Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perak Coup D'etat:: What Say You

Klang MP Charles Santiago will be holding a forum on the Perak coup d'etat as follows:
Date : 17th Feb 2009 (Tue)
Time : 8:00pm
Venue : Dewan Hamzah, Majlis Perbandaran Klang, Klang
Speakers include Ngeh Koo Ham, A. Sivanesan, Lim Kit Siang, Khalid Samad, Dr. Dzulkifli Ahmad, Haris Ibrahim, Charles Santiago

Please contact Yap (016-2026300) / Sarah (016-6267797) if you have any further enquiries.


Anonymous said...

Well if u guys screened your candidates properly, kept tabs on them, attended to their grouses and to that of their constituents - we wouldn't be facing this problem now, would we?

Bray as much as u want at UMNO, sultans and the court - but face the facts, if the PR reps weren't for sale, no price would sway them.

U guys did a good job convincing the rakyat - problem is ur people don't really believe in your own cause.

U big man at DAP right? go meet every elected DAP adun/mp - make sure none of them are thinking of defecting.

If u meet any more whores in your ranks and need funds to buy Camrys, let us know and we can start a fund.

But for God's sake - DON"T BETRAY US.

PS - Apamacam with our third vote??????

Anonymous said...

What about Yb Nizar?
Is he one of the speakers?
I do really hope he will be present so that we can hear from the horses mouth.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, latest news, Perak MB Nizar and Selangor State Exco Ronnie Liu will also come.

MP Klang Asst

Anonymous said...

wish i could be there...sigh.

it all boils down to money. i hear perak royalty was in financial difficulty...guess who came to the rescue. this was a big game ploy by bn & it is not our PM. only the crooked knows how to hook the helpless. hard to get evidence but you guys probably know that already. sensitive issue right?

moreover perak royalty has investment in, play the cards right. this is word from the street.

Anonymous said...

CAn someone show me the map to go for this place...Dewan Hamzah, Majlis Perbandaran Klang, Klang...

Anonymous said...

Well Tony,
Pakatan Rakyat (read DSAI) will Reap WHAT they SOW,
As a veteran, Karpal Singh knows better.


Anonymous said...

the difference here is that P-R was having a majority & in power of perak state.

what BN did was robbing the people of perak's right or choice & BN seem to claim that right to correct that choice! this must be highlighted. the fact that BN did not offer to dissolve the state assembly speaks a lot about the sincerity of BN & also greed-power-whatever you want to call it.

in the case of DSAI & that BN MPs hopping over, when the BN MPs do hop, he has said clearly that a motion of no-confidence will be moved in parliament to initiate the process. it was not to just waltz into the PM office - as BN did to YB Nizar.

this was a total disgrace to parliament & a total rights-robbing from BN.

not against BN or any political party, but the principle & manner it was carried out & executed.

Anonymous said...

FOR WHO LIKE TO know about what happen in Ayer Tawar, Perak.
Looks at the huge attendance...

So, are people in perak support BN as "NAJIS" said?

Tan SK from Teluk intan

Anonymous said...

sad to see there are still people using foul language to describe others from the opposite political ideology.

its about time PR and BN do away with these so called supporters who are actually the ones damaging your parties reputations.

we need quality people with the right mind to think, not political zealots who only knows how to bash but seldom gives opinions on what needs to be done to improve the situation.

whether we like it or not they do command the majority in parliament. so work harder to change this in the next election. do away with what is wrong but continue with what is good. no need to resort to name calling.

some people are just to much that they can't think straight and objective enough.

you don't need to woo these zealots because they will vote for you no matter what, it is the majority of the voters that counts, those who don't actually belong to any parties whatsoever.

and please, stop defending your supporters if they've done wrong and unlawfull conducts. what is wrong is still wrong whether it was done by PR or BN.

the parties should distance themselves from these behaviours. we are sick of these disruptive behaviours that tarnish our image as malaysian and malaysia itself. political unstability is not what we want, we want constructive changes that benefit all.

frankly i think we should educate the people to vote for the person instead of the party.

a rotten apple will always be a rotten apple no matter what basket you put them into.

seriously, enough with the hooligans and the people who support them, not to mention those zealots who resort to name calling.