Monday, November 10, 2008

Released and Back in Parliament

Just a quick note to everyone who have shown great concern, I'm out of the police station now on personal bond (I think that's what it is) and am currently in parliament, in time to ask my scheduled question for No. 2.

I'm due to check back with the police station together with the other 23 persons who were arrested on the 24th November.

I'm in good spirits, so no one needs to worry, will write more later. The Public Accounts Committee is schedule to convene at 11.30am as well to discuss further on the Eurocopter issues.


Chong Zhemin said...

Glad to know that you are okay. You must be exhausted by now. Can't believe you spend a night in police station and still needs to rush to parliament early in the morning. take good care of your health. cheers~

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're safe and sound. What you did was honorable and you'll always have our support!

Anonymous said...

welcome back,
keep on fighting.
good luck and all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Glad to know you are OK. We were there and we will be back next Sunday. Take care.


Anonymous said...

You've been baptised as a DAP man.

Anonymous said...

This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

We have very brave police who will batter unarmed citizens and pick on indon-looking motocyclists.

When it comes to armed bandits from a neighbouring nation, "investigations are in progress".

What a way to earn your political stripes, eh?

Unknown said...

Welcome back.

Please get the opportunity when you can & voice this matter in Parliament.

I understand that Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong plans to do that today.

Anonymous said...

Glad you joined us yesterday and that you are okay.

We met last night at 8.15pm at the Lotus restaurant along with Haris but I know you did not get my name.

Anonymous said...

Look like it is a bad OMEN for BN Government !

Unknown said...

Glad that you guys are ok......i was there at 8.30pm..and didn't know that it was postponed to 9.30.There was already road blocks at all the entrance to the field since i tried using all the roads as well as the singhasana hotel route..Infact i was with my parents, wife and two of my kids age one and a half and three years old.I used the road from Thai Temple and stop at the junction opposite the field and i casually ask a police officer there how am i gonna get to the field as well as A & W since my son wanted a rootbear too.But the cops told us to just walk instead even though there are kids and senior citizens in my car(this shows how much they care).And the cops also said that there will be trouble at the field and just casually told us to listen and see the news channel...yeah right!!.....I guess they are afraid of their own shadows don't they.

Anonymous said...


This episode certainly will help you get more votes in the future, and less votes for the evil BN government!!

Keep up the good work!

Tan said...

Dear Tony,

Y sacrife yourself by getting detained? U are oxford grad,,,we, the common folks hold you with high esteem...Next time, dun be so foolish again, otherwise, we will lose ur voice in the parliament.....Pls refrain urself from getting red card ! ! !....

Also, WE don't u to bcome the 2nd RPK....It is not easy to "meringkuk" behind bar..Pls think of your wife and daughter..

Marsiling, Singapore

Bentoh said...

Aw, poor thing... can claim for that shirt or not? :P

Found no point condemning police action because we all know how bad they are... as long as you are still cheered up ;)

Anonymous said...

the real baptism of fire is in the hallowed halls of Kamunting... courtesy of mr. ISA

jokes aside, thank you for fighting for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that.
On the Eurocopter tell the PAC chairman don't play politics. Many people out there know what is going on.
Ministry KSU and the AirForce Chief must be hammered.(both of them good buddy) If the procedure not adhered, there must be something going on, either they abuse their power or the minister abuse his power for some reasons.
They have created too many future liabilities in the SUKHOI if you care to find out is in topsy turvy, the procurement of Air Defense radar through direct nego and will let you know all the future liabilities that will one day prove a devastating burden.
Can we trust them to defense the country?
It is a misguided procurement which is unprofessional and below par leadership.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough time last night. Can't wish that for anyone but that gives a glimpse of what we are struggling against.

You did a good job as my MP, so stay cheerful and keep it up. God bless you.

Jay Tan

Anonymous said...

too bad they didn't tear off ur pants...i always wanted to see what's underneath. anyway, glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are now released... As a long time DAP supporter, I would like to express my gratitude to you towards this incident.... we need your voice to reflects peoples message to the govt, however we should follows the law and constituition of our country.... I really hope that all the DAP MPs will spent more time for helping the peoples rather than rallying ( since our govt will not even care )..... With all the DAP MPs good performances , I am really sure DAP will be the next malaysia govt... (I hope this statement is not an offense just an advice)

Starmandala said...

Thumbs up on this report! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am outraged my MP was treated this way. This hardens my support for PR/DAP further. We must work together, and harder to change the present government.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony
Glad that u are back now
Take care


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When you stand up for what is right
Always be ready for a long good fight
With support from all around let there be no fear or flight
Only those who are really in the wrong need to take fright

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 101108
Mon. 10th Nov. 2008.

Unknown said...

Dear YB Pua,

If the BN chairman of PAC has come out with a version of the Eurocopter findings that the opposition do not agree, please remember to publish the opposition findings, just as a dissenting judge would in a federal court ruling.

Thank you.

Noto said...

Welcome back!!
& so glad that you're ok...
God Bless...

Manature said...

Chief Police Officer lied. FRU charged during Negara Ku. Please tell the world

Anonymous said...

On a different matter - I thought your team campaigned as "DAP for PJ" at the last GE. Now, if you were to google "DAP Petaling Jaya", you will get this website - Weird.
Please check it out.

Anonymous said...

fighting for the truth will never be like a walk in the park. Bravo and continue to fight for the cause of justice

Anonymous said...

Jahanam punya polis... Penjenayah tak ditangkap...Kes rogol, pecah kereta, pecah rumah, ragut dan sebagainya tidak diambil tindakan...No wonder lah polis di negara ini amat famous sbg polis yang 'kohrap' di merata dunia..Wahai polis, kamu tak tau malu ke?

Hanya Tahu menangkap org baik(memperjuangkan rakyat Msia) seperti Tony Pua dan rakan-rakan..

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well YB Tony. Just when we thought your candlelight vigil may turn out to be your own!!! I can say that PJ Utara is behind you. What the PDRM did was uncalled for. More so because you guys were not UMNO. If you were UMNO, the police officers who did that would have been transferred to some deserted island for outpost duty.

It may be wrong to forgive those PDRM idiots that assaulted or physically 'slam' you (quoting The STAR). But it will also be the right thing to do otherwise, it will be politicised as ever by BN.

The people who should be going to National Service should be the Police Force. This is what happens when you have school dropouts (most of which are samseng) that opt the easy way out by joining the PDRM. Instead of protecting the rakyat, they are going against the rakyat - whom they forget, are the paymasters. It's easy to catch innocent victims - especially when are all gathered together in a field. But when it comes to catching the real criminals out there on the streets, you will find our PDRM relaxing in the aircond room. We have a police force that has shamed the country many times. They don't deserve the title Police DiRaja as their predecessors who really fought against crime & communism. Now we have a bunch of uneducated & uncivilised police officers who think that we owe them for a living. They will be answerable to God when judgement comes for them.

Eric Kong said...

This is Malaysian Politics. "Opposition party" to BN will always be persecuted. We will never be like USA, Australia or UK. We will always be like Somalia or Zimbabwe or any other 3rd world country. Even Vietnam could be relatively better.

But let not such cowardice like the PDRM has done to discourage the honourable things that has yet to be done.

If possible, publish the evidence like photo & videos on Mkini or Mtoday, You Tube, etc.

Let's do it the OBAMA way.

Anonymous said...

When will we have a real police force that fends for the rakyat?

Anonymous said...

next thing, ISA! bring it on. hahahaha.. just kidding.

sorry to see you good people get arrested, the bad people arresting ppl... something is very wrong in M'sia.

sp lim said...

I never regret supporting your campaign during the last GE even though I'm not from PJU.

Glad to have shaken your hand last night before you got arrested.

Keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...

Where is the *voice* of the other *silent* component parties of BN eg MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, etc etc on this matters??? Did they not pledge to voice out & be more brave??? They are all still hiding comfortably laying eggs in their coops.

This will have to go down into the DAP's or PR history books / archives which will never ever be made public.

Challenge The Star's Datuk Wong Choon Wai to publish the truth instead of SLAMMING hyprocrisy down his .... well, throat.

lucia said...

hey tony, you really looked very exhausted when i saw you at the police station in the morning. glad that despite that, you still have energy to rush for the parliament sitting.

it's really beyond my imagination that the police would attack a peaceful crowd, without warning and in the case of that lady (who got stitches to her head), from behind. what cowards!

i hope this incident will continue to be pursue till the police admit they made a mistake (will they ever??? fat chance i guess!)