Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Eurocopters - All Is Well?

(Update: Read also Sdr Lim Kit Siang's latest take on the issue.)

As a Public Accounts Committee member, it will be a breach of privilege for me to discuss here in detail inquiries which have or are being conducted. And the Eurocopter transaction is complicated further by the fact that certain information are classified as "military secrets". However, as I've been receiving emails asking as to whether an "all clear" has really been given, I'll just refer below to The Malaysian Insider report which gave a more balanced view of what transpired.
After several meetings stretched out over the past one week, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has cleared the federal government of scandal into the RM1.6 billion Eurocopter military deal.

However, the decision was not unanimous as some of its members felt that officials from the Defence Ministry had failed to address several key questions, notably what made the Eurocopter EC725 Cougar the preferred choice to replace the Royal Malaysian Air Force's 42-year-old fleet of Nuri helicopters.

Attempts to obtain detailed explanations from the ministry's top officials who were present at today's inquiry session were thwarted.

The questions had been submitted beforehand, but apparently the military top brass had chosen to ignore the queries or had responded merely that they were confidential military information and could not as such be disclosed.

ree made it to the final list but the Defence Ministry selected the Eurocopter which cost RM1.604 billion for 12 units. The other two packages cost RM1.262 billion and RM2.442 billion respectively.


The Malaysian Insider understands that while the Defence Ministry had abided by the regulations in the tender procedure, it had not followed the standard norms in calling up each of the helicopter manufacturers to clarify the details of their tender.

"Our concern is that this deal, to put it in a way, is made for Eurocopter. None of the tenderers were called in for tender clarification of the tender document during the entire tender process," noted a horrified PAC member.
I'm certain that my other party leaders will make the necessary comments on the issue.


DNAXTION said...

I think MOD have no basis knowledge of bidding and tendering.

A simple business rule also don't know? or just because the money is not from their own pocket and doesn't matter.


NEO said...

Mr. Dollar (Abdullah) has finally decided to attack back!

The secret Maxis SMS that revert in the internet between Mr. Najis and his lawyer is not an accident. So with the Eurocopter Deal!

In 2003, Mr. Dollar raised 800 millions from The Kingdom of Tamesek to secure his party post. Now, Mr. najis also need at least 400 millions to secure his party post! But this time Mr. Najis do not have the connection with Kingdom of Tamesek, so, he need a local billion dollar deal!

In Malaysia, if you want to be a maillionaire, you need to be a bumi and umno member, then, try you best to lobby for a post as division head.

Every 3 years, u stand a chance to be a millionaire.

sad to say that the Malaysia Premier is elected by 191 umno devision head and not the 26 millions rakyat

amoker said...

This is the second time that Malaysia Insider jumped the gun. So, it does show that the script has been written in the begining that Najib will have nothing to answer.

So many questions not asked. What kind of PAC is this?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony
By keeping mum, people will assume that other PAC members concur with PAC Chairman's conclusion that "all is well". Is it?!

Anonymous said...


Sorry for sidetracking but would you mind asking YB Lim Guan Eng to explain how the appropriateness of the RM100 million golf course project in Penang and how it will benefit the poor?

If DAP practices CAT in Penang, I believe this issue calls for explanation.

Anonymous said...

Haha... PAC is professional, we should beleive them. Or maybe due to "military secrets", PAC also can't do any things, MOD said "betul" then "betul la", "ini rahsia tentera". So PAC can't audit much, will come out conclusion "ini betul".

In order to investigate much, should build up a team lead by The Head of Military, DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong and several high profile politician, ex-military person & etc. Then they don't have excuse to mention "military secrets".

Another good term to prevent investigate is Official Secret Act (OSA).

Anonymous said...

This is what Najib calls his 'open' tender process? Expect more slime from the slimeball..

Anonymous said...

What a shame YB!!! Pls. read Agenda Daily at http://www.agendadaily.com/ for a more balance view too. If YB too scare to do something please don't go for election anymore. We the Rakyat want nothing but the truth. Rakyat don't want another YES MEN YB.