Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Am "De-Sensitised"

(OK, don't make rude jokes about the above title!)

In the past, my blood boils when I hear the nonsense spewed by the honourable Minister in the Prime Minister's department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. Now, I'm de-sensitised, and just regard him as a senior court jester, and a pretty sad one at that. His task is impossible for he has to create humour out of dire circumstances. The latest of his histronics is downright hilarious, in a sorry kind of way.

As reported in Malaysiakini, he had to hide behind parliamentary immunity to call Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a "pondan". Note of course, the irony. ;-)

Now, just in case you doubt Malaysiakini credibility for you are being told by our honourable Ministers that Malaysiakini is nonsense, have a look at the 6 minute parliamentary clip above yourself. So, who is nonsense?


Anonymous said...

Please dont get worked up by the sight of one or two "monkeys' monkeying around

What do you expect? Majority want these 'monkeys' around

Unknown said...


Are those BN guys or pasar malam penjual minyak kuatkan batin?

Anonymous said...

Why are these jokers (Zam, Nazri) showing such stupid reactions & comments?

Standard 3 students can behave and react better.

There is a valid reason to this.

They are scared. Very scared of the coming elections.

They know it will be no easy fight this time and their anxiety can be seen tru their childish antics.

They know. This time they might LOSE! It is for real. BN will be kicked out for the first time in the history of Malaysia. No joke. Look at Zam, Badohwi & Nazri. They look bloody worried, probably sheeting in their pants now. No joke, man. It is going to happen. BN will LOSE in the coming GE!

Anonymous said...

Don’t underestimate power of the people. Once the moment gets going there is no stopping them. Let the government challenged the people of Malaysia and see what happens. The best scenario I can think of is rallies in all towns in Malaysia simultaneously.

I dare ZAM to expel Al-Jazeera from Malaysia.

News from another source for all bloggers to read.



Government tells media not to report on rally for electoral reforms

Country/Topic: Malaysia
Date: 12 November 2007
Source: Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA)
Target(s): journalist(s)
Type(s) of violation(s): censored
Urgency: Threat

(SEAPA/IFEX) - Malaysian authorities have instructed the local media not to give coverage to a rally calling for free and fair elections, to be held on 10 November 2007 in the capital city Kuala Lumpur, reports the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), a SEAPA partner in Malaysia. [Editor’s note: the rally took place on 10 November and was broken up by police.]

The mainstream media - which are largely under government control through ownership and restrictive laws - were also ordered to report only the authorities’ views and to refrain from highlighting the rally or publishing the organisers’ statements, reports the sole independent web-based daily “Malaysiakini”.

The Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin recently told the media in a special meeting with editors that they need not report the truth - especially news that paints the government in a bad light. According to a 12 October “Malaysiakini” report, the minister said that, under the instruction of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he would be giving such “advice” to the media regularly.

As the prime minister has vowed to crack down on the rally, organised by the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, the government’s latest order to the media, which has the obvious intention of preventing public knowledge about the event, bodes ill.

The government’s outright hostility to the rally is all the more menacing as a past public talk on electoral reforms, which was to have been held on 9 September in Batu Buruk town in the state of Terengganu by the same organisers, could not begin after clashes broke out between the police and the participants, during which police shot into the crowd, injuring two people. A journalist from opposition Internet broadcaster TV PAS was arrested, along with 22 others in the following weeks. According to CIJ, media reports of the clashes were biased toward the police, with little mention of the organisers’ side of the story.

The organisers, a coalition of 67 civil society groups and five opposition parties, came together to address a flawed electoral system that has resulted in a one-party state since 1955. According to an independent analysis, in the 2004 general election, one vote for the ruling coalition equalled three for the leading opposition party, eight for the next and 26 for the third.

At least 10,000 campaign supporters are expected to assemble at the Independence Square in the heart of the capital city at 3:00 p.m. (local time) before marching to the National Palace about 2.5 kilometres away to petition to the King for four electoral reforms: i.e., the use of indelible ink, clean-up of the electoral roll, abolition of domestic postal voting, and fair access to the media. CIJ Executive Director V. Gayathry will be among those in the delegation leading the crowd.

Rallies are rare in Malaysia as the constitutional guarantee for freedom of assembly under Article 10 is limited by harsh freedom of assembly laws, most infamous of which is the 1962 Police Act, which requires a permit for gatherings of more than three people. Opposition and civil society groups often choose to disregard this law, insisting on exercising their right to peaceful assembly as a democratic way of getting their voices “heard” in the country’s restrictive media environment.

The last time large numbers of people came out to protest was in May 2006, over fuel price hikes. Coverage in the mainstream media was muted, as it had been for protests building up in the months before, following a media blackout order from the government. Police dispersed the crowds by shooting chemical-laced water at them, beating them with batons and canes, bringing in dogs to intimidate them and riding horses into them. An inquiry by the Malaysian Human Rights Commission into police conduct at one particular demonstration later found there was “excessive force” used to disperse peaceful protesters and that “the arrests made were disproportionate to the aims of preventing disorder and protecting the rights of other and are not necessary in a democratic society”.

Ironically, citing concerns of disturbance to public order, the police rejected the permit for the 10 November 2007 gathering. The capital city’s police chief, Zulhasnan Najib Baharuddin, warned the public to stay away from the rally or risk legal action. The police planned to deploy about 4,000 officers to disperse the crowd and set up roadblocks to prevent people from going to the square. Roadblocks were already appearing on 9 November on major roads into the city in an apparent move to stop people from other states, bused in by the opposition parties, from joining the rally.

State-owned television stations have been running clips of violent demonstrations in other parts of the world, including the 9 September riot in Batu Buruk. One such clip ends with the warning: “Demonstrations will only bring violence”.

Anonymous said...

i rather be a pondan than being a scumbag.a scumbag who acts so un-gentlemanly and an idiot who doesnt knw whr to focus on topics to ever give a good answer for questions thrown at him.hes just a clown among the crowds jeering and cheering just wanting to be heard.we hv a leader who says hes so decent and projecting such a clean image of himself and making pledges like giving sweets to a 3 year old.we hv a leader who encourages marrying single mothers so that he can do the same…a leader who looks like hes sleeping while talking…a son in law who seeks “protection” under his administration…a leader who does nothing abt all those scandals that involves millions and billions of dollars….a leader who spends so much money sending a fellow citizen to space and summore hv the nerve to tell us he will send another one up thr again…using whos money…for what….and worst of all…wats thr to be proud of whn our space technology is so far off behind even compared to singapore.wat a weirdo…a leader who doesnt even hv any sense of wisdom in the peoples needs.he brags abt shelving off the previous pm’s projects which brings no benefits to the country but he can come up with projects which are far more worse.a leader who has a bunch of scumbags making noise and making stupid statements everyday in the paper.and frankly speaking i stopped buying the “star” newspaper cos i got tired of reading only news fr scumbags and as u all shud knw the real reason why.a leader who can disappear without a trace.a leader who cant even acknowledge the peoples discontentments and all the grievances go unheard.so many things thats being covered up and this pm of ours think people of malaysia are all stupid.if talk too much we go ISA makan angin.if we dig too much he says documents under OSA.what a bunch of craps.

Anonymous said...

No no Tony, you can't be de-sensitized. They are hoping that everyone will be de-sensitized with them, and then they can do whatever shit they like.

So please Tony, please continue to be a spectator like the rest of us do. It's a free monkey show put up by Najis. Where else in the world can you find such an entertaining monkey scratching the butt of a human?

Anonymous said...

To all malaysians

how much longer do we have to put up with slimy, name-calling, hypocritical members of the government like Nazri and Zam?

Not much longer i hope.

Would you give them the mandate to toy with the rakyat for another 4 years?

10 Eleven heralded a new age in malaysian politics.

We could do more. We stood up and we fought, with dignity. You and I saw it. We are now empowered.

Rakyats, have you felt more powerful than this, knowing that the corrupt government is finally afraid of its people?

Make them sweat. Let them be afraid.

We could do more.

Anonymous said...

If Lim Kit Siang is a pondan, then when i grow up, i want to be a pondan of a politician :)

Anonymous said...


Why call this rude, uncivilised moron "honourable Minister"?! There is no need to feel angry about his disgraceful act. If you are angry, he wins. Save your enegy to better educate the voters.

Compared to 5 years ago, our voters now are much more mature and won't be easily fooled by the mainstream media and the innocent-looking-but-indeed-cunning Pak Lah.

We know how to vote in the coming GE, we will punish them accordingly. I am not kidding you, more than 95% of my 200 friends (mixture of all races) who were BN supporters in the last GE told me recently that they will vote any opposition this round!!

I have also consulted a face reading expert, upon examination of your photo, he is convinced that you will play a dominant role in Malaysian politics and is a BIG threat to the BN government. So keep up the good work, we are all behind you!!

God Bless you. We really can't wait to see you dedate for our rights in the August house.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Honestly, this clip actually put your boss, LKS in a very 'difficult' position. His command of the BM is hardly 'proficient', stuttering and more of aiming to provoke rather than seeking for answers (ironically, very similar to the Zam's interview with Al-Jazeera). While i am extremely disappointed with the BN, i sometimes wonder IF the Opposition can actually deliver the Rakyat's message succinctly and defend the people's action (BERSIH in particular). If you are going to show this clip to the kampung folks, i can assure you that they will be on Nazri's side, hands down.