Tuesday, November 27, 2007

B.A. (Hons) Thuggery Graduates

I wrote plenty about our universities offering Bachelors and Masters degrees in Thuggery.

Well, the above clip shows a successful product of our university education. Dato' Nozula Mat Diah, Barisan Nasional state assemblyman for Paloh, Kelantan demonstrated his skills in the Kelantan State Assembly. These UMNO chaps can't behave when they are in power, they behave worse when they are in the opposition.

Check out Harakah online for the full story.


Anonymous said...


Nothing new at all. What do you expect from a bunch of thugs, racists and thieves?

Unknown said...


And i thought, the BN leadership said that peaceful rallies are not their culture.

They were telling the truth. From the State Assembly to the street, voilence is the BN way.

Throw them a few more logical questions, that they cannot shout thier way out + the BN boys would be jumping out of their chairs, to strangle the opposition females MPs in Parliment.

"We will face up to the challenge"........BN style.

din merican said...


We have a tragic state of affairs. A government of, for and by the people is now a company of thugs, rogues, and mafia types bent on plundering the wealth of the nation.

I do not know when our brothers and sisters in rural communities will realise that they are getting a raw deal. Day in and day out, we hear of abuse of power, corruption and cronyism. We have inflation getting out of control, rising crime in our communities, our education in need of repair, our civil service grossly underperforming and government out of touch with reality.

Our media is biased in their reporting as parties who are not with the government are being demonised.The Opposition parties are denied the opportunity to debate issues at national and local levels.

It is almost impossible to publish our letters to the editors of major newspapers. We are worse than the previous regime in Indonesia. There,the media is free and independent.

Without exaggeration, one can say that we are entering our darkest hour and light at the end of tunnel remains in distant view.

I am appealing to both PAS and DAP to work with us in common cause. I know that unity between us is now within reach. Let us come to a meeting of the minds quickly.

The mood for change has come. The PM's announcement that he will invoke the ISA to prevent free and peaceful assembly of Malaysians is shocking. It also reflects a panic.

We should elect a government with new faces, fresh ideas and strong democratic ideas.

Din Merican

Jacky Chin said...

Dear Tony,

I love you blog, this time I can't help but to laugh out loud about the kicking thing...really funny bunch of people...

Chubby Chin

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

I and my wife have been life members of MCA since the 1970’s and have voted for BN in most of the past GEs.

Only in recent years thru the information I have been able to access via the internet, esp MalaysiaToday, Malaysiakini, LKS blog, etc, have I realised the spin that the govt had spun all these years since I don’t know when, concerning the hidden agendas of marginalising the non-Malays (note : not the bumiputras by definition) in the country’s progress and development. Yes, there were a lot of discriminations that were known - govt employment, govt contracts, scholarships, business opportunities, etc, etc, etc - that obviously were racially-oriented. We the non-Malays survived thru all this. Can the non-Malays tolerate more of this after 50 years?

The Bersih and Hindraf rallies have answered. The eyes of the world are focussed on Malaysia. The Badawi govt is concerned. The international communities are concerned. The India govt is concerned. I am also confident the China govt is keeping tabs. I am also confident that the Royalty in Malaysia are concerned, albeit remaining silent at present.

I feel the revolution has begun, it is the beginning, it will take a long while, but change in the governing coalition policy is inevitable. Let us all have confidence that this will happen.

My family now comprise 7 adults (incl in-laws) who are registered with the SPR. We will all vote in the coming GE for opposition parties, irrespective of whether they are DAP, Keadilan, PAS or others.

The oppositon parties however must show maturity in their ideals for a true Malaysian nation. Too often in the past, petty and ridiculous issues were raised for publicity sake. Stop all these. Be matured and raise real issues, and THE PEOPLE WILL SUPPORT.

I hope this message will open the eyes of Malaysians who feel there are injustices to certain sectors of the population. I do not blame people for continuing to vote for BN, as most of these people are un-informed of the true political situation in the country thru their lack of knowledge - relying only on the govt-controlled media.

Anonymous said...

hey tony why did u leave singapore lol.

asean scholar somemore, the men-in-white would prob give you a fast-track to mp-dom.