Thursday, August 16, 2007

Malaysian Cabinet Bullies Young Student

In an unbelieveable circus which, for one reason or another, can only happen in Malaysia, the entire might of the Malaysian cabinet bore down upon a 24 year old helpless young man who is currently still a student at a university in Taiwan. For what? Because he shot a video of himself singing and criticising the negative aspects of the country in a crude satirical fashion.

Yes, Wee Meng Chee used swear words. Yes, he used images of feces. Yes, he sang that he got woken up by prayers at a mosque early in the morning. And yes, he made the national anthem a tad more snappy to those who are young at heart. I wouldn't do that.

But for goodness sake! Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, himself the Minister of Education, as well as the Datuk Seri Najib "Islamic State" Razak labelled Wee Meng Chee a "traitor" on national television and all mainstream press. Tan Sri Muhammad Taib, the influential former Selangor Menteri Besar asked for his citizenship to be revoked! Other ministers asked for him to be extradited to be trialled back in Malaysia, for his university sponsorship to be retracted (even if he wasn't sponsored by the Government), for him to be charged under the draconian Sedition Act (even though there was a national anthem act).

All because of a 3-minute entertaining satirical music video which must have been view more than a million times by now by viewers all over the world. Wee Meng Chee rapped on police corruption, civil service bureaucracy, discrimination against Chinese education as well as the insensitivity of the authorities.

Harian Metro led the charge to demonise Wee, leading to plenty of threats against him and his family. "Now the messages posted in Youtube say the Malays want to bomb my family, burn my house, kill my family members and others."

Under intense pressure and threats, Wee finally succumbed to apologise to "those who are offended by his work". This apology was proudly conveyed by Datuk Chua Soi Lek, representing the Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA). Wee and his parents must have suffered total ignominy when the Minister of Health went on national television to publicly and openly criticise Wee as being "naive and immature".

Wee must have swallowed his pride in order for the furore to pass, as promised by the MCA politicians in the hope that his parents will be able to find peace and anonymity in Muar once more. MCA for a day, behaved like heroes for "saving the day".

But unfortunately, it was not to be. MCA's bed partner, UMNO, decided that the apology should not be accepted, and the matter must be referred to the Attorney General for prosecution under the Malaysian laws. Clearly, it has shown Malaysians that MCA can't even protect the interest of a 24 year old student from UMNO, even after forcing an apology out of Wee, as well as bringing Wee family's reputation into disrepute with the public scolding Dr Chua meted out. (What type of useless party is that?)

I feel completely disgusted. I'm completely disgusted not only to the treatment meted out to Wee Meng Chee, but also the total double standards the Barisan Nasional government handles these type of matters.

While Wee's videos were crude and rude, the article posted by Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO (KPMU) was incontrovertibly offensive and seditious, when the latter insinuated that the Christian God was false, and their descendents deviants.

The overwhelming might of the Cabinet and Barisan Nasional was brought to bear upon Wee, while til today, absolutely no action has been taken against KPMU despite a police report having been filed more than a week ago. The offensive article remains in its website, totally unchallenged, not even by MCA who claims to represent the Chinese community.

Or what about the case of Tung Ket Ming who was trashed and tortured by the Police after being arrested? Absolutely pin-silent from our BN, the epitome of moral uprightness.

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. This Government has clearly lost its moral compass.

Read also Ong Kian Ming's view of the circus at our other blog here.


As I Was Saying... said...

UMNO is on the witch-hunt for the Wee's blood stain on Keris.

Outright disgusting! It's the most pathetic that I wanted to vomit, BLOOD!

Anonymous said...

It's the e-Oppression era for Malaysia.

The publicity is enough to serve as a warning to citizens to have more respect towards the country, and rightly so. But big shots throwing threats to someone half their age? Time to grow up.

Shawn Tan said...

I'm totally fed up by this manufactured fiasco already. Sometimes, I think that maybe the government should just file formal charges and get it over with. Then, we can at least get a resolution on the matter. But I'm guessing that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Maybe sedition was used because the penalty under the national anthem act wasn't severe (RM100/1month) enough. Considering the number of heavyweights in the fray, maybe it needs to be worth their time.

Trashed said...

Would Sudirman's wearing of the national flag have been also offensive ?

clk said...

Maybe because it purely bad timing and the press and Govt needs a distraction. Just look at real issues past 1-2 wks:

a)Poor enforcement over traffic laws
b)Worldwide stock mkt jitters
c)Port Klang Free Trade Zone debacle
d) Consitutional crisis over judiciary position

These are some that I can recall.

Fact remains is the poor young chap made a mistake, but to kill an ant with atomic bomb?

Anonymous said...

Previously the UMNO government said 'apologize else actions will be taken'..

Now after apology has been made, they say "action still needed...'

What a hypocrite!!

UMNO's motive on this episode is to distract the attention of people from recent fiascos like the Port Klang FTZ that costs tax payer's money of over RN4 Billion, and a series of covering up of corruption. More importantly, they want to gain votes by pretending to be a I-will-act-government.

How good it is if they are so enthusiastic in combating corruption and the escalating crime!! Total waste of energy and time.

What a shame to have such a useless BN government and the worst PM in Malaysia history!!

Anonymous said...

this is the most oppressive administration since merdeka. let the bigots charged him. and those that value freedom and right of expression defend him all the way.
I will chip in my share, however limited that may be.
let not this tyrannical administration led by the foul mouth defacto law minister continue to harras and step on the common folks.

Anonymous said...

the former MB brins more shame to the country than this guy. remember how he was caught carrying a money bag and charge in a foreign country for breaching the laws there. and plead innocence because of his lack of command of english.
this former MB has brought more shame to the country with that act and shouldnt his citizenship be removed?

Anonymous said...

I agree that one violate the law should be punished by law; however, the law should treat everyone the same regardless of your race or status.

While they decide to go after Namewee, then they should go after those politicians like Khairy, Hisam, Najib, etc.

Dear PM, if this is not nepotism / double-standard, what it is?! Stop being a hypocrite lah! You think we are all kampung folks ah?

We are all so sick of you and can't wait to vote you out!!


Anonymous said...

He (Datuk Sri Mohamed Nazri) also said that he wanted action to be taken against video-sharing portal YouTube and other bloggers who have allowed sensitive material to be published that went against the law of our country.

-- bodoh punya pailang... apa ko ingat tokeh YouTube tu tau Malaysia Anthem ker? bongok!

*malu sial jadi Melayu sebab ada pemimpin yang kepala otak letak kat kepala lutut!

Anita Tahir

Anonymous said...

Baseless accusation never stands.

1.The song does not have any elements of instigation, this proves that the source of instigation (if there is any) is something else (e.g. some newspaper).
2.Except the first video, all other negarakuku videos were not uploaded by Namewee. The first one was already deleted by youtube early in the beginning.
3.No evidence shows how many people's hatred or wrongdoing this song has caused.
4. No evidence shows Namewee has intention of instigation.
5. Namewee did not make this song in Malaysia.
6. Taiwan will not extradict an innocent man based on such absurd reason.

Anonymous said...

UMNO slaps on MCA face. Chinese communities lose faith on MCA, MCA will lose vote in coming Election. MCA lose is BN lose.

Melayu witness their leaders are so uncivilized. Request Namewee to apology and then later say not accepted. Melayu also lose faith on UMNO who can not make peace but racial tension. UMNO will lose in coming Election. UMNO lose is BN lose.

After all, Namewee lose, MCA lose, UMNO lose, BN lose....

Who is so stupid to create the LOSE-LOSE situation here? Don't they take some business classes? Businessman always make a WIN-WIN in both sides. That's how you make money and grow your company.

No wonder, our country is lose-lose since Dr.M retired.

Anonymous said...

If you guys are expecting moron Khairy to apologise - you can forget about it. Numbskulls only react and ask pope to apologise over remarks and they are willing to kill over it.

And here we have one dumb oaf whose mouth moves faster than his brain. I wonder if this is what they learn from Umno because we have seen so many moronic Umno members who speak so fast that their own brains can't digest.

Top 5 Umno no brain members.

1. Badawi
2. Hisham
3. Khairy
4. Najib
5. Nazri

Anonymous said...

Never in the entire history of Malaysia that its citizens feel so hopeless for having such a hypocrite sleepy prime minister! Time to vote Umno out in the coming election!

Anonymous said...

"bocor" case is insulting not only the woman in Malaysia. It insults all the woman in the WORLD..include his mother. How come Government does not take legal action to punish him? He is adult and he is member of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Organize a Demonstration in front of Parliament, High Court, Prime Minister Office at Putrajaya and KLIA incase of NAMEWEE being arrested.

Merciless BN, u already spoil a good person without understanding the meaning of "Negarakuku"

Is it NECESSARY to do so after he had apologize to public, That's called DOUBLE STANDARD.

To ALL Malaysian especially Chinese, show protest instead of celebrating Malaysia's 50th Annivesary..

Anonymous said...

i'm disgusted too... and mad, mad, MAD!! the double standard is SO obvious!!

APA ERTINYA 50 TAHUN MERDEKA??... when we have ministers with such mentality?

Anonymous said...

Bocor case how?

"bocor" case is insulting not only the woman in Malaysia. It insults all the woman in the WORLD..include his mother. How come Government does not take legal action to punish him? He is adult and he is member of Parliament.

They called themselves Parlimen...

Anonymous said...

Since the two moron BN MPs who used offensive language to sexual harrass Fong Po Kuan in Parliament...could just got away easily with their unsincere apologies, WHY not Meng Chee be forgiven & forgotten??? WHY are they making life so difficult for Meng Chee??

In Malaysia, freedom of speech or expression are only meant for certain category of "people", right?

No wonder migration rates are increasing....

Anonymous said...

No Matter what race you are,
As long you're malaysian,
Use your powerful vote out the corrupt BN government.

Different people may have their different views, but we all knows that the BN/UMNO government is rotten and never had been better these days. They are so corrupt until they don't realise that corruption and nepotism are immoral!

Don't just leave the country and migrate to other country because of the "government" SUX, but STAY and FIGHT for our COUNTRY FUTURE!!!

It is the time to change the fate of our country...

Time to rebuild our country for a brighter future.



Say no to UMNO, say no to MCA, say no to MIC, say no to BN!!

We must at least deny BN the 2/3 majority in the coming General Election.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to vote for BN since I was a child (silly little me). I'm 22 now and got myself registered and patiently waiting for the day where I can exercise my democratic right as a Malaysian. But I won't be voting for BN now and you know why? Because the country is getting worse under their rule. I'm not blind, I read the news everyday and I know what's going on in my country.

Malaysia has remained stagnant for the past 50 years, taking 1 step forward but 2 steps back. I think BN has been given enough chances to improve the country. I can't guarantee that other parties will do better than BN, but I would rather take my chances than remain trapped like this.

With every election, there will always be a new batch of voters who can decide for themselves who to run their country instead of blindly following the crowd. I am one of them, are you?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

BN has cheated, blundered and stumbled far too many times to be given another chance.

They should have been kicked out a long time ago but because Malaysians are forever fools enough to be threatened and hookwinked into returning the BN again and again.

Enough is Enough, we must change and the only way is to vote in the Opposition by whatever name they may be.

Malaysians, we have to make a decision with courage and this salient call is to the malays.

UMNO will say that they are your protector. That is a lie, a big lie. They actually screwed you and just like everyone who were screwed, they felt good at the sametime.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Did he commit the offence within the M'sian borders? If he does, he should be tried with the M'sian laws no doubt. Otherwise, he didn't commit any offence (at least not within the bound of the country where he currently is residing now). M'sian authorities shouldn't interfere any activities committed outside the country. If a murder is committed in UK and the suspect and victim happen to be M'sians, he should be tried under the UK judiciary, not with the M'sian "ABSURD" laws. Am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong. TQ

Anonymous said...




即然如此,何不“光光烈烈” 与国阵政府宣战,宣战,宣战!!!!!!!!!


告诉你一个秘密,其实“国阵” 很害怕你的。

因为。。。你向世人展示了一个“资讯克子弹”。 一个足以将霸权政府摧残的“资讯克子弹”。






1) 制造一个新MV (华,英, 巫 subtitles),矛头直指国阵(BN),统治MALAYSIA50年里如何不公平的现象,很多马来人依然贫穷,华人被边缘化,印度人被边缘化,沙吧,砂劳越内陆地区超大部分土著没被边缘化,国家财富只集中在一部分马来人(BN)手里。

2) 描述BN如何INSULT印度人(在国会宰牛等等)
4) 描述KHAIRY发表种族输赢论,国阵执法不公。
5) 描述那吉发表回教国言论违宪,国阵执法不公。
6) 国阵不对付发表513言论的高官
8) 国阵议员月漏论侮辱女性,INSULT 全人类尊严,没有被对付
9) 而你改编一首歌,却被穷追猛

Anonymous said...

Shameless bullies. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are you that "clean yourself"?
For those who are tainted, filthy and hands soiled, stop passing judgement.

Anonymous said...

Why was there double-standards here, when the Cabinet could accept the insincere “apologies” of two Barisan Nasional MPs, Datuk Mohd Said Yusuf (Jasin) and Datuk Bung Mohtar Radin (Kinabatangan) who made crude, derogatory, sexist and gender-offensive remarks in the infamous “bocor” scandal without demanding any follow-up disciplinary action to be taken against them in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Cabinet is like a big bully. Taking on Meng Chee is like using a sledge hammer to kill a fly. Shame on you Nazri. So many of your cabinet ministers and UMNO delegates and members uttered more seditios words than Meng Chee and Nazri and Rais Yatim have keep their dirty , stinky mouth shut!!!
The country’s economy is real sick now and you choose to focus your attention on a minnow like Meng Chee. When our youths particularly UMNO burn and insult other countries , you just to keep quiet.
Oooh, God help us!

Anonymous said...

Barisan government………………….. hahahahahaha!

wanna tangkap YM RPK, made him really really famous,
wanna tangkap Tian Chua on fake photos, also make him famous,
tangkap NATTAN, now he’s a household name.
tangkap NAMEWEE, now he is famous world wide, household name in Malaysia, Singapore, China & Taiwan. Tangkap him and international backlash.

whatever the propagandalist of these cock party can think of, they just do it big time wrong.

I wonder who will they tangkap next? me perharps? will they make me famous?

Anonymous said...

Priorities for the Badawi cabinet (in order of importance):

1. How to cover up the PKA scandal
2. Should they revoke a young kid’s passport
3. What to do with bloggers
4. Who gets what contracts
5. Trade mission to Latin America
6. Who to blame for the worst traffic accident in Bolehland.
7. How to shut up Mahathir and Hanif

“We are not in the business of cheating the people.” AAB, 2006

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Temberang

Anonymous said...

Aren't all these gave us a good reason to vote BN out? As mentioned by Uncle Kit, it is unbelieveable that the cabinet held a few hours long close door meeting just to discuss about Wee, rather than spending time on all the grave issues surrounding the country amid our 50th anniversary of nation building. By the way, are we building a nation in the first place, or allowing those politicians to build up their wealth?

Let us all condemn BN government and deny them the majority to rule this country in the coming election. Let us give Badawi his "feel good" reason and wake him up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MCA ministers must be very embarassed by this turn of event. Is this another round of “Umno bullying MCA“ tactics? Where’s the so-called Barisan Nasional spirit?

Back to the subject of double-standards.

Many Malaysians know that the late Sudirman liked to wrap himself up with a Malaysian Flag outfit. And countless others (including prime ministers) have eaten many Merdeka cakes with the “Jalur Gemilang” design. And the tempo of our national anthem has been changed for umpteen times. Even putting up the Jalur Gemilang on your vehicles could be regarded as an offence. Read up the laws if you do not believe what I said. All these were considered violations of the Malaysian identity under the rules and regulations if one really wants to stick to the laws.

Sudirman and those who have eaten the Bendera or have changed the tempo of our Negaraku were not charged for such violations in the past. And I am not suggesting that they should be charged here.

I also want Malaysians to note that Namewee has not changed a single word of the lyrics of Negaraku. His rap was put on top of part of the national anthem. You may not like the way he sings the Negaraku or feel offended by the rap (or rather, the message embedded in his rap). But it’s simply too much to talk about withdrawing his passport (and force him to abandone his study in Taiwan) , stripping off his citizenship, put him under ISA or charge him under OSA. Namewee even disclosed that some have gone mad by threatening to burn down his house in Muar!

And now the Cabinet is thinking of bringing him to courts for insulting the national anthem. Ok, how about bringing the person-in-charge of Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno to courts for insulting Christianity? Why the double-standards?

How about this? The minute we saw any official functions with a cake displaying the Jalur Gemilang, we will make a police report and the police must arrest the organiser and the AG must charge him or her in courts. That will be fair and square. No?

DAP Chairman Karpal Singh, a prominent lawyer, has agreed to defend for Namewee for his freedom of expression under the Malaysian Constitution in case he was charged. And we will certainly start a campaign to expose the hypocrisy of the Cabinet. That’s a promise.

(extract of an article by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew)

Anonymous said...

I want to know when is the police going to take action against Kerismuddin, Najis, Mat Taik for threatening to bathe the keris in chinese blood? Naztaxi, are those words not seditious or only seditious when uttered by non bumi? What about the numerous police reports lodged by DAP? If they are false, pls charge DAP immediately.

MCA, I am disappointed with you. You are a disgrace to the chinese. Your b*lls are squeezed so hard by your Big Boss and still you can tahan. *Sigh*
Have some dignity. Since Ummm noo don't respect you why bother to stay on.All that talk about power sharing is believable to a 3 year old kid.Or is the crumbs leftover from Big Boss too good to give up. Sheesh!

I hope one day we are able to live happily as Malaysians and there is no race based party. The majority (all races) are good people except for "some" ummm noo goons who wanted to divide the country to enrich themselves. May the Almighty punished them betul-betul and soon too. I hope they have nightmares every night

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think he had to consider apology. After all, they are harassing his family. It's easier to be stuborn if you are alone by yourself. Honestly, the government has disgraced themselves. The media in taiwan has reported the incident prominently. Kudos to the ministers for making them well known.

Anonymous said...

satu lagi project by BN malu case that try to divert the attention of malaysian..Port klang free Zone for those who hv no ideal...1 billion of project and rolling to 4 billion...and what is worst..become a white elephant mega project..Is this gov we still can count on ?? not only this hospital new build got problem,highway flyover got cracked,ceiling bocor for new paliament hse,few hundreds ringgit for reconstructive work for school can claimed for few thousand ringgit abt 100 time more..that was few project to recalled by BN that was rakyat money they spent on .very obvoiusly they are a bunch of unless ppl who try to dry up our country resourses..stand up for your wise gov this coming election other than BN