Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ahmad "Malay Audience Only" Ismail

Backed to the hilt by the entire Penang UMNO, Ahmad "penumpang" Ismail remains completely defiant despite being summoned to meet the Prime "flip-flop" Minister and his Deputy today. While we (cannot) wait for the (non)decision of the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council later this afternoon, which of course is subjected to UMNO Supreme Council endorsement (or rejection) tomorrow.

However, the following quote caught my eye in his post-meeting comments on Malaysiakini:
...he said: "The prime minister gave his views but he acknowledged what I did was for the party. Moreover, I want to remind (everyone) that my speech was delivered to a Malay audience."
Firstly, Pak Lah "acknowledged" that what Datuk Ahmad Ismail did was for UMNO. Seriously?

But secondly, and more importantly, his "speech was delivered to a Malay audience".

Is that an excuse? No wonder he was upset with the SinChew reporter because whatever racist statements made weren't meant to be heard by non-Malays! They were meant for Malay audience only!

Barisan Nasional divide and rule by race politics at its very best ;-)


bluskyes said...

yeah, i was wondering about that "Malay audience only" statement too...!!!! So its OK to make racist statements as long as you're talking to just one race in particular?! We REALLY need to make this blatant racism a thing of the past!! People don't even think its wrong to make racist slurs because the "right" do do so has been condoned, endorsed and upheld all this while! Time for change...REAL change...and I don't think it's going to come from UMNO, BN or the usual clowns! It has to come from us individuals, like-minded 100% Malaysians...but where to start? and what to do?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

No doubt the recent racial saga of Ahmad Ismail makes me furious but I see this as a political ploy of UMNO.

I suspect UMNO is trying to re-use the method which caused the MAY 13h riot in 1969. UMNO knows very well such racial statement whether it's from Ahmad Ismail or any donkey UMNO leaders have the potential to spark racial riots & that's what UMNO wants.

Should there be a racial riot, 'Darurat' (curfew) can be declared. Once it's in darurat mode, it'll be controlled by military & police which is headed by none other than Pak Lah & Najib. Hence, DAP Penang will have to surrender their power to the military & police headed by UMNO stooges.

As much as Pak Lah, Najib, Ahmad Ismail & UMNO wants racial riot to start....we as non-Malays in Malaysia must keep calm. Protesting & causing havoc because of Ahmad Ismail's statement will only makes us fall deeper into UMNO's threat.

"Hidup Cina! Hidup India". "Melayu tolong balik Indonesia!"

Anonymous said...

Ahmad stuck to his stand that he did no wrong, it was the repoter that had misquoted him.
If that be the case, any reasonable man would have called the press to rectify his actual meaning IMMEDIATELY and not having let the PM & DPM to come forward to apologize on his behalf. PM was looking for him and he only resurfaced after 10 days!! Ahmad has HIMSELF to blame!He is that irresponsible!
Anyway,If he thinkls that the press media is wrong, its just a very simple matter to sue that paper in court IMMEDIATELY and not dragged in uncalled for issues like Malay and Muslim rights to incite racial unrest.
This clearly shows that Ahmad Ismail is a VERY dangerous man with some ulterior agenda.

What can PM & DPM do,they need every vote they can get in December's internal election and this 'smart' Ahmad has brought with him alot of supporters.Sigh!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to tell this Ahmad fellas and both PM and DPM wake up and don't bullshit around looking for excuses. No 1 is flip flop and no 2 non committal and play safe. Do they realize the Malay-UMNO card they are playing will be confronted by the Malay- Pakatan. So Mr. PM your call now and don't bother asking DPM.

Anonymous said...

Curious ... does that mean that Chinese and Indian media can report anything they wanted because it is only meant for the respective races :p

Why are they clamping down sites/blogs like Malaysia Today? They are only meant for 'interested' readers ...

How old is this guy again? Was there even effort put in to think of this response?

Probably better seeking legal advice and then respond with "No comment, no comment"!

I leave your readers with some interesting (and aptly) quotes:
It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it. -- Sam Levenson

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. -- Abraham Lincoln

No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut. -- Sam Rayburn

Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer. -- Muhammad Ali

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,

All the 'penumpang' saga is truly sad and disheartening for all Malaysian and not just the Chinese or Indian.

After 51 years of the country independence, we are still in this type of mentality. While the country economy is going no where, we still have fellow Malaysian who wants to claim supremacy above others.Sigh

I just wish that they can use the same 'fighting spirit' to grow the country instead.

Anonymous said...

What kind of lame excuse is that his speech was meant for Malay audience? If his hateful racist message is only meant for Malay audience then obviously he should apologize for delivering it at the wrong place in a PP by election OPEN Ceramah right under the nose of our DPM Najib who was sharing the same stage with him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

The ghost or devil in UMNO just have to come out. It was waiting to come out after March 8.

The whole devilish soul have to come out to be exorcised once and for all. It is good that Ahmad initiated it. Someone from UMNO just have to bring out the embedded, twisted and warped history and thought, propagated by the previous PM, to be completely cleansed. It is going to be a long long process to undo the legacy left by the previous PM. It is good that the process had started with Ahmad.

Sadly, there is still another of the previous PM legacy that need to be cleansed. I am waiting. It is going to be a gargantuan task.

It just have to be done for the future of this country, failing which, we are going to go the Zimbabwe route.

Anonymous said...


you are no better than ahmad with your last sentence! nobody needs to balik anywhere coz this is our home.
to me, you are just as racist.
furthermore, your type of comments can get Tony Pua into trouble.


Leithaisor said...

I was firstly shocked that this racist Ahmad chap could think that saying what he said was OK just because his speech was "delivered to a Malay audience".

Then I began wondering whether he had simply been putting into words what is the norm in many instances where certain UMNO members meet. Perchance the pendatang/penumpang talk is exactly what they generally use in such meetings?

Then I wondered about the previous UMNO general assemblies. Any such racist talk/stunts there?

Then I wondered about UMNO MPs in Parliament. Any use of pendatang? Any "you tak suka you boleh keluar!"? Any other similarly racist statements?

Any likelihood that what we hear in the august House, what we hear/see during UMNO GAs and what Ahmad said all point to what is the norm behind closed UMNO doors?

If that is the case, then do the UMNO leaders want perpaduan, which supposedly is "teras kemajuan"?

Anonymous said...

I think what OKY says is very true! It give me the shivers when the Armed Forces Commander starts talking. What he means by those people who raise racial issues should be dealt with, that means LKS, KTK, Ms.Tan all the Pemuda MCA / Gerakan, Sin cheww reporter etc, all EXCEPT Ahmad Ismail and his goons......

lee_ush said...

Hi YB Tony,

I really wish that Malaysia have more leaders like you. And I would like to thank you for taking the steps to make Malaysia a better place to stay.

I really disappointed with Malaysia situation now, in every sense; no matter in economy, education, government policy, country security etc.

There are so many things that are not improving but still there are people that wouldn’t help but yet trying to create problem, just like what happen in Bukit Bendera.

Leaders who are selfish and have narrow-minded would only create more simple-minded supporter and citizens. They never look at big picture where Malaysia should be better off now.

But again, I hope under DAP leadership, thing would be different. I guess this is the time where we use our resources in a good way. I guess the citizen now is looking for a better future, a better life. They do not wish to hear about argument but real action that can bring the economy up instead.

Be different; prioritise the people but not wasting more resources on this small matter. As it is hard to change these “people” mindset, let there be what they called as “pendatang”. But the whole world knows who the real contributor to Malaysia economy is.

There are still much more to do.

Lee said...

Ahmad is, without doubt, a bigot, a chauvinist and an extremist and therefore a dangerous character.UMNO will have problems dealing with him as he seems to have some supports from those who lost their power to manipulate the state government after the general election in March.
However, Pak Lah needs to be firm if he still harbour hopes of staying as PM until 2010.We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I guess the remarks were suppose to spark something but nothing happened for the 10 days that Datuk AI was m.i.a. In short, BN has got the message that the Malays are not that dumb anymore to be fooled by them. Let them say what they want & let the people be their judge. We do not want Malay-hero, Chinese-hero & Indian-hero. What we need is a Malaysian-hero. These were the founding fathers of Malaysia, our sportsmen/women, police, army, civil servants, scientists, teachers, etc. People who contribute to our society at large are the true unsung heroes. Not idiots like Datuk AI. He is just another BN-crony airing his grouses coz he can't book his next S-class. Hoping to stir some racial sentiment, go to ISA if need (after all, he will get 5-star treatment while in there) to build up more "hate". So, are these guys Malaysians or are they Terrorist?

Anonymous said...

saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya...

lihatlah ni...

Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

Jangan kita terpengaruh...!!!


zewt said...

just sit back and enjoy the show... it's the biggest summer blockbuster. right tony?

Unknown said...

For all the Pakatan Rakyat supporters,

Many sign shows that the 13th General Election will be coming very soon.

Do you ever wonder why the Ahmad issue can drag for so long and keep on be the headlines in the Main Stream Media which control by BeeNd?
The Ahmad case is one of the sign for UMNO to woo for Malay voters and MCA & Gerakan to woo for Chinese voters.

The UMNO Supreme Council will meeting soon to discuss the punishment on Ahmad.
But the outcome is very clear whereby Ahmad will be either suspended or sack by UMNO.

Then from there MCA and Gerakan can proudly tell the Chinese community that they had successfully voice out to UMNO. They are no longer the 'Yes Man'. And UMNO had take action to it member to show to Chinese community UMNO is not a racist party.

On the other hand, the UMNO will also take this issue as a warning to the Malay community that the Malay must stay united inorder to remain strong!

Pls tell others don't be fool and fall into the trap set by BeeNd govt on this sandiwara.

Once there is a defection regardless on 16th Sept or later, BeeNd govt will dismiss the Parlimen.
For the state govt control by PR, most likely will not follow.
That will be great as we can concerntrate on all the parlimen seats.
We want to make dorah bodohwi and najis loss their seats this time round.


Anonymous said...


When you are pointing your finger to somebody, remember three other of your fingers are pointing to yourself. Seems like you are also racism kaki.

Anonymous said...

First, i would like to say, this show our PM is not PM or UMNO leader AGAIN!!! This happen again after Terengganu case MB IDRIS..
what kind of PM is this?

Second, WHY this BM MB talk this racist things, and no ISA to him????????? and other people is in ISA CASE!!! our hindraf 5 leaders. and even our DAP secretary in the pass..

Third, i think Dr M going to be like Our PM. Flip flop also.
Now MP M said Dr M coming back. isnt he said our PM resign only he come back?

Fourth, everyday i heard Dr M said Anwar talk nonsense, flip flop, "janji buta". if he really join UMNO back before PM resign, is that mean he also same kind?

Fifth, I think is time for PKR people stop talk so many news about the take over government. Just do it, instead keep talking. one time is good, two times is ok, 3 times is a bit more. too many time is to much lo...

I here also hope PKR and DAP can success in changing government.

When a Group of Company of a public listed had problem, too many department got problem. CEO got problem.
what shall we do? what shall we do to maintain the company?

Anonymous said...

Another FITNAH blog create by BN/UMNO.

Can we make polis report on it?

Anonymous said...

just last few week ago, i saw a pair of corperation between malay and chinese, win a silver medal for our country. YET our MENTERI MENTERI, MP AND MAJORITY OF MALAYSIAN never learn the lesson? or already learn the lesson?

I AS A MALAYSIAN (chinese) REALLY SAD OF THE COUNTRY. Especially from our DR M website, http://test.chedet.com/che_det/2008/09/snippets-6.html#more

I WAS USE TO SUPPORT DR M. BECAUSE I HOPE OUR country "MALAYSIA" will be one of the TOP in the world!

ARE we MALAYSIAN, the public will get any benefit? are we going to live is peaceful and rich and healthy?

I love tony, cause i saw what u did since 308. THAT WHAT MY regards to you.

Someone had to come out and did something. LOOK FORWARD!!!!

Otherwise i believe a lot going to leave this country ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I used to have you in high regards, more so as i thought you are a new breed of leader our country needs at times like this.

But your numerous posts regarding Ahmad Ismail made me realised that while you are saying all you want about Ahmad being a racist, you are not much far off too since you seemed to be so much affected by this racism talk.

Your blog is read by many fellow Malaysians as well as non Malaysians, broad minded as well as narrowed ones...... just leave barking dog barks, it will soon get tired. But keeping the tapic alive in your blog really a third class act, Tony........

Be more open....... Heard that Zakaria had a heart attack for being asked to do a 'Ahmad'..... So Ahmad is now doing what Zakaria could not and would not do......

You are playing right into their hands....


Anonymous said...

malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

The big problem is the divide as Ahmad Ismail represent is very real. To Chinese, Ahmad Ismail now represent all that is wrong with UMNO-led BN - unaccountable, out-of-control, resistant to change. At the centre of it all Ahmad Ismail represent why its reforming the judicial system, the police, education, etc is failing.

But to UMNO and Ahmad Ismail constituency even those in Supreme Council, Ahmad Ismail is just a problem, an impefection that need to be blemished over.

The divide is real, very real and it is only going to get worst before it gets better..

Anonymous said...

UMNO must SUE Ismail and his gang for insulting the Malays! His use of WRONG historical facts is a blatant lie, insult and disgusting assault on the achievements of our Malay compatriats in historical result, academic and intelligence! They are most vile in their attempt to discredit and deframe our Malay friends! We must not allow this to happen!

ALL Malaysians must sue Ismail and his supporters for SEDITION. They are trying to distort racial ties.

The Ministry of Higher Education must sue Ismail and his supporters for deframation and public discredit to our academic result in history and history studies!

Anonymous said...

These guys never fail to make me glad that I migrated to Australia. And the Australians call me fellow mate, not "immigrant".

Richard Cranium said...

"These guys never fail to make me glad that I migrated to Australia. And the Australians call me fellow mate, not 'immigrant'."

Right! You can wake up now.

Anonymous said...

For me Ahmad Ismail is a nobody, irrelevant! Before he made his milestone speech about Chinese are squatters in Malaysia, Avril Lavinge gets more headline than him. All Ahmad Ismail ever wanted is ATTENTION, just like a little kid who want his mama attention. I bet Ahmad Ismail’s mother never breast feed him as he seems lack of family love and dying for attention now.

Anonymous said...

I think at this point we all know who the racists are. Let the people be the judge come the next GE & let GOD be the judge in the afterlife. It would be wise for the PR to make stand from now not to highlight anymore this issue. Rakyat got the point already. Only a real pendatang will call others pendatang. We are all pendatang in this world. We were put here by GOD for a purpose. But unfortunately, like an apple tree, there will always be some rotten ones. It's the yin-yang theory. There must be the bad to make the good, look good. Vice versa. After all, the true Malay Malaysians are the Kelantanese or Perlis. The true bumi are the orang asli. As far as I am concerned, the rest are from Indonesia, India, Arab, China, Philippines, Portugese, Burma, Cambodia & maybe even Africa. During the 14-15th century there was no such thing as passport control & records of people going in & out of Malacca. We are all a mixed up bunch. Most importantly, we are all human. That is the only the race in this planet. It is not productive to keep on attacking this sacrificial goat of UMNO. He has done his job. Now he is waiting for the reward from his bosses. We must not forget that they are all partnes in crime. This was all planned & staged to hope for the worst to happen. Nothing happen so they keep on dragging it by saying the goat will not apologize. Now we say apology not accepted. There is no need to apologize. The ordinary Malays bros have also been insulted by this goat. He is not true Malay in the first place. What gives him the right to say like that. Let the Malay bros chose a better leader next GE. They will speak in the ballot box for the rest of Malaysia. This goat is a terrorist for the top leaders. Beware. When things are stable, this kind of politicians cannot rule in power. Thus they have to creat something out of nothing. Just watch the Star Wars saga ie how the emperor plot everything to secure his position in power. This is how BN works as well. Sinister is the word.

Anonymous said...

Highly anticipated news is finally out:

3 years .... hmm ... means he would be around for the next GE. What's that smell? Is this somewhat a ploy?

Whatmeworry said...

Not surprised that Ahmad Ismail is only suspended for only 3 years. Just a slap on the wrist. If such racist remarks were made by a non-Malay, he or she would have been the guest of the govt at Kamunting long ago and probably charged under the Sedition Act too!

Anonymous said...

Can DAP list out the names & constituencies of the MPs on the gardening exacavation in Taiwan right now? It seems it is not all Sabah/Sarawak MPs. Some KPC MPs from Semenanjung also among the future gardeners of Malaysia.

For Kinabatangan MP, it is also to learn how to do boxing match in Parliament when it resumes after Ramadan.

Anonymous said...

Now Ahmad Ismail is suspended for 3years from UMNO. UMNO takes action finally after the pressure from BN component parties and oppositions. Shall we look at the PKR's MP of Kulim-BandarBaru. When PKR going to take action against him for his action in the BAR seminar last month? We should have equal standard applied to UMNO and PKR. Aren't we? PKR & DAP, we are waiting for your action which is long over-due.

Anonymous said...

what to worry in the penang island which under Pakatan Control.

Will this issue create a racist in bukit bendera and indirectly bring to whole malaysia?

When it will happen? or will not happen cause the 16 sept look had been delay.

Sometime it really made me worry so much. It made me so hate of these people.
Always like "Udang di sebalik batu"

Anonymous said...

Am I clairvoyant? My prediction yesterday was - 'Suspension, he walks away with a smile and he will be back'.

Ahmad Ismail punishment was never going to be what is wanted by critics. Frankly if I were the PM, with the threats that he faced, I would not do that much either no matter what I believed.

The question is WHAT NOW? Ahmad Ismail was still defiant proving that what he represent is almost an Immovable Object. The only answer to THAT is an Unstoppable Force.

Ahmad Ismail is more than just racism - he represent everything holding back this country moving forward, - the reform of judiciary, cleaning up the police, education etc.

Only firm absolute datelines of removing the NEP, supremacy and indepedence of our Federal Courts, IPCMC etc. is going to get us there. Give me dates and then BN can get my vote back.

YS said...

I know everyone is upset with Ahmad Ismail, but I think what Anwar said is true. He is trying to create racial issue to divert the people's attention from the 'bigger problem' that UMNO(BN) is facing. I think we should sit back and watch the show, BN leaders are trained to be racists, we should not join them. We, the citizens including all races are living well, we have to believe that racists in our country are minority. Sadly, the leaders of our current government are!!! They (MCA & GERAKAN) are asking Ahmad to apologise to the CHINESE, is that correct? Why cant they ask him to apologise to the rakyat, everyone in this country because he is breaking the unity of the people with his words. It is not how much his words hurt the Chinese, I do not understand why MCA keeps saying his words hurt Chinese badly because I personally do not feel hurt over that. Let him speak whatever he want, he want to choose his audience go ahead, as far as we are concern never let that affect our unity. I recall what the PM said when he was announcing the budget, "orang mesti ada salah, tapi ada orang salah tapi tak mengaku". Many people say that he is 'not smart' or call him 'bo??wi', but how can he know this situation going to happen before it happens? Tak mengaku nevermind also, we still have to continue with our life. Now he is being punished, so? Don't have to feel happy, it is just a show;)

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter if Ahmad Ismail is suspended for 3 or 30 years or maybe 300 years if he lives long enough for that. What matter most is his undying will to stir up racial politics in Malaysia from Bukit Bendera.

Aside from his supporters, there isn’t anyone that supports his ultra-Malay ideology. Ahmad is in his fifty and with his current strength in UMNO its unlikely he will ever hold any minister post in the future that’s why he has to gamble with the Ultra-Malay ideology in order to rocket himself to the top.

Politician are really asshole, they will do anything to gain power.

Anonymous said...

Let's move on to a new topic. The entire world knows that UMNO is a racist party & lives by that ideology. Thanks to Datuk Ahmad Ismail's advertising & promotion.

It was an insult to all Malaysian Malays as Datuk Ahmad Ismail has represented himself as a Malay racist. Just like the Germans still have their minor encounters with skinheads or neo-nazis. End of story. No need to talk about it anymore. Let the Rakyat decide his future political career in the next GE.

If the people vote for him means they support his ideology, that's all. If he doesn't get voted, that speaks for itself. The PLOT by UMNO has failed miserably. It was obviously an old ploy to start something but it has backfired. The remarks took place in Penang constituency because Penang is majority Chinese population.

His Datukship should be revoked.

Let's move on to corruption issues. Past ACA cases still left in the open & those currently pop-out recently.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has happened since the racist remarks by Datuk AI...so why is the Police & Army getting involved? What does this got to do with them? Who told them to speak up? This gives the wrong impression to the general public & also foreigners. Stock market is hit within & externally. This is bad enough for the economical climate over Malaysia. The Police & Army should stay out of politics & do what they are suppose to do: to serve & to protect. Our Sultans & Agong (Daulat Tuanku) are the true & only protectors of the Malays. Not a racist political party that is no different to Nazi. In an apple tree, there will be bound to have some rotten apples. There's nothing one can do about it. Just let it decompose & then disappear. The ploy by UMNO to stir up racial sentiment all over again as they have always done so have failed. Let's not be over reactive for the wrong reasons & fall into this UMNO political trap. It's not worth it. Let's be pro-active instead. Big trees also need smaller plants to thrive & survive. We all exist in symbiosis.

The same threats used before the GE failed. The sodomy case failed. Now the 'May-13' plot also failed. it's all very obvious don't you think. We can expect some keris raising act again soon. Any bets?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony and all readers,

I have a few comments as follow:

1. Firstly, the arm and police chief can speak, but they must first tell Ahmad to shut up. Because he is the first person to try to stir racial issues that caused the Chinese to be in tension. Am i right? While you warn and warn, please take action and dont wait please. If you dont take action then i think you are trying to intimate the non-malays to shut up, am i right?

2. Secondly, our ISA, is it only applicable to non-UMNO members? Careful here, i mentioned non-UMNO and not anything else. Ahmad the racist is putting up all the nonsense now for the whole world to watch Malaysia as a state of joke. Why isnt ISA detaining him? What about Ahmad's supporters that said the Sin Chew's reporter should be shot? They are challenging our Royal Police Force. Guys, try telling in public you want to kill someone else. Sure you will be arrested for questioning.

3. Thirdly, this morning newspaper, i read that Sin Chew was asked by a very smart minister to explain why Sin Chew should not be penalised. What the hell is this? Whose instruction is he taking? If he is taking his own, then i think we really need to qualify all ministers next time properly. Sin Chew never incites, they just reported. The only person who incites racial tension is Ahmad, the racist. The UMNO divions who tear Dr. Koh's picture in front of all the presses. This is fact, all idiots who fail to see or dare not to say.

4. Lastly, and the most disappointing one. We non-Malays, have never doubted the rights of bumiputras. In fact, we do agree that we need to give certain assistance to all the needy. So, after over 50 years of independence, do you think we as Malaysians really do better comparing with other countries???? We are losing out. As for the NEP, it was abused so much so that only certain group of people getting ultra rich. What is suppose to do was never done. FOr example, we should be really putting more emphasis on how to improve our younger generations eduction system, public transport that can benefit all, all skill enhancement program that can increase our labour force's productivity, etc. What have we done? TO me, we are a total failure. Why, our "capable" ministers are the answer to most of the lousy results now we have.

Thank you.

Alan Tan