Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Battle Begins...

I'm at the DAP National Election Preparatory Conference this morning at Crystal Crown Hotel to kick off the DAP campaign. I'm assisting Jeff Ooi, who's heading the General Elections E-Campaign Strategy Team in our presentation this morning. Yes, work has to begin in earnest to ensure that we can come up with a good show on behalf of all Malaysians.

At the same time, as I'll also be standing for elections, I'll have to commence my own preparations as well. My own branch, DAP Damansara will be having a meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the next steps which need to be taken.

Once again, I'll like to call upon those who will like to be part of the campaign team, who will like to volunteer in helping out with our various activities, e.g., dinners, fund-raising, internet etc., please come forward to join me at the meeting, with details below:
Date: 21 August 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: DAP Damansara (55M Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya)
Anyone with any queries, feel free to email me at tonypua(at) See you! ;)


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I think we can't just rely too much on the Internet for your campaign as the internet penetration rate is still quite low in Malaysia.

You can prepare some leaflets summarising all the bad things and wrongdoings (covering up of curruption cases, double standard, abuse of police power, inefficiency, no transparency, nepotism, etc) of the useless BN goverment and distribute around (including kampung). You can also prepare a pdf booklet and we can help to circulate among our friends. Ask help from RPK of Malaysia today as well (5 million readers a day!!). The most important thing is to first convince them the importance and benefits of having a stronger opposition in this country. Futher to this, tell them DAP's manifesto, etc.

I 100000000000000% will vote for DAP!!!


Anonymous said...

Stop thinking about Elections. Start thinking about integrating yourselves into society. start to be a movement, not just critics.

analy said...

Dear Tony

I would suggest to invite as many as possible International Poll Observers to ensure we truely have a fair election. Opposition should get in touch with some European,US and Japanese observers or even friends of oppositions!!. If observers are not allowed by the goverment, let them enter the country as visitors and see how its played out during GE. As for DAP, it needs to revemp it self. Add new blood, a wider mix of candidates; balance in colours to reflect a true multi-cultural party. i.e. if a top post is held by chinese, make it a requirement for the deputy to be of another race and vice-versa. This should done at every post with an even balanced of top held, a requirement!. Merge with other opposition and carry 1 common flag and voice and 1 name, not allow any other party flag so not to confuse voters.
A new flag, more colours, more friendly look, simpler word which can be understood by the lay-man, send every party candidate for a course on how "Tun Mahathir speaks" simple words but enough to capture the minds of many.
Question the rakyat that only one party has ruled for 50yrs, how would they know that they are getting the best? Ask them take a look at other countries. Promise and deliver a 50% pay cut from PM to deputy ministers if opposition wins for at least 5yrs before a rise can be considered. A draft to limit a PM term to 10 years, no use of the leader if he/she cant reach his/her promised goals in that time frame.
Tell them that if after 1 term, the country is not better off then the previous goverment, they always hand it back to BN as they have the ultimate power of the VOTE!
Make education and health no.1 priority, not corridors, more university's, instead billions spent sending students overseas, its cheaper to employ foreign or even locals which are teaching overseas lacturer's with high pay. As one fee for a student overseas is equalant to one experianced lacturer in that university, so if that same lacturer is paid 2 student overseas fee to teach a class of 25 to 30 locally, imagine the saving we make. Less money is leaving the country!! Make more money available for health, free for all citizens!
ACA to be made independent by only answering to a independent body, compromsing of Agong,3 ruling party members, 3 opposition party members, 3 NGO's.
Reduce petrol charges to at least 30sen or more!! Performence based salary increase for all goverment staff, encourage competition among departments.
Draft a law to allow Raja Nazrin to be PM after winning, a massive vote puller!! Make a religion free party, use only Bahasa Malaysia or English, do away with race based party. translation can be provided where needed.

I do realise that the above may not be too appealing to DAP but in order to have serious thought of change there is a need of serious changes in the party it self. What has the party got to lose anyway? Compromise this time for the sake of the country's 50th year of independent! There only one direction the opposition can go, if these are followed, to be the next goverment!

A True Patriot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Before the sleeping PM announces the election date, start preparing a mini colorful e-book in pdf. It should be easy to read summarising with figures, chats & facts, be trilingual, attractive and to the point.

The e-book should convince the readers instantly how bad and hypocrite is the current BN government.

List out all the unfulfilled promises made in 2004, such a

1. Sharp increase (rather than drop) in corruption, total no transparancy, integrity, accountability of the BN government. How BN government covered up all the corruption cases.

2. Total blackout of news affecting the reputation of the BN government, in an attempt to fool its citizens.

3. The extremely low quality of BN's MPs who only know how to shoutt 'bodoh' & 'bocor' in the Parliment House.

4. Common practice of double-standrd policy to protect their cronies. Abuse of police force to protect themselves.

5. Escalating crime rates while the internal security cum PM is sleeping and honey mooning in Australia. No serious action is taken to combat crimes.

6. The BN cabinet is full of irresponsible and incompetent ministers who rather spent hours to disucss the Wee's issue rather than focusing on the more important issue affecting the country's economy, safety, education, job oppostunities, etc.

7.....100000 (I think you know better than me)

Good luck to you! You will not fight alone!

Members of UMNO & MCA

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Yup, the idea of an ebook is good to refresh our memory, as Malaysians are always forgetful and forgive the BN government after another fake show by them.

Anonymous said...

Instead of just merely bashing the goverment for their wrong doing, I think the people is equally interested to know what is the manifesto of the DAP. What are they going to do if they form the goverment ? How the DAP going to balance the budget ? What is DAP stand on the main issues regarding corruption, racial crisis and etc and how are they going to do about it. These are things that a citizen is concerned about.

In short, we want to know how DAP going to manage the country and let the voter decide.

Anonymous said...

Inbstead of just bashing the current goverment, I think DAP ought to come out with their own manifesto to let people know how are they going to govern the country if they got elected. These include the stand of DAP on current issues ? How DAP going to balance the budget so it will make real sense to the people rather than empty promises ? What policy DAp going to implement to make Malaysia a better country.

These are things that a voter need to make decission. The voter need to have the clear sense to know how the future goverment will affect their day to day life. Simply bashing without solution is not good enough.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't believe in Analyzer's view of having top two positions in mix of major races as this will not solve the problems Malaysia face for the last 50 years. Just look at Sabah, what happened to the 'rotational method'? Harmony in races among the country should be natured, and not 'painted' like present. For the long term benefit of the country, we should all base on meritocracy. Perhaps, we should adopt USA's system in selecting PM and DPM, where candidates have open campaigns and debates. Then, the Rakyat can select for themselves, without fear or favour.

analy said...

Dear A true Malaysian,

What i meant was that the two top managment post of every ministry post should not be held by the same race. It can be from any race based in Malaysia. These would in effective make everyone(every race) equally proud in one way or the other. If one race dominates one and more departments due to meritocracy, these would only be fuel for those who love to instigate. Meritocracy should be used in selecting every position but with these rule in mind. These would also prevent "groupies" developing in all departments. It will also enable the leaders to understand and consult each other on differences and there are many other advantages in doing this.

Anonymous said...

Dear analyzer,

I am still not convinced with your view about the two top posts. The reason being that Malaysian politics should not base on races at all, as what being practiced by the ruling party. Opposition must demonstrate to rakyat that whoever lead the country, its policies should not be racial base and transparent. If not, oppositions are not better than BN. In order to win the coming GE, oppositions should convince rakyat, especially the Malays, which form the majority not to vote base racial ground, but to vote on the quality of the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang, I have high regards and respect for the sacrifice you have given so far but please do not use the excuse that DAP has difficulty to reach out to the Malays now.

Please work closely with Keadilan for the next GE. We need to vote BN out and it cannot be done if you dont cooperate closely. As for PAS, let them thrash UMNO in Kelantan and Trengganu.

Anonymous said...

Pls make DAP a household name for all Malaysian, not just for Chinese. Reach out to Malay. Don't talk any related issue that perceived as anti Islam bcos, in Malaysia, Islam = Malay, Malay = Islam.

You got many bullets to hit back all the wrongdoing things under Abdullah administration. Don't use racial bullets, you will lose in Malay majority area.

A group of Malay supporters to DAP