkan seolah PAS cuba menggunakan pengaruhnya dalam kerajaan PFR Selangor bagi mendesak agar arak diharamkan secara total di Selangor. Ada pula laporan menyebut bahawa cadangan PAS dalam mesyuarat EXCO ditolak oleh MB.

Saya melihat ada usaha untuk melaga-lagakan antara PAS dan rakan-rakan lain dalam PR, dan ada usaha untuk menggambarkan seolah PAS ini tidak menghormati hak masyarakat bukan Islam. Adakah sebenarnya begitu? Saya telah merayu kepada rakan-rakan pemberita termasuklah dari Malaysiakini agar berlaku adil dalam isu ini dan jangan

Kenyataan Dato’ MB Selangor selepas Mesyuarat EXCO tadi alhamdulillah meredkan asakkan yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini.. Menurut Tan Sri Khalid sebagaimana dilaporkan oleh Malaysiakini:

Selangor Mentri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state does not intend to impose a blanket ban on the sale of alcohol but is seeking to step up enforcement on existing restrictions. The existing restrictions in the state are no sale of alcohol to Muslims as well as those under-18s.

According to Khalid, the move to tighten enforcement on alcohol sale will be implemented after consultation with retailers, local councils, related government agencies and NGOs early next year.

MB Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim menyatakan bahawa kerajaan negeri tidak berhasrat mengharamkan sama-sekali penjualan minuman berakohol, akan tetapi sedang berusaha mempertingkatkan penguatkuasaan terhadapa peraturan yang sedia ada. Peraturan yang ada di negeri ini melarang penjualan arak kepada umat Islam dan mereka yang di bawah umur 18 tahun.

Menurut Khalid, usaha menguatkuasakan larangan penjualan minuman berakohol akan dilaksanakan sebaik perundingan dibuat dengan pihak penjual, PBT dan agensi kerajaan yang berkaitan disamping NGO mulai tahun hadapan.

Ini isu berkaitan umat Islam dan tidak kena-mengena dengan yang bukan Islam. Peraturan yang ada pun bukannya digubal oleh PAS atau PKR tetapi oleh kerajaan BN yang lalu. Kerajaan Selangor PR hanya mahu melaksanakan apa yang telah sedia ada itupun terhadap masyarakat Islam. Diharapkan semua pihak melihat isu ini dengan jelas dan tidak dikaburi dengan agenda mana-mana pihak yang mahu memburuk dan melaga-lagakan satu pihak dengan pihak yang lain.

Anonymous said...

int 3.16pm...

haiya, that is not backtracking la. PAS tidak mahu isu itu dipolitikkan esp when we have dumb people like tony pua and the chinese media, as well as yourself

to all readers esp non muslims... please read the malaysiakini link and please (i beg you all) read carefully the "cadangan by mohd termizi"

- arak dijual di sudut agak tertutup dan papan tanda melarang jualan kepada UMAT ISLAM hendaklah dipaparkan dengan jelas. DO YOU NON MUSLIMS HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THAT? WHAT? HUMAN RIGHTS? RIGHTS TO MUSLIMS WHO WANTS TO DRINK? if yes, then tell tony pua to ask his masters in singapore not to ban chewing gum in public places. it is human rights to chew gum!
- kaunter jualan dikendalikan oleh bukan islam. ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOU NON MUSLIMS?
- MPK melarang jualan alkohol di premis-premis berikut: kedai serbaneka 24 jam, kedai runcit, pasar mini, kedai ubat, restoran terbuka dan kiosk di stesen minyak. OK, THIS MAY BE A BIT DIFFICULT FOR YOU. BUT HEY, YOU CAN STILL YAMSENG AT DESIGNATED ALCOHOL OUTLETS, BARS THAT ARE MUSHROOMING IN SELANGOR AND KL ETC. SO, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEMS AGAIN? it is not about restricting the sale of rice or bread, it is alcohol for goodness sake!!! even UK has restriction on where and when alcohol can be sold.

my mom always say...there are some people when "kita beri betis, dia nak peha". now i understand what she meant by that

Bentoh said...

I love arak, nuff said... but I think Tony should approach a more moderate way of "slamming"...

I disagree arak ban, or make it this way...

Vehicles are the causes of road accident... shall we ban driving vehicles?

Motors are the cause of Mat Rempitism, shall we ban motors?

Smoking is bad for health, should we ban it?

I'm libertarian, I disapprove authoritarian measure, banning this and that... nuff said...

In a democratic country which advocates liberty and freedom (or not?), the citizens themselves should be the one who practise self-discipline...

The issue is the ease of youngs and muslims to buy alcohol beverage... and I agree that some measures should be introduced on this... BUT not a ban of arak...

Again, I just want to point out that the DAP should adopt a different tone in replying... If the DAP think PAS is insensitive in such motions, then reply in a sensitive and calm manner, an insensitive and outrage reply will do more harm to the already loose-bound alliance...

Anonymous said...

"flabbergasted said...
Hmmm.. I'm confused. If alcohol is not under a blanket ban in Kelantan why try to impose a blanket ban in Selangor?"

Read carefully laa... Senga lalu orang. Siapa ada cakap mau blanket ban ? Mana ada ?

It is CONTROL !! Paham ?

Niamah punya Tony Pua..

remie said...

Welcome to the anti-alcohol bandwagon!

This group is not confined to Muslims as Christians and others are part of this movement seeking to restrict the consumption of alcohol.

They ignore the growing evidence on the health benefits of responsible alcohol consumption. No one is advocating ABUSE of alcohol. For that matter, of any GOD-given thing.

We forget that we are people born with a CHOICE. Let everyone, then, exercise their own CHOICE. We can issue guidance but never to impose our standards.

As an earlier post lists out, everything can be abused. Then, to ban alcohol we should in all fairness ban everything else - tobacco (cancer), cars (road rage, accidents), sugar-laden drinks (obesity), fried foods (cancer), work (stress), microwave ovens (microwave kills), etc, etc.

Every modern convenience would be banned based on the anti-alcohol movements' arguments.

Why pick on alcohol when we should be concentrating on ways to weather the economic storm that is sweeping the world?

What a waste of energy!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to rethink how you approach Coalition Politics as well. Irregardless of the issue, this matter seems to be one that would be better handled internally rather then discussed on on a public forum. Both DAP AND PAS have an obligation to use all necessary internal channels to resolve disagreements, differences of opinion and legislation. A posting such of this seems childish and unprofessional for a Member of Parliament. It is more divisive for PR done this way than constructive.

This is a matter shouldn't be in court of public opinion. A meaningful discussion could take place. For example: PAS may have concern that the sale of alcohol to Muslims/underages etc are not being enforced properly which SHOULD be a concern for both PAS/DAP. If you claim to be a party for all, start acting that way by seeing those concerns through.

Anonymous said...

The people bashing Tony Pua are a bunch bloody fools ... scum of the earth. Arak is not the problem, abuse is. Kelantan is not, and NEVER will be the same Selangor. Come what may, it will never be the same. So, pas must becareful when it desires to impose its values on non-Muslims. Sure many non-Muslims will support pas on this, but don't complain when this leads to further erosion of your rights.

It's all about balance. In Pakatan Rakyat. In the Constitution. In Malaysian politics. In society. In everything. What we want is harmony, not conflict. So anything which pas wants to do outside the malay heartlands kenalah berhati-hati, berjaga-jaga ... the shitties on this blog mestilah sedar orang islam has no monopoly on morals or virtues. Buddhism is also concerned for morals or virtues. Hinduism likewise. And not least Christianity. Hanya cara perlaksanaan itu berbeza. This is something which boneheads or knuckleheads cannot understand. Perlaksanaan tak boleh-lah sampai menidakkan hak orang bukan islam. Maksudnya begini, cara melaksanakan apa yang haram itu mestilah tengok keadaan. Kelantan lain, Selangor lain. Yang itu tak faham ke???

Poh Soon said...

Hi all,

I find amused with the suggestion that alcohol should be banned because alcohol could cause husband hitting wife, accident and etc. With the same logic, shouldn't knife and parang be banned as well as it can be used to kill a human.

The fact is that alcohol when consumed in a control manner, will help blood circulation, distressed ant etc. i.e. make us healthier.

Thus, i believed that rather than banning the selling of alcohol in places such as 7-11 and etc, it should be instead banned from selling to underaged, and muslim. Apart from it, public should be educated on the problem bring about with over consumption of the alcohol.



Anonymous said...

oh my god, we still have fools like malaysian 10.02pm and poh soon 9.34 am.

yes kelantan is not selangor. but did kelantan ban alcohol? and did selangor wants to ban alcohol?

please la...jangan bikin malu. this is about restricting alcohol, not banning la..

tu pun tak paham paham ka? so stupid!

Anonymous said...

Excellent comments, Bro. Poh Soon. Thank you.

blues untuk rakyat said...

di thailand, minuman keras dijual lepas waktu pejabat sahaja. dan di waktu malam, xdibenarkan minum di khalayak umum.di UK, membawa botol/tin beer yang terbuka di dalam pengangkutan awam telah diharamkan.di paris, minuman keras xboleh diminum semasa piknik di sekitar menara eiffel.kita org malaysia sepatutnya lebih baik lagi :)

Anonymous said...

may i recommend this link to you..please read if you are truly representative of all malaysians..

(malaysian chinese)

Poh Soon said...

Hi all,

I believe that we should be here to express and discuss intelligently rather than having name calling such as calling me a fool. But doesn't mind, i don't really feel offended.

By the way, if i did indeed misunderstood the issue here, i'm willing to apologise. However, since some suggest that the issue is about restricting, then the question is what kind of restriction?

As some had pointed out, the current law had already "retrict" or ban alcohol from being sold to muslim. Thus, i believe that the alcohol probably should also be retricted from child.

However, "restrict" it from selling at 7-11 and so call public coffee shop. What's the point? Why does selling of alcohol need to become such a secrecy in the first place? Selling alcohol in secrecy won't really help with all the issue pointed out previously.

Just another side note, i believe one should be accounted for what they posted. Thus, post the comment in anoymous doesn't sound to have much accountability to me.



Anonymous said...

Judging from the furores raised by this issue I didnt know that we have so many pseudo intellects

Anonymous said...


Sad. It seems that you see race in everything. You showed your disapproval just because the comment was made by PAS.

Do you not know that in Britain, the British government is worried about the drinking culture and damage that have been caused due to alcohol? Many sort of bans have been introduced and some have already took place.

It's for the common good.

Jangan jadi racist.

Anonymous said...

"No place like home":- It is a habit for me to smoke while easing my stomach or should I say when I attend to urgent call. Sad to say this habit can only be done at my own premise and not at public toilets. I just need to adjust my habit and smell my own shit which is unpleasant. Smoking is considered haram in places like public bus stop, car parks, children playgrounds and even at void decks to name a few. If restrictions are made for the benefits of society, I think we should follow and uphold those humane made laws. No wonder there is a saying, "Rumahku, Syurgaku":- It is your own domain... You are the ruler and you are the law.