Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here's my last week's column in Oriental Daily entitled "Repressing the Voices of the People". It focused on the arrest of Nathaniel Tan for alleged ownership of OSA documents, as well as the interrogation conducted on Raja Petra for allegedly insulting the Agung and Islam.

The sheer idiocy of the allegations raises the questions as to whether the Police are completely incompetent? Or are there more sinister motives behind these moves? On top of that, don't the police force have more urgent matters to attend to such as the accelerating crime rates in the country?

Well, the Police as been "efficient" in handling the cases of Nathaniel and Raja Petra. I have now lodged a police report on a literally seditious web article from an UMNO supporters' website. We'll see if the police acts differently. More tomorrow. ;)











Anonymous said...

UMNO is above the law. Money-politics is not corruption. In Bolehland everything is BOLEH. What else do we expect? BPR was warned not to interfere with UMNO's party matters. UMNO has separate rules for itself.

Pak Lah wants to eradicate corruption be it anywhere, but Najib insists that UMNO is above the law. It's a tradition in UMNO. It has become its culture. Being not corrupt is NOT UMNO. A spineless organization like UMNO will not survive without corruption. May I quote Raja Petra,'UMNO IS CORRUPT TO THE CORE'. Let it be.

Let's vote for DAP/Keadilan in the coming General Election!! Let's gather and witness the final funeral prayers for UMNO together!

Ibn Abd Halim

Anonymous said...

UMNO a party of corruption, cronism, nepotism, racism, bigotry, hatred and everything bad.

What kind of stupid and immoral persons would support such party? I think you all know.

Anonymous said...

Tony, maybe your report inside the 'tong sampah' already.

Anonymous said...


you should know by now. two sets of laws; one for the powers that be and another for commoners like you and me. by the way, they are even above the law when they want.

delphi said...

One of the main complaints against the police is that it is seen as a tool of the UMNO party. This is evidenced by the behaviour of the police in dealing with the public. They take sides against the opposition whenever the opposition wishes to hold a cemerah or any function. They act with brutality against the opposition and the NGOs and, yet, whenever the UMNO (especially the UMNO youth) have a public demonstration no action is ever taken by the police.

Until the police acts impartially and stop their partisan behaviour they will never get the help of the public. So stop blaming the public. The police should look into their own failures and their party politics first.