Monday, August 20, 2007

MCA: UMNO "Best Partner"

The coverage of the MCA General Assembly yesterday in today's papers in kinda nauseating. Thank goodness for The Sun for giving coverage to the RM4.6 billion scandal at the Port Klang Free Trade Zone. (Yes, you can build nearly 2 new Penang bridges with that amount of money.)

Pak Lah proudly proclaimed that "I want to be fair. I am fair and I will always be fair."

Mohd Said Yusof and Bung Mokhtar gets away with insincere apologies without further action from the Parliament for using unparliamentary language and insulting women. Wee Meng Chee gets threatened with the Sedition, the Internal Security Act, revocation of citizenship, forced extradition, public reprimand and unjust scolding by Ministers. And yet, after the 24 year old student apologised, the Cabinet decides to proceed for legal action. Where's the fairness?

Nathaniel Tan gets detained under remand for 4 days for alleged Official Secrets Act documents which never had, and "official secrets" which had already been published in mainstream newspapers. Raja Petra Kamaruddin gets call in by the police and grilled for 8 hours for allegedly insulting Agung and Islam. Even his wife wasn't spared. But when UMNO supporters websites threaten non-Malays and non-Muslims with blood and murder, when they public published articles which insults other religions, no action is taken. Where's the fairness?

The above are just some simple examples. We can all cite plenty more, and we are seeing it everyday. Just what type of fairness the Prime Minister, Pak Lah is preaching, I have absolutely no clue. The rakyat believed him the last elections. Will they believe him again this time? Is Pak Lah still credible?

Well, MCA thinks he is. In fact, the MCA president, who not too long ago was publicly reprimanded by the Prime Minister on the frontpage of the New Straits Times, asked "party members to stop criticising some statemnents made during hte UMNO general assembly last year". (The Sun)

He said they [MCA members] must accept this reality because there were no other Malay-dominated political parties the MCA could cooperate with.
"We must not lie to ourselves and think that one day UMNO may just disappear. Many Malays still believe that only through UMNO that their rights can be protected and this is the reality."
And as reported in NST:
"Umno is a true ally and our co-builder in the nation’s development, why should we end such a beautiful friendship?"
Yes, birds of the same feather certainly flocks together. A beautiful friendship indeed.


Anonymous said...

Every year without fail there were such grand and 'heart' warming speeches given. What is new?

Talk is cheap but the 'Promises' are cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I almost want to vomit when I read this statement by the super-hypocrite king.

Being cheated once in 2004, and will never be cheated again!!

"Anti-corruption campaign??" hahaaa
Pray tell us how many were investigated and actually charged for corruption in Bolehland?? More spin for the elections, huh!!! Lets get real, we dont fall for this anymore!!

Ong Ka Ting,
If UMNO violates those principles that you have created, may I ask, what are you going to do?

Quit BN? Don't be kidding lah.. LOL..Good.. dog. Now sit!

Anonymous said...

General Election is coming soon! Slogans! Campagns! Roadshows! Principles! All these are perfect!!!

In reality, rights and wrongs make no difference!

Caker said...

Best partner my ass, everyone knows that's a lie. Ong Ka Ting is such a hypocrite coward, shame on him!

Anonymous said...

ya, i will believe a snakeoil seller who will screw you everytime you turn your back.
as usual, cakap and bikin tak serupa.

Anonymous said...

That is not new at all for the BN to promise thing eg, "we treat equally for every race ..No 1 is above the law ,we will share the cake together"...Tell you what... definitely...more carrot will coming their way..
SO are we going to get cheated again ??HAHA..not to me of course..
Those thing can keep for him self when he is going to kick off from the coming election..
come on malaysia..let's do our part..even all the town voter cant compare with the vote at they wont lose their control in parliament .i read some article were reported..we can only reduce their arrogant control of 98% of present seat ...let's do it right this time for this coming election.

Anonymous said...

For those uncles and unties with children of over 21 years old, please help educate them the importance of having a stronger opposition in the Parliment.

We must all do our part to help save our country's resources from being sucked dry by a handful of dirty BN politicians and their families!

Tony, we look forward to seeing the e-book describing all evil sides of the BN government. Let us help you to spread the e-book at the fastest rate!

Anonymous said...

Highlight this contradiction :

Pak Lah proudly proclaimed that "I want to be fair. I am fair and I will always be fair."

And from Malaysiakini :
An opposition parliamentarian today urged Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to revoke a Treasury circular directing government agencies to appoint only bumiputera consultant firms registered with the Finance Ministry for development projects under RM30 million.

Watching this government run is like watching a circus act...

Anonymous said...

Highlight this contradiction :

Pak Lah proudly proclaimed that "I want to be fair. I am fair and I will always be fair."

And from Malaysiakini :
An opposition parliamentarian today urged Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to revoke a Treasury circular directing government agencies to appoint only bumiputera consultant firms registered with the Finance Ministry for development projects under RM30 million.

Watching this government run is like watching a circus act...

Anonymous said...

After 50 years, what has BN achieved?

















Anonymous said...

Hey Chan Kong Choy,

Don't be a coward! You still owe the nation an explanation on the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ). Full report see here (

The Star should be ashamed of itself for covering up so many important news.

I suggest that we boycott both the Star and New Strait Times. Read only the SUN, Malaysia Today ( and Malaysiakini (!!

Outgoing member of MCA

Anonymous said...

Dear All Eligible Malaysian Voters,

Please open your eye this time before you cast your vote!

Since Pak Lah has become the 5th Prime Minsiter of Malaysia, all the promises made in 2004 were never fulfilled. Instead the country has degraded in all acpects including corruption and transparency, education system, crime rates, etc. He has failed miserably as the country leader! Please vote him out next General Election!


Outgoing Member of UMNO Youth

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah proudly proclaimed that "I want to be fair. I am fair and I will always be fair."

Don't ever fall into the trap of "Crocodile tears" again!! Else we will suffer another 5 years!!!

Anonymous said...

The devil PM is out again to give empty talk before the election.

Anonymous said...

support MCA = support UMNO = support Devil

Anonymous said...

When Pak Lah said. 'I want to be fair, I have been fair, I will be fair!'.

The immediate response I wanted to give.

You want to be fair, you have not succeeded. It may be worst than being unfair..

Good intentions are probably the worst enemy of real progress, because its clouded with non-accountability.

Najib is probably the only other person worst than our PM in making up cliche statments. We are suffering from the most mediocre leadership in Malaysian history and will be for a time to come.. We are a lucky nation...

Anonymous said...

Scandals after scandals, with billions of ringgit losses and its not an issue. They only know how to enrich their pockets at the expense of the rakyat. Cabinet dont discuss. Negarakuku is a big issue. PM and all the ministers want to punish Namewee cos he violated the law. Only morons have this mentality. Vote BN out in the next GE before they bankrupt this country. Maybe they already have but still not too late. Get rid of the corrupts, cheats and liars. Get BN out!!

Party MIC

Anonymous said...

there, the idiots took money from China for the 2nd bridge project... there pinjam, here kantoi... habis la...

the rate is going, how far can our reserves last? the money in our reserves was supposed to be for a rainy day, is this man made disaster a rainy day?

everything we believe in was a LIE. the Govt was bad during TDM time but we didnt have this kind of blatant corruption, its getting worse and worse.

1) PKFZ RM4,600,000,000.00 scandal
2) Eric Chia smiling walking out, that Perwira scandal how much bail out?
3) The company we sold for 1 Euro has been sold to BMW for dont know how much millions of ringgit
4) Zakaria and his palace, still escape.

now they all busy with namewee's rap.

cakap tak serupa bikin!

WOI En. Abdullah!!! HAVE YOU SEEN EZAM"S REPORT YET OR NOT???? Malu lah!!

Screw Them All.

Anonymous said...

Quotes from George Orwell, Auther of Animal Farm; "Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer- except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs".....

Anonymous said...

UMNO + MCA + MIC + smaller parties = cancer to the society and the country. Time to look for group of "surgeons" to remove this dangerous cancer.

Anonymous said...

I can only agree that NameWee be punished PROVIDED that Khairy, Najib, His-shameful-din, Nazri, the 'bocor" MPs, etc, who gave more seditious remarks be punished similarly.

There cannot and must not be double-standard treatment allowed in this country where our PM has said that he is fair to ALL. We will see if what he claims, he will carry out!


It's time to change government!!

Anonymous said...

Jangan bekerja untuk saya tetapi bekerja bersama saya, inilah ungkapn rhetorik yang dihamburkan semasa dilantik menjdi PM. Nampaknya kata-kata ini telah ditelan oleh tindakan yang tidak rasional terutamanya dalam isu-isu besar. Mula dengan gemilang dan akhir dengan temberang. Sepatutnya dimulakan dengan bismillah diakhiri dengan alhamdullillah.

UMNO Office

Anonymous said...

I am fair, I will be fair, I will always be fair........................ to all my cronies and my family members my brilliant but KJar son in law included every one will get a fair share of the cake.


Anonymous said...

I am fair, I will be fair, I will always be fair ........................

I will always be a very very very good talker, I love to talk about anti corruption, transperancy, efficiency, fairness bla bla bla blaness, rubbishness............

But pls lah, let me talk lah, as nothing else i could do besides keep on talking and make emphty promises, because i do not know anything else other than continue to talk talk talk...........

Anonymous said...

Hi AAB - the greatest patriot of Malaysia. Go on and keep raping the nation's resouces with your family and SIL and the mainstream newspaper will sing more praises for you. You are the biggest shame Malaysia has.


Anonymous said...

You talk of fairness? Well, read this:

Anonymous said...

kosmoa wrote:
OKT as reported by sin chew ji pao two days ago that during the jus completed GA for malaysia "chicken" association in which, he voiced out on the fact that there are infact a lot if chinese who are not rich,well said!!But what MCA could do about to "right" n rectify the social injustices(jus too many to mention),resolve from within again??they hav been given the mandate for the last fifty years n what hav been resolved??
chinese school issues?? usually get some not so "drugged candy" before GE, then back to square one n then fucked up again until the next GE!!Then all the hooha they hav been resolving from within!!pure vote fishing gimmick!!
and another issue,do they know that "FELDA" hav infact from year 2007 made it mandatory that work contract of value below RM 100,000.00 for every felda set up in malaysia must be awarded to bumiputra company??do u think works of these values going to affect those so call big chinese company??company like YTL,Sungeiway,SP setia???no,no,no!!this kind of policy is hitting hard only on those poor non bumi who hav been enslaved for the last 38 yrs!!This policy was not there when TDM was in reign!!jus for your info.this only serve as jus an additional "course" for u to swallow besides those which hav been served!!
So , is this what OKT dare bragged about MCA capability of resolving from within??a better tomorrow for malaysian chinese??
In short n truth,they are in no position to right anything wrong,they hav been begging all these while!!MCA is meant for the rich n not common folks like us !!
No,no more support for the shameless n despicable lot!i would vote for any righteou malaysian,be him/her chinese,malay,indian,iban or kadazan dusun;at least more worthy to try my shot for a better malaysia.!!
By the way,the word "chicken" is used as the synonym for "no guts" n "prostituting" u know what i mean!!
23/08 00:44:10

Anonymous said...

Malaysian must first be enlightened on how risky n vulnerable we are n for the nation in such a situation whereby almost 200 out of 219 seats are returned to a so called "front",especially so whereby MCA,MIC,GERAKAN n the others "mosqueto" components are jus "rubber stamps" for umno to qualify in their whim n fancy dealings!!By voting in this kind of manner,we are 'signning"away our n our future generation's well beings away indiscrimately!!This is jeopalising n fatal n unhealthy for all malaysian !!this is exactly what happen to this nation now,like it or not,absolute power "craddles" corruptions,abusing of rights,ignorance on responsibility,tyrannical ruling behaviours,forgetting they are of ,from n for the people!!Put it in a simpler manner,not many rich men even dare to "kuasa" his entire wealth to his kins n siblings before his last breath.Any man could hav promised any woman that she would be his only n last woman in life,n visi-versa;but who knows?Only the very last breath would tell!!common folk like me n u,irregardless of race must vote sensibly ,our vote is expensive,not rm200.00 can buy!!YM Raja Nazrin is right,malaysian must be encouraged to comprehend the constitution,then they won't be apprehended and confused in such a apathetical manner!!200 out of 219 is an act of "harakiri",it is heading towards the word "detrimental" could describe for malaysia n all malaysian.Do not be affraid of pas,dap n keadilan or even independents who know Raja Nazrin,Raja Petra who might be one of them!As far as the rule of game is concerned,they could be "red-carded" during GE for non performance!!borrow from a great man's statement"black cat or white cat,the cat that can catch mouse(for the good of malaysia n all malaysian)is a good cat"!!
26/08 19:58:47