Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Thankfully, I managed to get my Chinese column in Oriental Daily printed on Monday last week for I was discussing the issue of Wee Meng Chee, which as become a "political circus", while Malaysia became the butt of jokes by the international community. For on the very next day, the all powerful Internal Security Ministry headed by none other than the Prime Minister himself, issued an instruction to stop all further discussions and reports on the issue, well, except when its raised by the all-knowing Prime Minister himself, and his deputy.

Once again, I'll reiterate that I do not wholly agree with the content of Wee's songs, particularly in his use of coarse language as well as when he touches on religion. However, it becomes absolutely ridiculous when senior ministers of the Malaysian cabinet all took turns to jump on to the bandwagon to take potshots at the 24 year old student, threatening him with anything from detention under the ISA, withdrawing his citizenship and even charging him for treason!

The funniest of it all, must be Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz's highly thought provoking remark, when he wanted to take action against YouTube.com. If only our Ministers could act against all the other ills plaguing the country with equal seriousness and gusto.

(And Wee's back, now with his debut album to be released on 2nd Sept)














Anonymous said...

Excellent article, absolutely spot on!!

This shows how incompenent and ridiculous is the BN government!!

Unknown said...

The government is using it's machinery from the PM office,AG office, PDRM, Foreign Ministry....Judiciary to nail down a student? What a waste of resources.

Unknown said...

Yar, it is a joke of Malaysia. Is Malaysia a high context country??, the government can't take action calmly. They can't accept any sudden or unexpected things happened. And what has happened, they just keep on "goreng" it, but not solving it.. =.="""

The most ridiculous is "banned youtube".. that is funny. Why don't they banned "internet" ?

Anonymous said...

Repair UNMO first!

Anonymous said...

kosmoa wrote:
BN survives on the doctrine of racial polarisation,to divide n rule is their basic operative principle!!When all races in malaysia regconise each other right of coexistence,it would be the end of BN "tyranny",no more chance to rob n rape the nation + the people!!so, do u think BN would be craddling racial harmony??for the last fifty yrs ,it hav been proved beyond any doubt,the answer is a big resounding "NO"!!Hypocritically,AAB is talking about he is a stateman that lov all races,when?where?what?which? did he??till now, as far as a lot of malaysian are concerned,his public speech(watch my word on "public") filled with "wind" n fury,but ended with nothing !!

Anonymous said...

I find it incredible how apologetic and less than 100% conviction opposition is regarding the issue of Wee Meng Chee.

Jesus and Mohammed says, 'let those who have not sin cast the first stone'. The issue is this: What happens and what do you do when those who HAVE SINED, cast the first stone and keep on throwing?

The answer: No matter what, its not going to end well...