Monday, November 17, 2008

MPs and Mamak Stalls

I've just received this email:
Dear YB Tony

I really really disappointed with the way u are performimg... when was the last time u actually take a drive around SS 2 at night... notice all the illegal seatings on the roads( mamak stalls)... or are u still waiting for Sep 16... please do SOMETHING !!!, take care of people who voted for u... me and a few thousand people..
What do you think? I don't know how to reply. It's not the first time I got complaints of such nature, and I'm sure it won't be the last.


Unknown said...


This job is for the Local Councillors to handle, not YOU!

Just send the message to the relevant parties.

Please continue to concentrate on national issues as that is your primary reason for being elected to Parliament.

Keep up the good job.

Best Wishes

NEO said...

Ha... Ha

Just give YB an idea!

Try to record the daily activities that YB involved in Ms Outlook. Then, Cut & Paste the monthly calander into your blog!

Explain how you co-ordinate with ADUNs in PJU

Mamak Salls is consider OK but please take note of the "Prostitute that station at food massage centre located in SS2"

Shawn Tan said...

This is something more for local councils to solve. I guess it's best to forward the issue to the relevant local council people. In addition, you may want to hire someone to look after these "on the ground" things while you go and do your job in parliament. On the other hand, you will have a lot of pissed off constituents who will not be able to enjoy their favourite cup of teh tarik and roti canai if the illegal seats are taken off. Tough job!

Anonymous said...

shldn't mbpj do something / anything ?

bexe said...

What do you mean you don't know?
Look at the complain. Is there something that needs to be done? Is there something you can do?
Do it!
Being an elected Official does not allow you the luxury of only shouting from the sidelines. You are in the match...PLAY!

Anonymous said...

well those ppl seating illegally probably voted for you as well :-) cant make everyone happy. anyway, we have more important issues like the impending economic crisis at hand. who needs 16th sept to fix a few seating problems. come on la.

Anonymous said...

illegal seatings?

simple; get MPPJ to handle it.


Bentoh said...

However weird it is... you still gotta do something I guess... ;)

Anonymous said...

Learn from YB Teresa. She attends and be seen to attend to local issues in her constituency. This is Malaysia, voters have no one to look for help as local councils are hopeless so they look for the help of the people they voted for. Help them and remember to show it. You need the votes, do not let BN take back PJU.

Anonymous said...

let it be...illegal stalls provide good food....

and what is mamak if you arent allowed to sit by the roadside to enjoy the sound and breeze from zooming cars...

whatever it is...please do not disturb SS2 murni and the auntie who sells curry mee beside the corner lot hse..opposite kim marie...

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,

This is definitely the enforcement of MBPJ. Get the mobilizing!

It's tough being an MP, but that's what it's all about. Yes you have bigger issues like the country's economy and the ISA to deal with, but please come back to the grassroot levels once in awhile to see what is going on within your constituency.

Other than that, I believe that you have been doing a great job so far. PJ residents are hard to satisfy, but I'm pretty sure they're still strong supporters of PR =)

Anonymous said...

May be you can look at it but this is the problem when the local council is not doing enough or not knowing what to do.
As you know that in Malaysia we find this kind of habit not only by the mamak stalls but almost those involve in this kind of business have the habit that sometimes making others uncomfortable.
State Exco responsible for this can approach the issue and solve them together. It is more of educating the stalls owner that everyone has their right so let respect each other and have a better place to live in.
The state Exco, the local council and the stall owners can sit down and solve the public complaints.
Well as for you, it is simple, since it is within your constituency therefore the choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony,

I really really disappointed with you and the DAP overall. Prior to the election, you guys were kicking up a big bloody fuss about local council elections. Now that you are in a position to deliver, you make up excuses with a rough cost estimate that is, IMHO, over the top. This is relevant to the present thread of discussion, let me explain...

The broader public isn't sure what are the duties are of the various representatives. What does an MP do? What does an SA do? And a lot of people aren't even aware of local councilors. If they actually had to VOTE for their local councilors, firstly they will get to know who the councilors are (their photos plastered everywhere), and secondly though their campaign platforms they will get an understanding of what local councilors are expected to do.

Anyway, what ARE you doing? Your budget this year is wafer-thin compared to last year's, AFAIK you are not working on any legislation (are you?), you seem to be spending most of your time organizing fund-raising type things and working on the Penang government. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are not getting paid by the taxpayers to work on Penang, are you?

And by the way, one of the reasons people were so excited to have you in PJU was because we thought we were getting a "policy wonk"... someone with the capacity to produce a budget! How impressive! Now you've handed off your economic adviser role to someone else, I think your term as an MP is suffering a bit of identity crisis la... who *is* Tony Pua? He's not the whiz-kid anymore, so what is he? Chew Mei Fun lite?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony
Can you provide a link to a site that will enable ignorant constituents to read and understand the different roles and responsibilities of an MP, a DUN and a local council? It will be a waste of time "layan-ing" these people when they cannot see the bigger picture.
btw, the longkang behind my mom's house in SS2 is clogged; can you help take a look? ;-p

zackdanial said...

Dear YB ,

Just forward the email to MBPJ and cc copy to others .

Not to worry , will vote for you as long you are with Pakatan Rakyat .

KIMHO8 said...


I think this is not your duty at all. You have more important job than this. All the best.

reshmann said...

It's rather amusing to see you say 'I don't know how to reply'.In fact you should appreciate such e-mails which enlightens you to the problems in your constituency as it's simply impossible to be driving around all the time to look out for the people's problems all by yourselve taking into account you have a duty for your family and also in the parliament.
You know very well the attidute of most of our council leaders and its bloody corrupt and lazy work force.You as a local rep of the people who voted you in cannot shrug off your duty no matter how buzy you are as this is also part of your responsibility.Either you get efficient councillors or get some one else on the ground to assist you.Stalls which take up space illegaly are a nuisance to the public,if the law says no then every one should adhere to it,you as a law maker must be responsible for that.If not, whats the point of criticizing the BN goons and we do the same as them?All the best.

Anonymous said...

Just drop by lah, be seen on the ground! After all, we all stood in the rain to hear you speak and donated to the big boxes you guys passed around. Don't just come once every fours years. That is very BN! It's best you come with the ADUN and city councilors to see for yourself how bad things still are. No improvement from BN days. Rules should be enforced, this side walk tables are a safety hazard. Don't wait for some drunks to drive into the mamak stalls and then come out to condemn them. After all, Selangor is Pakatan state!

Unknown said...

i suppose the writer want you to bring the issue to the parliment. lol.

poor tony. on one hand gotta deal with all the demons in BN and PDRM, on the other hand gotta entertain the petty and nuisance.

Anonymous said...

As long as there are people eating at these places, they will be around. You guys should be looking for your councillors and the MBPJ to solve these problems. If you go around to the back of places like Murni and see how they cook, maybe u'd think twice about eating there

d'Frog Prince said...

honestly, i think road side mamak stall is what made malaysia, malaysia.

it will die a natural death if there is not patrons, as it is, it is flourishing, why? not for lack of enforcement but due to demand, people need place to catch up and release tensions, not everyone can afford a pub.

so, instead of increasing chances of bribery, legalise it by law with conditions attached, ie, providing 'WARNING CONES', 'SIREN LIGHTS' etc to alert oncoming vehicles. legalising it will put preventive measures AND INCREASE revenue to the state, in licences and rents of the open public areas AND reduce opportunity for corruptions.

Anonymous said...

I recall an instance when a Mamak shop near Public bank started 'booking up' car park lots of about 10 shops width. The problem was this happened around 5pm - at a time when cars were still moving around looking for parking lots.

I informed MBPJ of the problem and asked them to consider the resulting problem if every restaurant does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

okey it's not your job description, however can you come up with a win win solution ?Meaning, is there an alternative space available . Obviously, we do not want to deprive people from doing business, customers from their favourite "hang out" and road users. Go there and have a better look. No harm in that, right ?

Anonymous said...

I think the mamak (the one with very long seating) has special relationship with MBPJ or else how or who allowed it to do so?

Anonymous said...

Do walk around or be SEEN in PJ (at least once a month). If not, you will be accused unfairly of being around ONLY during election - not much better than Chew Mei Fun

myop101 said...

dear YB,

it is not your job in this matter but like many commentators already said, they want to see and feel your presence. they want you to fix the problem. of course, if you can bring the state rep with you as well, i am sure between both of you, you can share the workload.

a lot of people are fed up with the national politics. but they also want to see their drains unblocked, their street lights fixed and such.

it is really up to you to demonstrate you care. if you keep up with "this is not my job" attitude, it will turn people off. rather, why not direct them to the relevant parties that is suppose to execute it and get your service centre to follow up?

there are a lot of unreasonable people with little understanding out there. they expect everything under the sun to be fixed. and now with PR governing Selangor, they will see it as less excuse why can't your fellow colleagues get things done.

like one of the commentator said, you have to match Teresa Kok's service level. i am sure she didn't do everything alone.

Manature said...

My Member of Parliament,

Please draw the attention of whoever wrote that to a post I did before the election - The role of a Member of Parliament.

Unfortunately we still have an electorate where there are still lots of voters who do not understand but still want longkang MPs (jaga longkang) to take care of mundane stuff. I hope what I wrote can be disseminated more widely.

remie said...

I think you are missing the energy that Condensed Milk gives you. Tell me where to send my 2 cans worth?

Seriously, you simply acknowledge the complaint being genuine and that it has been passed to the State Rep and Local City Councillor for action. The writer is free to meet up with the named ADUN/City Councillor, to propose an amicable solution.

Enforcement is the easy way out. Finding a solution to the problem will be remembered by all parties involved in solving the issue.

Go for it! You LEAD and show the way it should be done. The people need to find the better solutions among themselves.

Whoever said any issue is simply black & white only. Every problem have many shades of grey. Finding the comfort zone is something interested parties need to work out for themselves. You LEAD not solve every problem thrown at you.

Regarding Teresa Kok, I would say it is unfortunate that she cannot rely on the support of the Local Council, who are appointed by the FT Ministry(?). So, she has to go to the ground to help solve the problems. Pity her and those elected under FT. This system gives nothing to the elected representative but all to the Government FT Minister of the day, who continue to retain control over much of FT, no matter whoever is elected in an FT constituency.

Finally, it is always nice to see your elected representative seen around your area and shaking your hand. But how many of YOU, commenting on his blog, were out there that fateful night to shake his hand as he and the 23 others where being led to the PJ Police HQ? He was where he was most needed. Where were YOU?

Bentoh said...

I think to be fair to YB Tony...

This kind of email maybe quite relevant towards, say, local issues... and I think what YB could do is to forward it to a relevant councillors and yada yada...

Well, I love how mamak stall runs... in fact I don't fancy those mamak stall with kedai... I like those real mamak stall, you know, roadside that kind... Alas, ever since the KL mayor decided to get rid of them, and ruled that it's "illegal seating" along the roadside yada yada (which makes me roll my eyes~~), I hardly find any of this in KL... :'(

But wait, is the MP Tony going to forward this email to local councillors? It wouldn't be too nice to forward this kind of email I guess...

I don't know, it is also a citizen's responsibility, to write nicely to complain...

Not that you need nice grammar or whatever, but it should be polite enough to say something like, "I find the illegal seating problem in Jalan XYZ over in SS2 worrying. This is especially true when 3 mamak stalls naamely XXX, YYY and ZZZ over in this area are taking up almost half of the street. I believe it is important that you as an MP could look after the safety of people's live here..."

The letter, to me is like yelling towards your machai (worker), "Ooi, why you never do this and that, want me hantam you ke?"...

I believe a good governance comes from multi-directional coordination and communication... and I refuse to think that Malaysian (on top of that, the PJ people who probably should be the most educated people among all the constituencies) is a bunch of uncivilised, undecent human being... I mean, will you write your complain letter to MBPJ, Selangor state government, or Federal ministries like this?


It would have been a moderate complain if the writer could tell more about his/her concern... His/her intention is perhaps good after all... It would be dangerous if so happen a drunk idiot drives along the street (which sadly, the writer didn't even acknowledge the precise location... or is the whole SS2 covered by illegal mamak stall?)

And I believe the people's live, is worth mentioned to the MP... :)

Manature said...

Sorry YB Tony,

Wrong link. The post where I referred to should be role of a Member of Parliament.

Somehow the URL for RPK's blog overstayed in the clipboard. Hopefully you or your assistant can delete the comment where I posted the wrong link. Further, I feel the electorate need to be educated on the most important job of a Member of Parliament. Unfortunately, that "political" blog is not my main blog and don't have many visitors. I feel more should read that little essay on "job function of a Member of Parliament. Hopefully you would post the link in a post or something.

Manature said...

Dear YB,

Ever since that unexpected March 8 tsunami, I have met voters who expect their MPs to be errant boys. I had one lady who came to me with a problem stinky drain and because she probably have seen me with a rocket badge, expect me too to be an errant boy and go running to you with the stinky drain problem. I started to explain to her to first take up the matter with MBPJ and if ..." but before I can finish she flung her hands up and exclaimed "ah all the same lah" turned her back and walk off before I could finish.

I was sitting at a coffee shop when a man who claimed to be a former DAP member ranting saying why the MP don't go and visit him!!! Visit him? I asked, if I elect you as MP, can you come and visit me? Only then he wound down and said he want the MP to walk the street (I suppose with a microscope to examine what is in those stinky drains)

If you do not educate the electorate on the more important job of an MP, I am afraid the next election, you may lose some votes because there is no way you can satisfy those jaga longkang expecting voters.

Anonymous said...

to all ppl who commented,

i think in every statement we do, let's not judge YB Tony about his work everyday whether he do his job or not. it would be good for us as his supporter to UNDERSTAND him first on what is his concern as a MP and what he would like to work on for PJU's future. not by telling him the things that he should do to fulfill what EACH of us concern about. if everyone would to do that, YB Tony one person would have to fulfill the needs hundred and thousands of ppl who stayed in PJ and his voter, and that is impossible for him to do it. i put my trust in YB Tony that whatever he do, is not wasting our resources and time. moreover, his job is not just only looking over the PJ area, but the whole country with his whole team of DAP-ians.

if we are to comment on MP's who never do their job, i think YB Tony is not qualify to be in the list at all for us to tell him what to do.

Bentoh said...

A little more comment... :P

MP is elected to represent the people of that particular constituency in the national-level parliament...

ADUN (Please give ADUN a right English Abbreviation, it's MSLA!) is elected to represent the people in state-level legislative assembly...

They are elected to take care of National or State matter, as a whole... henceforth, if the nationwide mamak stall today refuses to use condense milk to make teh tarik, an MP is eligible and obliged to voice it out, even if PJU mamak stall uses condense milk...

Nah, not a good example... LOL... MP needs to strike a balance between caring his/her own constituency and at the same time voicing out national matters...~~

Anonymous said...

I want to share my working experience with you. I started out as a nobody-hands on in my job. When I became so good at my job, I got promoted. Being promoted requires me to oversee the work only and manage the people doing the job. I was able to lead effectively and able to provide solution quickly because of my hands on experience. Nobody can say, I don't know my job inside out. Once in awhile, I still go down to the ground to help out and also resolve problems, if my assistants are busy or unable to resolve the matter. This gives me job satisfaction and also keeps me in touch with my staff. Sure, I would delegate my job to my assistance but my presence would provide moral support to my staff and to also let them know, I have their welfare in mind. What say you ? Can this scenario apply to you? Just my 2 sens

Anonymous said...

Well problems like these exists day in day out.Locals Councils are the correct authority to solve these petty issues through standard guidelines and enforce enforcement that we lag these days.
MPs' needs to focus on National issues no matter what.But am sure a little pressure here and there on the local councils by our MPs'are welcome and i guess all these need not be publicise at all for fame etc unlike our predecessor BN.As for the chap that wrote about SS2 "illegal seatings on roads"......i remember quite a few years ago councils from Ipoh as well as Shah Alam or MPPJ did propose letting out spaces along the road(came out in newspaper too) after a certain hours to business owner especially food operators as these are the people that needs it most.But am not sure what happens afterthat.Suggestion like that should be welcome if our councils and business owners can sit down and can really come out with a proper set of guidelines pertaining to safety, fair distribution of seating spaces allocated(should both food operators are side by side) and non disturbance to non food operator (which might be the neighbour etc)that can be fair to business owner whether they are from food operators or its neighbour which are not involve in food at all so as not to disrupt businesses and traffic along certain streets.We can come up with straight forward solution which is to ban or just close one eye.But by doing so....the problems remain unsolve either to residents of for example SS2, other business owners as well as the so called food operators.So....if places like Penang can come up with the idea of build first and approve later.....what is wrong if Councils come up with something acceptable to everyone instead of brushing it aside or just giving out fines etc everytime a complain are lodged(lets be proactive and come up with ideas that are practical to improve the environment of our community).Yes.....and MPs' must and need to focus on National agenda but by putting pressures or shall we call it "ideas" won't hurt...!!(the public need not know)

Anonymous said...

You don't know how to reply? I am not surprised because it is a case akin to a man ordering roti chanai in a kedai runcit.

Well, perhaps you should start with education. Rightly so since it is an area of your interest. A subject at school (prob lower secondary) to raise awareness of the system of government, roles of representatives, functions of the local, state and federal governments, etc. Note that the US ed system has a subject on government.

Not all Malaysian citizens are aware of the principles of our democracy, the "separation of powers", etc. Unless and until we educate our children, we will remain ignorant for some time to come. As for those who have left school, it's probably too late.

Herein lies your challenge as my MP - how do you serve the enlightened people (like me who regard ChiewMF having absolutely failed her constituency by lack of action on national level policies) and ignorant ones who think an MP (and ADUN for that matter) is a one stop shop problem solver?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Picture yourself as the General Manager for Hilton Group of Hotels in Malaysia.

Lets just say Hitlon PJ is giving bad service to a customer.

The customer called you up to complain because you are listed in the company website as the GM.

The first thing you should never do is tell the customer "Sorry, I do not know how to answer you."

You would probably take down his complain, and contact number. Then you delegate the complain to the Branch Manager (your ADUN or local Councillor perhaps) for remedial action.

Once done, call up the customer (your constituent voter) and tell him/her your progress.

Repeat as many times as you like.

I guarantee you success at PRU-13.

Good Luck.

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

Hearing the tenor of the comments one wonders if Malaysians get leaders better than they deserve.

Why all the self-hatred? Who do we respect and how do we treat them? Are they our slaves-slash-whipping-dogs to whom we bring our every plaint? Amateurs? Babies?

Another post had a comment about an ordinary rakyat getting mad at a minister acting as if he owned the shopping mall. I guess other ordinary rakyats want to get even by acting as if we own our leaders.

Kurang ajar.

Zhee said...

here is an idea.

suggest the local council to block the street,where the hot spot/ local favourite stall, at certain time(example:9pm to 3am)to block vehicle going near the public.

restrict F&B biz license.
make the whole street selling only F&B, whole street can be block, make illegal seating legal.

Anonymous said...

the reality is

1) local councils are failures in Malaysia, by and large

2) local voters are ignorant about boundaries of powers and have unrealistic expectation

3) business people love to find loop hole

4) voters are voters and they would vote on what they see at their level

My advice

1) take a leat from people who go to ground level, Tan Kok Wai, Ronnie Liu, Teo Nie Ching, Teresa Kok, Wee Choo Keong (who has a pretty interactive blog with the Wangsa Maju people); mind you, the respectable Madam Chew won in PJ Utara before by being a dedicated longkang MP (no disrespect here)

2) hug Tian Chua and get some "street fighter chi" from him

3) grab some councillors by their balls and haul them up to see the scene of crime

4) hassle and follow up; report progress on you blog (refer YB Wee's harrassment of Platinium Victory Sdn Bhd)

another thing, when you wrote u din know how to rely, I interpret as willing to get ideas from all and not being arrogant
but some might think you are clueless
show us you are overcoming your learning curve
My 2 cents, criticism and opinions well comed

xenoed said...

there is a high possibility that the MBPJ was paid off!

there was once i was around that area to shop at 9pm++ and the tables & chairs were already placed on the parking spaces, right in front of the shops that are still operating, occupying the entire stretch of the shoplots! it was such a hassle to even drive thru the lane, let along searching for parking.

and minutes after that a MBPJ truck came with a troop of some 10 ppl, but the biz is still going on as busy, still taking orders, still continue placing new tables, at this Mamak Restaurant (MURNI). the next thing i know, few minutes later the MBPJ truck sped off with their troops. and it's business as usual.

nonetheless, it's not your job to deal with local issue as an MP. you have a bigger role to play. but would be appreciated if you could pass the local ADUN to deal with it (sorry, i don't know is the ADUN for SS2).