Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arrested Development

My latest article for The NutGraph looked once again (no more after this, I assure you, as this was written just after the episode occurred), at my arrest by the Royal Malaysian Police for attending an alleged illegal gathering at the PJ Civic Centre (note also the irony of the venue).

Besides a personal take on the "experience", I also touched on the robust debate as to whether I should even have attended the event here, and would it have compromised my role as a member of parliament.
WELL, it was just going to be a sooner-or-later thing. Getting arrested is kinda like a serious occupational hazard for a politician, elected or otherwise, who belongs in the opposition camp in this country.

So when I was actually arrested on Sunday, 9 Nov 2008, at the candlelight vigil commemorating the first anniversary of the historic Bersih (Coalition for Clean and Fair Election) rally, I was certainly not mentally unprepared. Especially not after the ISA (Internal Security Act) "scare" just a few weeks earlier.

I still remember my very first interview with a senior journalist from a local paper when I was about to quit my job, sell my company and join the topsy-turvy world of politics with the DAP, some 18 months ago. As the interview ended, she said she really couldn't imagine me, this geeky, pseudo-intellectual (aka nerd), corporate personality involved in your "typical" opposition activities such as street rallies, protest demonstrations, and of course, getting arrested by the police.
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Anonymous said...

"WELL, it was just going to be a sooner-or-later thing. Getting arrested is kinda like a serious occupational hazard for a politician, elected or otherwise, who belongs in the opposition camp in this country."

What if we reverse the question: what was really gained by you being there? To show that you are anti-ISA? Was there really any doubt of that, such that it had to be proven?

Bentoh said...


To show that he is indeed anti-ISA...

To see how many people are out there opposing out there, and hence affirming himself, that PJ (or PJU) people are indeed anti-ISA...

To show PJ or PJU people that their MP is standing against ISA, FIRMLY, and hence the PJ or PJU people should be taking ISA issues SERIOUSLY because the person whom they elected into the parliament is standing and voicing out loudly against the draconian law...

And to show PJ people that oppressive laws must go!

nuff' said... or shall we also ask another question, if a normal citizen should stand and voice out loud against oppressive laws, why the politician (who is supposed to be THE ONE who does all these things) should not?

Korakora said...

Yang Berkhidmat (Waibi) Tony Pua,

Saya mahu tanya Waibi Tony
Waibi wakili kepentingan taukey-taukey minuman beralkoholkah
atau waibi wakili keluarga
mangsa bapak-bapak
ibu-ibu kaki botol?

Orang-orang yang tidak bongkak
tidak ketegak untuk pakai songkok
hanya untuk angkat sumpah.

Sebelum Waibi bukak mulut
Waibi baca dulu hati
orang yang tidak mahu keluarganya
jadi tahi arak
dari kalangan orang Melayu, Cina dan India.

Saya nampak Waibi cerdik
tapi sekali Waibi bukak mulut
saya terpaksa tepuk dahi.

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...


1) All those crap written in your article entitled "Arrested Development" are seen as excuses, excuse & excuses for your stupidity to even attend/organize that nonsense CANDLELIGHT thingy.

2) Now that you have been BASHED & SMASHED, the least we expect is for you to BUCK-UP & start performing as a MP. This article only make you look like a "COCK TALKER" who talk shit, shit & shit trying to cover your ARSE that was burned.

3) It's 100% fine if you wish to act like some COWBOY attending/organizing that dumb CANDLELIGHT thingy which brought no whatsoever purpose. However, when you get shot by the sheriff...please don't complain & cry like kids who have dropped their loli-pop.

3) You said in your article "Your wife laughed till she almost fell off the bed". How can a MP even say such a thing when there are problems that should be dealt with??? With such a FATHER & MOTHER...I can see your DAUGHTER will grow up worse than those women who sells (you should know what) behind Chow Kit.

4) You may have FOOLED many people living in PJU to vote for you in tha last G.E. However, actions speaks a thousand words. I'm willing to place a wager with you saying "You'll be VOTED OUT in the next G.E.(that's if you're still ALIVE)"

5) To sum you're just a WANNABE HERO trying to do what men does but when you're confronted with become a WOMAN. Moreover, you lack the mentality & wisdom to be a proper POLITICIAN. Perhaps by you joining BN, you'll do well cos' you're only good in TALKING, TALKING & TALKING (Talking shit I mean)

Anonymous said...

click on "Nazmi Yaakub" and nothing comes up, profile not available

typical UMNO style, when you cannot win on merited argument, resort to baseless personal attacks

I now where my vote in 5 years is going, cybertrooper!

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...


why so angry? you lost your money betting on Tony to lose izzit?

gambling is not good.

put up your real name as I do, cyber- trooper

Lee Wee Tak

shinliang said...

I do not understand why many people put Tony under-fire for attending the rally or protest.

They'd suggest that attending/organising such rally is useless and a waste of time for MP.

But it is not true.

You'll be surprise that many ppl (young and old) out there do not even know what's ISA. Rallies/protests like these will catch ppl's attention and at least let them know there's such thing as ISA. And even better, if it could make some people to dig in deeper on what ISA has done to Malaysia and why it is still used today.

Many ppl whom I spoke to seem to think that MP's only role is to take care of the economy. That's sad. Because economy downturns come and go, but the political system stays. Our political system has some fundamental flaws that need our MP's immediate attention. This is equally, if not more serious than our economy problems.

So I do not believe the attacks on MP attending rallies/protests are justified.