Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sarah Palin: Video Spoofs

Like it or not, political campaigning in the United States can be rather innovative and ingenius. Even famous personalities make spoofs, and let their views be known.

The above is a video by P. Diddy, posted on his blog and had more than half a million views. In it, he "massacred" vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin over her "intelligent" answer over a simple question posted by a TV journalist - "what magazines or newspapers do you read to know what's happening in the world?" (Sounds familiar?)

In Malaysia, while we are certainly catching up in terms of making "political videos", and spreading the message via Facebook (I can't believe that one of my ceramah videos on YouTube, shot by Malaysiakini has received some 115,000 views!), I certainly look forward to the day when our students, and the public are able to come up with more creative and entertaining political video and satires in future elections. ;-)

Here's another one by college students, a la High School Musical ;-)

For more, check out the Top 10 Sarah Palin Spoofing list compiled by Time.

Oh, and in the mean time, while I'm the National Publicity Secretary for DAP, we are looking out for creative talents who would like to join us on our video broadcasting team. Write in to daprocket(at)rocketmail(dot)com.


Anonymous said...

imagine it happen here, they would put P. Diddy under ISA, and throw out the jail's key. wakakakaka!

Anonymous said...

Ya, you forgot to say "I certainly look forward to the day..." AND NOT GET ARRESTED FOR IT !!

It will probably take another 1-2 generations before our leaders reach that level of maturity, if ever they get there !!

Sze Jia said...

just heard that u were thrown into the police truck and detained. shocked and disappointed. hope you are not injured. take care and may god bless you. we are on you!