Friday, November 23, 2007

New Chinese Blog

Yes, I'm really asking for it. ;-)

I started blogging at Education in Malaysia in March 2005, and my personal blog here in November 2006. I'm now officially launching my 3rd blog, "家国思索" [jia guo si suo] which will be my personal blog with Chinese as the key language medium. The blog name "家国思索" translates roughly as "Thoughts on Motherland". Its also the title of my weekly Monday column in Oriental Daily, so thanks to the editors for the inspiration. ;-)

Why do I need a separate blog in Chinese, you might ask, particularly for those who may be unable to read the language.

Firstly, besides the language, the blog is actually a little different as it is mainly, at this point of time anyway, composed of press articles from the vernacular press and magazines where I've been covered. You will note that although the blog is "newly" launched, it has already got some 100 posts. That's because I've been covered fairly extensively in the Chinese media on various issues.

While the English mainstream media rarely covers opposition politicians, especially when we raise social and local issues, we do receive a fair bit more coverage (understatement) in the Chinese press. The difference, you can see is the extent to which the Government clamps down media freedom in the English print media, and worse, the Malay papers.

Hence, starting a Chinese blog, gives me an opportunity to keep track of all the press coverage in the Chinese newspapers, which will at the same time not overwhelm this blog with disproportionate amount of Chinese newspaper reports. Where possible I will translate some of these coverage in the Chinese media into English for the loyal readers of this blog. Similarly, I will be posting dated articles of my column in Oriental Daily onto this new blog.

Finally, I'd like to thank my two assistants, Erica and Joey, who helped put together the entire past year's collection of press coverage on the blog. It's still a work in progress as not all reports have been posted, but nevertheless, we are ready to go. While I will be posting my own blog writings myself in the future, they will assist me to put up press reports as and when they are available or published.

For readers who read Chinese, I hope you will enjoy the new site and probably get a better understanding of the work I do on a daily basis. At the same time, hopefully you can introduce the new blog to those who are more comfortable with the language.

Thank you once again for all your support! ;-)


Anonymous said...

With all these blogs you are managing, have you got time for your wife? ;))

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the good works you have done. The journey ahead may be treacherous and difficult but we will stand by you.

Will continue to support you and urge my friends and family to do the same.

Anonymous said...

work smart, tony and don't neglect yourself and family.

Anonymous said...

ur guys none need to worrry bout tony;)
he is ok;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, This chinese blog means you are still motherland mentality? I thought we must think malaysian?

Anonymous said...

10:29 PM

come on. don't be a fool.

malaysia is our motherland. we are borned and raised here. even if this country rots to the deep helm of hell, it is still our motherland. it's a fact.

Sophie said...

keep up the good work, dude.

Anonymous said...

"Think Malaysian" does not imply forgetting your ethnic root. Using Chinese does not mean that you've abandoned your Malaysian identity. Malaysia is a multi-cultural society. Indeed, to "think Malaysian", one needs to appreciate the languages used by all major ethnic groups in Malaysia, while recognizing Malay as the official language. Also, for Tony, being fluent in Chinese, he can appeal to potential Chinese voters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Maxine McKew, a newcomer politician, defeated John Howard in Bennelong in the Australian Federal Election. According to the Australian news, "She put the swing in her favour down to an 'old fashioned grassroots campaign' that included doorknocking 26,000 homes.",25197,22818021-2702,00.html

Anonymous said...

""Hi Tony, This chinese blog means you are still motherland mentality? I thought we must think malaysian?""

such silly and stupid question...

then chinese here not malaysian?
indian here not malaysian?

you are the one putting the lines between all of the people in this country!

this is a multi racial country, not a malay or muslim country... please... be a lil bit mature when saying things...

Anonymous said...

Deargod this is a multi racial country and also Malay and Muslim country. Pl wake up to reality