Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beruk Calling Beruk

So much to blog about... how-lah. Where got enough time??

Khairy Jamaluddin had during the UMNO General Assembly called for the organisers of the BERSIH rally to be arrested. He likened the demonstrators to 'beruks'.
“Don’t be like monkeys (beruk) on streets. If you want to fight, fight in the real ring like a man."
You can check out his speech here on YouTube.

Well, I'm guilty of demonstrating at the BERSIH rally, and hence by Khairy's definition, I'm now officially a 'beruk'. ;-)

But interestingly enough, Khairy who has led plenty of street protests as well in Malaysia, a fellow 'beruk' as well? Check out this clip from none other than the Oracle of Truth with Khairy himself leading the show with a group of protesters who tried to force their way into the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. ;-)

And not forgetting, even when not "demonstrating", he certainly carried traits of being one at Ijok ;-).


Unknown said...


ooiw !!! Walaupun he was beruking in the 1st video, how come no beruk catchers came in with the red beruk trunks ???

Second video, he was beruking with more class. That what we call Beruk 2 talam.

Anonymous said...

The Beruk of Beruks (read KJ) might be an Oxford graduate just like you, Tony, but he is a disgrace to your august alma mater because to my knowledge Oxford has never produced a Beruk quite like him who, though aspiring to be a future statesman, displays only the qualities of sampah masyarakat.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that beruk certainly looks familiar. Oh wait a minute, he's AAB's beloved pet, or is it AAB's owner?

1) AAB's the owner of beruk.
2) AAB's the pet of beruk.

Make your choice!!

But either way, AAB sucks although he's good at erection.

Anonymous said...

Even if you are a beruk, you are an alpha male beruk and not like that other group of 'beruks' who refuse your invitation to debate. ( That one is probably emasculated beruk)

Anonymous said...


What is this nonsense of not using one cent coin and 'rounding off' the value to 5 sens? Wouldn't this add more to over pricing and cheating since the sellers would not definitely round off the values to lose but would round off to gain? Another crappy and pro inflationary step ny BN?

Lissie said...

oh this is a classic! i'm so glad you posted it up. did he just say 'hak asasi di cerobohi oleh amerika dan israel' - does he even know what he's saying?!

KJ's no stranger to protests and hooliganism ... ijok, hijacking the burmese rally in KL .... take a bigger and well seasoned beruk to call others beruk.


we should give him a yellow thorny crown as king beruk!

Anonymous said...

What we have here is a well educated, well connected, charismatic speaker (he does do very well to rouse his UMNO youth crowd), who has the makings of a very formidable politician, with the ambition to match.

He's smart, and he's playing to the kind of sentiments that will get him elected into positions of power. Don't forget, Dr. Mahatir wrote 'The Malay Dilemma' and then lasted as PM almost 25 years, which is some feat when you consider the kind of cutthroat politics that goes on behind the scenes in UMNO.

My point is, what SCARES me the most is he's not a 'beruk', quite the opposite, and he will stop at nothing in order to wrest the kind of power he desires.

Anonymous said...

KJ is just a shoe polisher with a big dream to become Malaysia's Prime Minister when he reaches 40 years old. If it happens, you can bet your bottom ringgit that he will turn Malaysia upside down and inside out.

Anonymous said...

Malu lah, Oxford graduate ini macam punya standard.

Anonymous said...

I echo tsgarp's comments. This Oxford grad (and I don't mean Tony!)is a dangerous fellow.

Be wary of him.

Anonymous said...

When BN suffers major losses of votes in 2008 (MOST LIKELY!), Bodohwi will be lose internal support from UMNO and will be expelled by BN. This thug cum scum of the society can then no longer make any noise. I will then offer him a job as an animal trainer to tame beruks.

Anonymous said...


I think we should thank this infamous beruk.

It's his rude, racist, uncivilised behaviours that cause BN a bad name and declining popularity among the voters.

We'll witness this in 2008: Bodohwi's premiership will be destroyed by his own spoit devil son-in-law!!

Anonymous said...

At leasst you take the term beruk like a man, unlike some who went jumping around, because people called them beruk, and in the process dutifully confirmed that they are beruk by theri jumping and screaming abilities.

Anonymous said...

Please try to read the paper entitled "The social contract: The constitutional Covenant" by Tommy Thomas presented at the 14th Malaysian Law Conference.

Anonymous said...

Err...........didn't Gali Jambanludin too demonstrated when US Secretary of State ?

Doesn't it make the bugger a beruk too ??