Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fight Club

Has our Parliament, our very august House become a "Fight Club"?

The issue which was being debated in Parliament was the huge increase in Quit Rent in the northern state of Kedah. In particular, for land demarcated as "Tanah Bandar" or urban areas, the Quit Rent increased by as much as 900%!

120,000 people have signed a petition protesting against this development in the state.

What further complicated the issue was the fact that the state government re-defined, illegally, the definition of "Tanah Bandar" to mean anything other than "tanah luar simpanan Melayu". Hence, even in villages which are not sited in Malay reserved land, it'll be classified at "Tanah Bandar" and be subjected to astronomical Quit Rent! (There's something biblical about all this...)

If the Kedah state government is successful in its attempt to extort quit rent from its population based on such unjust and discriminatory principles, you can be assured that the other Barisan Nasional-led state governments will certain follow suit to do the same, if not worse. This is a clear example of the "absolute" power given to BN that is detrimental to the rakyat's interest.

However, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Datuk S Sothinathan, who was unable to respond to the question raised by the Parliamentary Opposition Leader gave the typical reply that the opposition "should not politicise" the issue (!)

When pressed that it is clear that MIC obviously has no say in Government and hence his helplessness in helping the rakyat against the UMNO-led Kedah state government, a pandemonium ensued (as usual, sigh). In the midst of it, typical of MIC political culture, the honourable deputy minister challenge YB Fong Po Kuan to a fight "mari lawan!" outside parliament. What an absolute disgrace.

Today of course, the press published reports that the honourable deputy minister was only issuing a political election "lawan" challenge, but not a physical fist fight. You can make your own judgement.

You can view the full report on Sdr Lim Kit Siang's blog, or alternatively, watch the video yourself (it's 7 minutes long) on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Ask the 120,000 signatories to pangkah DAP this coming election!

Anonymous said...

First Sothinathan behaviour is bad, then the excuse he give is pathetic. How do an opposition chose to 'fight' in an election? They hardly have much choice where to fight due to gerrymeandering much less when.

Also Sothinathan has no say either to fight an election, its all decided by Samy Velly with PM, DPM and OKT and Koh Tsu Koon. So how can he challenge Fong Po Kuan to an election fight?

His behaviour perpetuate the stereotype against Indians and he should apologize to his own community as much as to Fong Po Kuan perhaps even more so...

Anonymous said...

When they can't answer questions in the august House due to guilt or their own mistakes, typical behaviours of BN MPS are as follows:

1. shout 'bodoh' at you
2. make dirty 'bocor' jokes
3. challenge you to fight outside
4. make noise together to cover up your mouth
5. take medical leave to Australia or attend unimportant functions in London (e.g., Pak Lah and Chang Kong Choi! Chang Kong Choi, pls look at the traffic chaos in the country and the sorry state of public transportation system!!!! what have do done as the transport minister apart from attending opening ceremony everyday?)


I stongly suggest that you compile an e-book entitled '1000 (or more) reasons why you should not vote for Barisan Nasional'!! Use figures and facts to convince voters to vote opposition instantly! Do it now, time is running out! I can help you to distribute to at least 5 million voters to change their mind.

Does the corrupt BN government still deserve another chance? The answer is a definite 'NO'!!! 1st Jan08 confirmed toll rate will increase as Mr.Semi no value just announced the usual speeach 'if we don't allow them to increase, the government needs to compensates billions....'

According to insiders' news, these are the predicted petrol prices in Malaysia:

2008: RM 2.5/litre
2009: RM 2.8/litre
2009: RM 3.5/litre
2010 (when we import petrol): RM 7.5/litre
2011: RM 12/litre.....omg!!!

The ountry will be doomed in UMNO's hand!!!

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that many BN MPs should be awarded a Honorary Ph.D in Thuggery from UPM.

Anonymous said...

Sothi ... be a good doggy. Go fetch your UMNO master slippers. Go boy go!

Victor said...

I have watched the video, and I cringed when I saw Lim Kit Siang politicising the issue. Yes..I assert that he started the argument by saying that BN will lose the election unless the quit rent issue is resolved. He also brought in the irrelevant issue of deepavali/umno gathering/MIC subservience etc. I support the opposition, but here it is clear that Mr Lim was in the wrong. Parliament is where you debate the welfare of the ppl, not for you to be shallow..If you guys have the courage to admit it, then I salute you. Otherwise....pffft..I hope you guys in the opposition can look into yourself in the mirror and do some self examination.

Anonymous said...

Dear Victor,

If you are so critical about LKS politicising this issue, I would expect you to have lots of comments on Pak Lah, Najib, Hishamudin, KJ, and all those BN goons who never fail to politicise every issue big or small.

I too do hope that you can look into yourself to do some self examination. Like the Malay proverb 'Kuman seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata tak nampak'.

Ordinary Malaysian

Victor said...

Yeah rite..
i dont care if umno goons are politicising every issue..lks is in the opposition', if he wants ppl to vote for his party then at least act in a way that make ppl want to vote for his party. if he is 5X5 with the gomen..then what better is he?

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, the ruling party in the hands of the few elite malays or UMNOputras misused their power to enrich themselves through corruption and imposed biased policies that are in favour of them. In order to stay in power they blind the eyes of their own communities by using racial issues so that their communities will continue to support them. They used a few representatives of other races by giving them positions in the government in order to act as their stooge so as to blind the world as well as their own races in the name of SHARING POWER. This makes the world thinks that in Malaysia the policies are fair and every citizens are given equal rights. One of the world body that have been fooled by this elite malays or UMNOputras is the United Nations.