Thursday, November 27, 2008

"2008 Celebrating Hope & Change" Dinner

As blogged earlier, and a gentle reminder, we look forward to your support to make this fund-raising dinner a success. The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng has also confirmed his attendance to speak at the function.

"2008 - Celebrating The Year of Hope & Change"
Venue: MBPJ Dewan Banquet
Date: 17 December 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30pm
Speakers: Lim Guan Eng, Gobind Singh, Tony Pua, Lau Weng San,
Dr Cheah Wing Yin, Hannah Yeoh
Halal Chinese food will be served, and the primary language for this dinner will be English.

The cost of the dinner will be RM60 per pax or RM600 per table. VIP tables are also available for RM1,500 a table. The funds raised from the dinner, anticipated to be approximately RM30,000 each will be used for running our respective service centres, and a portion donated to DAP Selangor and DAP Malaysia. Even for my office alone, it costs at least RM10,000 to operate monthly with 3-4 staff and any shortfall essentially comes from my own allowance as a Member of Parliament.

Hence we look forward to your generous support to help us provide our services to the public. For reservations, please email to or to me directly with your name, contact number, which dinner(s) and number of seats or tables (VIP or normal) required. We will then get back to you with further information.

For those who are not able to make the dinner, donations are also very much welcome ;-). Cheques should be written to "DAP Damansara Branch" or cash can be deposited at DAP Damansara Maybank account: 5141 9634 2008. Credit card payment is also available upon request.

Thank you once again for your continued support!


Anonymous said...

YB, 0730 is a bit too early for Muslims to come. 0800 for 0830 will just be great.
If the time adjusted, I would love to book one VIP table. thanks.

Golf Afflicted said...

Please come join us! I'm sure 8pm will not be too late! ;-)

Best regards,


sp lim said...

I've sent an email to you on the 12th and another to allypua on the 17th but so far got no response

KoSong Cafe said...

It tickles me when someone is worried that our dinner will actually start on time!

Anyway, much as I would like to support your cause, I am a retiree (not even a pensioner) holding some useless shares, expecting worse to come in the next six months. Moreover, I am still smarting from having to pay Rm68 (presumed from JB) for having lost Plus transit ticket coming back from KL (dinner again)just over a week ago.

But I am expecting an old friend (since std 1) from Australia. I hope I can fit in once I know exactly when he is seeing me. I will confirm nearer the date. But if all tickets taken up, then you would have achieved your target.

Best regards from me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Pua,

I'm interested to purchase 1 VIP table. However, I can only do so if there will be BOOZE served.

I'm very sure you can help to get this available since you're fighting so hard with PAS to stop them from banning it.

Pls. advise availability. If there are BOOZE available, I might even purchase 5-6 tables.

Awaiting your soonest reply with many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I can't attend but I wish to donate. However by simply donating cash without any genuine purpose would bring no meaning. Hence, I have a proposal & I hope you'll consider.

I plan & pledge to sponsor HEINENKEN & CARLSBERG for FREE. Total quantity to be sponsored will be 40,000 bottles. Based on your recent adventure to resist PAS from banning alchohol sale, I strongly believe you will be agreeable to my proposal.

Pls. advise person-to-contact for me to arrange prompt delivery. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


1) What is the purpose of this event??? We don't need idiotic speakers but we need ACTIONS instead. Is DAP only good for TALKING? Can DAP walk their talk instead of talk their talk?

2) Asking for DONATIONS??? This makes me PUKE. Is DAP some BEGGARS ORGANIZATION? Even if I were to donate, I rather donate it to those who are really in need (orphanage, disabled, old folks home, etc).

3) Can DAP stop behaving like some PARASITE??? Asking for $$ here & there. If DAP wants money...go & work for yourself via proper channels!!! Stop being a wanking BEGGAR, will ya'???

4) For your small Operation Centre which only consist of 3-4 staffs, you require RM 10K per month??? Come'on, stop FOOLING us!!! I run a bigger office with more staff than you have & it hardly even reach RM 8K per month. Your bloated figure of RM10..."How much went into your pocket discreetly??". Stop giving fictitous figure thinking it can fool PJU voters!!!

"What a load of BEGGARS!!!"

Golf Afflicted said...

To Calvin Chong and others who are serious about having beer at the table, for this dinner which is a halal dinner, no alcohol will be served.

However, if you are keen, you can reserve seats/tables for our next dinner held at the Damansara Palace restaurant which you'd be able to purchase drinks.

Please email us or call our hotline 0162208867 for details.

For others who are skeptical about fund-raising dinners, well, I'll only say here "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys". I don't take a single cent from the centre's funds. On the other hand, I have already extended amounts which I myself dare not tabulate myself to the centre to provide service to the community.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...


1) You said "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys". True, Very True indeed!!! PJU is having a MONKEY MP because we voted for PEANUTS.

2) Whether you took 1 cent or even 1 million dollar from your centre's funds..."I Don't Give a Damn". Only you yaself know the TRUTH. However, those who have experience running a office, company, organization, etc WILL KNOW whether RM 10K per month makes sense or not. You can LIE but you can't HIDE.

3) You've already extended amounts which yaself dare not tabulate to the centre is becos' you are afraid if the TRUTH prevails....ACA will come after you. Then, even your boss (LKS & LGE) will not forgive you.
Don't BULL SHITING!!! Even Kids can figure this out.

"BUCK-UP!!" Like I always said, it's better you put words into actions rather than talk excuses, talk nonsenses & talk shit.

KoSong Cafe said...

Tony, I sympathise with you, having to put up with PJU Voter and his kind. The more information you provide, the more demanding they get. They are just pennywise pound foolish because they would not bat an eyelid to all the humongous wastages and leakages happening in the administration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Don't bother about PJU Voter. I'm in PJU too & pls. keep believing in what you do.

Come the next G.E., I'm sure I don't even need to vote for you in-order for you to be voted out. Many of us in PJU would have done so already.

Don't force yourself to do things you can't do. Just sit back, relax & then get voted out. Life should be made simple!!!

Anonymous said...

TP, Could you do a simple write up on the history, success and failure of TNB in terms of its privatisation, its furore into academic investments such as UNITEN and its involvement with the IPP power suppliers. Please give details or views of the changes that occured especially with the sudden expansion of TNB during privatisation and building varios multi storey buildings and its purpose ( UNMO project?)

OTL said...


Congratulation for organise the "2008 - Celebrating The Year of Hope & Change".

We may face a tough year in 2009. Haha...

I can not make it to attend the dinner, but my sincere hope that I can see the video of the speakers either at youtube or any other sources.

Is great that you all organise halal chinese food, so the muslim have the opportunity to celebrate along.

I can understand, while organise a party it really need a lot of fund. A few million is just tip of the iceberg.

In this world when you do something, they will have objection and support. Take it easy brother!

Too bad I am not the resident of PJU, or else I can help you on site to do some work for free. If anything through online that I can help, I am more than willing, but certain time oh.. As I also need to "cari makan".

Do the best YB Tony.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Looks like the cyber troops are really gunning for you! Some of them really sound quite mad.
Do stay on course and don't be discouraged. There are thinking and reasonable constituents who are behind you.
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Poor staff of PJU Voter. Wonder how much they get from RM8k a month between them - less than RM1.5k each? At today's rising prices? I smell exploitation by a typical capitalist (just barely stopped myself from ethnic stereotyping here).

Sorry, Tony. I belong to the poor middle class (a new category thanks to employers like PJU Voter), so I can't contribute monetarily.

Kinda but not really off-topic--couldn't you have used Bahasa Malaysia? In those days of SSS for LGE, which garnered support across class and ethnicity, the meetings had to be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia because that was the language in common! It was funny but empowering at the same time to find myself talking in Malay with fellow Chinese, and all coping rather well despite the disparity in our command of BM.

My Malay friend pronounced - that's lingua franca, man!

Just a point to ponder.

- Siew Eng

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why some people are behaving like that. Taking things for granted. Wanting more and more when the previous administrator for PJU did nothing for us all. I hope those people that wrote nasty comments buck up themselves and understand the situation properly please. Keep up the good work Tony.

Anonymous said...

To all cybertroopers,

In an open and transparent democracy, political parties are allowed to raise funds, but not dip their hands into the govt coffers, to fund their party activities. Unlike you guys, who get paid for everything, including gunning down targetted politicians at their blogs! Anyway, since you are only writing nonsense, I will refrain to explain more, as you may not understand anyway!!!

Yang Berkhidmat Tony,

Why not use Malay as the prinary language for this event, esp since this is a Halal dinner. I've also heard that many people walked out of the dinner in Penang. Please don't repeat the mistake here. People want to know what's being done to improve their welfare and the economy, and hear message of hope. We had had enough of recycled stories about the current PM, the annointed PM and their lavish lifestyle. Give us a new perspective of what lies ahead.


sp lim said...

Agree with donplayplay and after having read Jeff Ooi's blog on the Penang dinner. Please don't dish out the same thing.

We want to know what DAP can do to bring about hope and change and not to listen Govt, BN, UMNO, MCA bashing. I'll also walk out if all you guys can tell me his how bad this Govt is

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their hopes. But their hopes need not necessarily lay on the likes of DAP or a phony like Obama.

And change may not necessarily be for the better. Change can be for the worse, especially if it is implemented by phonies espousing empty words and promises with no past deeds on their part to back such words.