Monday, November 12, 2007


The following article on "B.A.(Hons) Thuggery" published in Oriental Daily on 14th October was based on a few posts I wrote on my Education blog - B.A.(Hons) Thuggery, MA Thuggery (UPM) and the latest, B.A.(Hons) Thuggery (II).

No thanks to the annual occasions where the UPM establishment protects the bullies and blames the victims, the latest being first-year UPM student Yee Yang Yang who had to consider legal action to get back his laptop and other items which was unreasonably seized by the campus security. Clearly, UPM offers academic programmes which allows its degree holders to join the thugs at UMNO Youth. ;-)















WY said...


What's the outcome of that case? As with many other "powerless" Malaysians, our line of news come from what's available to us on the mainstream/internet...

Did the guy get his stuff back? any oongoing legal case?


Anonymous said...

was the security guard sacked>
Was the VC demoted?

Unknown said...


I don't know if this is the case that i saw on you tube. If this was the one, then welcome to the Malaysian paradise. Didn't they say it is truly amazing?

There was this group of students trying to practice the universal right to associate. Then out of the blue came this group of so call student unionists. The 1st group of student was told to close shop, because there is already a students union, meaning the 2nd group lah.

Then came the university security. Certainly the security at those moments didn't know who was who. But the student unionists were kicking chairs, manhandling, mobbing + verbally abusing the 1st group. Maybe the guards were waiting for an independent panel to be set up, to find out the truth, before acting.

Then, the 1st group of student went to complain to the security office. The officer, at least he looks + acted like one, came + told the victims not to make trouble. Truly amazing. The victims were told to get lost or they might be suspended from school. All this despite being shown the abuse caught on films, truly amazing.

The security officer then wanted to cabut in a car driven by another guy. The 1st group of students = victims blockage his car, brave students indeed. Then the police came supposing to be the judge. Alas, one on of student from group one = victims, got his lap top confiscated. "To further investigated". Truly amazing.

The security office + police made no attempt at all to investigate, the fiasco that took place earlier by the 2nd group = student unionists. Truly amazing, truly Malaysian, truly BN, truly out of this world, truly a space power.

Golf Afflicted said...

UPM has reluctantly admitted to some "flaws" in its process and returned the belongings to the student.

Check the Suaram report here.

Anonymous said...

KJ should be awarded a Ph.D in Thuggery from UPM.