Saturday, November 10, 2007

Make That Change

Guys, many of you will by now be aware of the massive rally cum gathering at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur later this afternoon. This BERSIH's People Gathering as well as the submission of a petition to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agung is to demand the use of indelible ink, a cleanup of the electoral roll, the abolition of domestic postal voting as well as fair access to the media. BERSIH’s campaign for electoral reform is endorsed by 66 NGOs and 5 political parties.

The details are as follows:
Venue: Dataran Merdeka
Date: 10 November 2007
Time: 3pm
More information is available here.
As you may know, the police have started roadblocks all around the city yesterday evening to prevent and deter members of the public from entering the city. To ensure that you'll have a smooth trip into the city, do not wear yellow till you are well within the city parameters or you'll most certainly be stopped. And arrive early to ensure that you will get to your destination on time for disruption to both public and private transports can be expected as the authorities will take all necessary actions to "stop" or diminish the turnout for the event.

Participants are certainly encouraged to take public transport. Additional transport guidelines are available on the Bersih website. Be safe and enjoy the outing. See you there! ;)


Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir was right, malaysia is no longer a Police state, Malaysia is a Mafia state - I remember during his time in the year 1997, he did not filter any news or tries to stop any demo until quite sometime. Badawi is way much worst than Tun.


Unknown said...

dear malaysians

We had witness a brave Malaysian act today. The world recognize brave act more so than a hollow act, like hitching a ride to space, at the price of essentials, like schools, hospitals, public transport + all those things that made every bodies' live easier. Only BN doesn't know that.

Tens of thousands brave souls, in spites of threat of arrest, demanding the curbing of a corrupt systems, doesn't scare investor away. Maybe only scare the BN.

Investors will know, they are people willing to stand up. Corruption make investor come here only as a last resort. If the government + the courts + the police can't be fair to their own people, how could they be fair to foreign investors?

With a government that cares, the people will have a lot of their shoulders. Better houses + cheaper houses means, the people gets better rest + family warmth. Better public transports means more non traveling time, which could put to good use. Better education means, a more inform society, which means a better thinking people. Investor will see this as a positive work force.

The foreign world views the march for an audience with His Majesty, with favor. A society demanding a much needed change, pleading to a caring King. The only thing scaring away the investors, are violence, i.e. Riot gears, Chemical lased water cannons, tear gas. Batons + a ruling party that not only stand by to see this done to her own people, but actually encourage it.

Shame on you BN. No respect for your own people, how would you expect our potential investors think of coming here. Shame on you BN, how can you even stop your people to show our "Kesetiaan kepada raja", when his Majesty is willing to meet his subjects. Shame on you law breakers.

Syabas + one small step for the rakyat, one big leap for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The winner goes to the people.

It shows that the People of Malaysia (yes, people, not ethnic) stood united in a historic event that will be forever embedded in the history as the start of the downfall of the abusive government.

Shame on you, Pak Lah. For all the 'regional democratic role-model government' talks and fuss, you have reduced our beloved country to no better the Myanmar Junta governance.

People of Malaysia, yesterday was a victorious day. We must celebrate our way by voting the ruling government out for once and for all. For the children of the People of Malaysia and the generations to come.

Return Malaysia to the People of Malaysia.

The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing!


Anonymous said...

In the first place I doubt that there will be any violence in the peaceful protests, unless some "CIA or FBI agencies infiltrate the demonstration group" to purposely create trouble so as to justify any police action

Honestly I find AAB talks ring hollow and full of hypocrytism. He always " advocate" democracy and principles of rukun negara but his actions speak the other way.

I must say that from the demonstration I am very proud to be a Malaysian and to see Malaysians protesting their rights! And I am very proud that our Agung one of our last saviour to control peace and earn our respect!


Anonymous said...

Bodohwi: ‘Saya pantang dicabar’

People: Who the hell do you think you are that no body can challange you!? Does it mean that Malaysia is not a democratic country and eveyone must follow you order? Even the Agong won't be as dictatorial as you. You think you are above the laws?! Shame on you for making the people to suffer by raping the country's resources for your family and cronies!!! Shame on RTM for distorting the facts and continue to fool the people!! You will be penalised in the coming GE!!


God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I have to congratulate Bersih for yesterday. The rain, the massive action againts it, and they pulled it off.

I also have to congratulate Malaysians who participate. I am a cynical one and to see Malaysian come together and peacefully voice their opinion, even if its with leadership of historically tainted Anwar, gives hopes that Malaysian still hold certain principle dear. It gives one hope for the future if not our generation then at some point.

Coming after the UMNO GA where they still pandered to narrow and small minded interest, today gathering says a lot about Malaysian indepedence from political cynics like the likes of KJ.

Its not the likes of KJ and Hissamuddin this country future belongs but those who have the courage yesterday…

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We congratulate to all that have participated in this peaceful rally to uphold the truth. We hope that this is only the beginning and not the end.

We will always pray for the peace of our country and truthful citizens.

Daulat Tuanku !!!!!!!!!
Daulat Tuanku !!!!!!!!!
Daulat Tuanku !!!!!!!!!

Best Regards.........

Laksarian said...

Hi Tony, I was that guy in a blue bandana who walked with you and Chin Tong. Had a great time yesterday, thankfully I did not gather at Masjid Jamek because that was my initial plan until I saw you at central market.

Anonymous said...

My respect for all you guys!!

A truly awesome display of love for King & Country.

It was nice to hear Zam sounding furious, panicky and incoherent on Al-Jazeera.
Apparently, the rally wasn't permitted becos we have "free & fair" elections every five years!
As Al-Jazeera rightly said, "This is 'democracy' - Malaysian style" ... well maybe at least UMNO style.
I think the police too were in a Catch-22 situation - having to choose between "chain of command" and Loyalty to King & Country.

Congrats guys - I'm mighty proud of you guys.

- feels much better than the vulgar display of power on 31st August.

Thank You, Bersih, Tok Guru Haji Hadi, DSAI, RPK, LKS and all others.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at this:

Zam’s interview at Al-Jazeera is a total disaster!! I really can't stop laughing after viewing this. Even a standard one kid can speak better English than him.

What a big Shame to be our Information Minister!! Better call himself MIS-Information Minister!! A total lier than lives forever in denial mode!!