Monday, August 27, 2007

Bursa Malaysia: Bull or Bear?

I'm no stock market guru, but I've been invited to speak at a Mandarin forum organised by Oriental Daily with regards to the above issue.
Date: 28th August 2007 (Tue)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
In recent weeks, the global equity and money markets can safely be regarded as undergoing a fair bit of turmoil, to a large extent caused by the subprime mortgage market crisis in the United States.

Therefore, the billion ringgit question, and I think analysts are split on this, is whether the current correction to the global stock market of between 8-10% is merely a healthy correction or is it a sign of more depressing things to come?

The stock market is without a doubt one of the hottest buttons to press, when it comes to generating public interest. Even when I travel to different parts of the country giving talks with regards to the Malaysian economy, in my position as the Economic Advisor to DAP's Secretary General, the audience tends to only wake up whenever the stock market is discussed. ;)

Even the last time I spoke at the Oriental Daily Forum on the 10th Year Anniversary of the Asian Financial Crisis, together with Dr Ho Kee Peng (who will also be there tonight), it was a "sold out" crowd.

So see you there! ;)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for out of the topic, but I came across these articles in forum which I think I must post it here to share... pls read about it, and not only just read and forget, but I hope Tony and your supporters further promote the idea mentioned in these articles... really.. why Chinese must change, anything wosrt than now? Governed by BN?? Nothing to lost to change... coz we are in the worst now!!

Anonymous said...


TP, If I am not mistaken last time Bank Bumiputra was created out of the resolutions of the First Bumiputra Economic congress to look into the interest of the bumiputra

What happened since then?
It was many years later transformed or bought over by Bumiptra Commerce bank or BCB

Lately it has become CIMB.

Can you explain, the political moves here?

Anonymous said...

Tony, sorry for posting an unrelated comment.

But, I read about the MCA people putting up RM700,000 worth of 100 CCTVs in Subang Jaya to arrest crime.

I am worried Tony.

Those are high crime areas.

What makes us so confident that the the thieves will not mask themselves, or in the event of poor lighting, climb up and steal the CCTVs?

It will be an embarassment, as well as a financial lost. The police must patrol those areas, and the street lights must be brighten to prevent crime, against the RM700,000 CCTVs and the people.

Anonymous said...

10% maaaah!!
Someone sure make money the ez way here..

Anonymous said...

In 2004 after BN win elections by huge majority, stock market plunged and lot of people lost money. Do you want to lose money again? If NO, vote Opposition in next general election.