Saturday, August 18, 2007

Free Press?

Check out the Star today, or rather don't. There is absolutely no reports on the Cabinet's treatment of Wee Meng Chee with an iron fist. No response reported from absolutely anybody. If you are English educated, check out Malaysiakini's report as well as all the letters there. If you are Chinese literate, check out any of the Chinese papers.

But no, the issue's just not important enough for the Star. Oh, I forgot that the Star's owned by Malaysia Chinese Association's investment holdings company, Huaren. Oh, it so happens that MCA screwed up big time in handling Wee's case.

It doesn't take a little bird to tell us that a directive was sent down yesterday for all reports relating to Wee gets binned in the Star. I sympathize with the Star journalists who had worked hard to cover and report on the issue. Free press, my little toes!

Oh, and as much as the owners of the Chinese press are friendly to MCA, it appears that the editors and reporters are angry at the complete fiasco. There were unconfirmed reports that the Chinese press reporters "boycotted" Wong Nai Chee, MP for Kota Melaka's press conference yesterday.

The winds of change is blowing. Malaysians are angry, and rightly so. But will it translate sufficiently into votes for DAP and the others? It's all in your hands. Preach not just to the converted, but make sure that those who voted BN the previous elections join the cause as well. You may have only 1 vote, but you can certainly influence 10s of votes.


Anonymous said...

Wee has made the wrong move in the first place to apologise. These BN monkeys think that they have won because of political power and are now going a step further. Trust me, if Wee did not apologise in the first place, if MCA did not try to be ethnic hero, those monkeys will not dare to such move.

Shame on MCA. You destroyed a bright future of a fellow Malaysian. Is that how you protect the so-called interest of the Malaysian Chinese community? Plain bullshit....for as long as MCA exists.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Am the only who feels that this KJ guy is going overboard. I mean recently he was giving advice to undergraduates on what they need to make it in the real world, be trilingual dont be fussy over your first job and bla bla. But seriously is this guy qualified to offer such advice, I mean what is he. He's nothing more than a umno youth vice president who only got the position because of nepotism. Even respected business leaders have the decency to only give their advice when asked for it, but such graces do not apply to our KJ, hes god. Why is he being given so much publicity?, he behaves like a camera whore I dont think he's even trilingual himself and he asks other ppl to be trilingual. I once used to think he had some brains but now i am convinced that he just scraped through his degree. The guy behaves like a hooligan, god if hes gonna be the future prime minister, malaysia has my condolences. Sorry for going off topic tony. Cheers

Anonymous said...

its true i have only 1 vote, and maybe i can influence 10, 20, etc... but ultimately demographics seem to be against it... so where's the faith?

Anonymous said...

Futher to the comment given by Anon 10:06 AM, I have something to say too.

The Pak-tong-sampah-Lah (sorry I really can't use a better word to describe this useless hyprocrite) told Malaysians that (the Star): Don't just rely on the government and private sectors, get self-employed.

I think he should tell this to his evil son-in-law KJ first. If he really won the vice president seat through democratic election, that's fine. Else SHUT THE F**K UP you UMNO big liar and blood sucker!!!

Anonymous said...

MCA = Malaysia Coward Association

Anonymous said...

A drowning man clutches at straw…

Abdullah is doing whatever he can to distort reports and distract from his obvious bad governance of the country.