Friday, August 10, 2007

In the Land of Aisyalam

I have a short fairy-tale to tell this morning for us to tell all our children.
Once upon a time, there was a country Aisyalam not too far away was ruled by a Government voted by the majority and for the majority. Over time, the ruling party of the land got increasing autocratic, and in that process ironically, became increasingly nervous about losing that autocracy.

The deputy dictator of the land, decided one day to shore up his popularity by appealing to the influential flat earth society. He decided to declare "the world is flat, and that it was never, never round" despite the fact that he has personally travelled around the world and never fallen off the edge of the earth.
In the face of mounting unhappiness amongs the oppressed minorities who raised their arms in incredulity for they believed that the world, was incontrovertibly round! To prevent further embarrassment to the autocracy, for the outcry by minorities was backed by indisputable scientific and documentary evidence, another decree was issued.

This time round, the Ministry of Unfree Expression declared that there can be no further discussion on the issue of whether the earth was flat or round, with the exception of the almighty dictator and his deputy, who can continue to proclaim that the earth is flat.

Despite the decree, and sensing persistent simmering discontent and restlessness amongst the commoners, the almighty and all-benevolent dictator decided to accomodate the interest of all by decreeing that "the world is neither round or flat".

The populace of the land of Aisyalam rejoiced at the wisdom of the almighty dictator, and everyone lived happily ever after in the comfort that a world they live in is neither round or flat.
The above story was inspired by renown scholar, Farish A. Noor, who spoke this morning at the Parliamentary Roundtable hosted by the Parliament Opposition leader, Sdr Lim Kit Siang.

The Roundtable was to reaffirm Merdeka social contract and Malaysia Agreement on the occasion of 50th Merdeka anniversary that Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as official religion and not an Islamic state.

The speakers at the Roundtable, includes Honey Tan from AWAM, Malik Imtiaz of HAKAM, Dr Hacharan Singh of MCCBHCST, Dr Nasir of Parti Socialis Malaysia and Andrew Khoo of the Human Rights Committee of the Malaysian Bar Council.

What was disappointing was the fact that despite it being a parliamentary roundtable open to all Members of Parliament, none from Barisan Nasional, particularly, none from MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other parties turned up to defend the principle of a secular state irrespective of political affiliations.

Just as the MPs from MCA, Gerakan and MIC failed to defend the rights and dignity of women when UMNO MPs insulted Malaysian women, similarly, they are now failing to defend the rights of minority and the secular state.


The Watchman said...

It's a sad day in Aisyalam when the head honchos of the minority tribes are not standing up to the leaders of flat earth. They should be cast out to hintherland in the next election.

Darren said...

Even a old man can understand the term "globalisation" and "democracy".

"Aisyalam" still think it is the center of the universe.

Anonymous said...

If the No.1 Sleepy CEO of the country is not holy, does not possess good moral values, always practices double standars to protect himself and his cronies, does not display integrity, transparency, accountability, often suppressed the media to cover up the his wrongdoings, how do you expect the staff under him to perform the tasks to serve the country and its people wholesomely?!

This coming Merdeka has indeed nothing much to celebrate, for we have such a useless PM who failed miserably to perform many important tasks. In fact the worst PM in Malaysia's history. I honestly think that a street hawker can manage the country much better than him. And yet, the majority are still happy with his performance, are they blind or idiots?

A wise man would have given up hope on this old man who has been brainwashed by a young evil.

Anonymous said...

Someone should really suggest to MCA that it is about time to breakaway from BN if they are serious of championing the rights of the very race they sworn to protect.

Chinese cannot be fooled forever.

Unknown said...

3,000 miles away, there is a meteor the size of a football speeding towards Aisyalam.

It enters the atmosphere.

It hurls itself towards to ground with a deafening roar.

Smack into the D.Dic's head.

Spluttering the Dic's head into a million tiny pieces, there dead.

end of story


clk said...

Elected by the majority? Well, that's subject to debate following many discrepancies including disputed over dilenation of constitutencies.

Democracy without "free speech"? Isn't that an oxymoron?

In Aisyalam, form matters not substance I suppose.

Shawn Tan said...

nice story!! very funny..

Anonymous said...

Don't be too pessimistic, at least now we have a good Raja Nazrin, who has given strong signal to Pak Lah to step down as PM:

Even Raja Nazrin has given up hope on this corrupt hypocrite, why should you still support this sleeping king?

So let's hope and pray that Pak Lah be sacked by Agong and replace him with a clean leader that truly loves the people, rather than creating wealth for him and his cronies.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Salam everyone..

It is not for Pak Lah alone.. It is for all community leaders, it doesn't matter whether they are into politics or otherwise.

Corruption and incompetence is everywhere in Malaysia. Look all around you, even an ordinary man down the street is doing a lousy job in his daily work one way or the other. Everybody is doing a 'cincai' job.

As for UMNO, what are you going to do now? You are becoming very unpopular nowadays. You have become quite irrelevant to the Malaysian Malays in general. Don't blame the bloggers, don't blame the opposition parties.. Do blame yourselves!

Malay Women in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Kepada bloggers semua, tolong sebarkan ucapan raja nazrin ke seluruh negara melalui blogger anda, beri penjelasan agar semua rakyat tahu apa sebenarnya yang tersirat dari ucapan raja nazrin itu, supaya rakyat yang menghormati raja membuat pilihan barisan pemimpin negara sebagaimana yang dikehendaki oleh raja nazrin. sudah tentu raja nazrin berasa amat tidak senang dengan keadaan dalam negara yang amat tidak terurus ini.


Anonymous said...

UMNO now has a powerful enemy from the Royal family, don't play play ah!! More headaches for

Let the show begin!!

(Citizens + Agong) vs (evil UMNO)

Anonymous said...

If the minorities are not happy as to how they are treated, the best way moving forward is to migrate elsewhere. After all, they are all the descendants of immigrants. No point barking at the hard wall. You will never be able to break them up. Trust me on this!