Thursday, July 23, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock Trust Fund

DAP has set up a trust fund specifically to look after the financial needs of the unborn child of the late Sdr Teoh Beng Hock. We target to raise at least RM500,000 to 600,000 and the fund shall be used for his living, medical, education and other needs. The trustees to the account are Sdri Teo Nie Ching, MP for Serdang who acts on behalf o the party, and Sdr Teoh's wife, Soh Cher Wei.

This is the ONLY trust fund set up for the welfare of Sdr Teoh’s unborn child. The family has not given consent for the setting up of any other fund for this purpose.

The details are as follows:
Name of account: “TEOH BENG HOCK TRUST FUND”
Bank account: Public Bank
Branch: Cawangan Sri Kembangan
Account No.: 3154 127 533
This fund is being launched at tonight's memorial at KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and we'll keep the public updated on its progress. On behalf of the DAP and Sdr Teoh's family, we'd like to express our thanks to all generous donors.


Arena Green said...

Thanks for the info!

Hope everyone will chip in whatever they can afford as a gesture of support to Teoh's loved ones.

May his soul rest in peace knowing Malaysians DO care!

Lord1128 said...

I hope more Malaysians will donate towards this fund in remembrance of Mr. Teoh who had sacrificed himself in the course of struggle for democracy in malaysia.I am writing from Jakarta and I will donate from Indonesia.

giam2020 said...

Donate and be blessed, show fellow
Malaysians that we are a caring lot
and sent a message to the government.
A life, he has sacrifice for a better
tomorrow for fellow Malaysian and this is the least we can repay him.

int said...

Very nice move... wanted to say "very nice gesture" but then I realised this is so much more than a gesture.

If it's possible to conveniently donate online, that would be nice.

loy said...

YB Pua,
thanks for your information, can you explain more about how this fund operate? i mean the allocation from time to time. my family and I wish to contribute some money to this fund. i still young and don't understand how the fund operate.

thank you

Anonymous said...

i will do that.johan

Anonymous said...

consider it as "democracy fund"

donated to the cimb account listed on the correct right?

Anonymous said...

there are over 22k joined the group in fcbk. rm 100 each already over 200k. surely some tan sri, dato, datuk, even tun can chip in.

casper c said...

Well done Tony and all funding the trust but I'm certain, Ms Soh would decline it all just to have Beng Hock back in one piece.

Early days, I suggested we all adopt the child spiritually - consider yourself godparent - as Ms Soh is carrying all our futures in her womb that will soon birth us the quintessential ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA.

*P/S I'm sure the significance of the first moon is not lost on you. Give the expectant mother her space but it would be a grand gesture if support is accorded throughout, perhaps a task most suited by missus Tony. Due to the delicate situation, such a task requires the touch of an equally delicate feminine hand.

Richard Cranium said...

OK, can you tell me the understanding struck between the DAP and the Ms Tan?

Will there be "trust administration" fees that DAP or the trustees will take first?

If so, what are the upkeep fees? And who determines how the money is to be spent?

This is a little shallow in details, man.

A true Malaysian said...

I will do my part.

Golf Afflicted said...

If it wasn't clear to some, the DAP doesn't take a single cent from this account.


denzook said...

don't you think it would be better if you or Ean become the unborn child ayah angkat for Teoh's death is indirectly linked to Ean and DAP.

Anonymous said...

I bet Najib and the macc is going to donate RM0.00

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

Had no doubt about the integrity of this trust fund. Already donated to the bereavement fund earlier. Put it up on the fcbk group under TBH. Think PAS also set up a similar fund - how nice. Check out YAB Khalid Samad - Shah Alam - blog on this.

If the trust fund was set up by BN, we can bet half of it will go missing or used for useless projects that are grossly over budget (like PKFZ).

Btw, digressing a bit, when TDM was questioned on the Lingam case, semua tak ingat. Sudah lupa. But suddenly, when the MACC is under scrutiny, TDM came out & started talking about Malays losing power. How is this related??? Case of rare chronic amnesia? MACC is under the purview of PM - so how is this topic of Malays losing power connected to MACC??? Did he mean corruption & chronism losing power perhaps? As you know there is always 'reading between the lines' whenever TDM speaks.

I respect TDM for his past deeds for the country but this is really uncalled for. It shows that even within BN, the 1-Malaysia concept is not very clear & transparent as glass. As a senior statesman & past leader, he should be focusing more on nation building, be the international salesman for Malaysia again. This would be more rewarding, instead of bringing up racial issues from out of the ashes.

elizabeth said...

I think the giving should be prompted by love, and based on each person's capability and conviction. By having dual signatory, some form of check and balance is being put in place. However, I like to think that, once we are moved to give, not just to provide for the child's future, but it is also for me, a small token to say how much we appreciate our brother. If I give RM10,000 and we can have him back, it would be too small an amount to give.

Give because we want to give, period, no strings attached. As to how the money will be spent, lets leave it to the beneficiary of the trust fund to be concerned with, ok?

I am not a DAP member, but to suggest that dap is making money out of this fund, it is really bad taste!!!

Richard Cranium said...

"I am not a DAP member, but to suggest that dap is making money out of this fund, it is really bad taste!!!". Nobody is saying DAP is making money from this.

If it is RM22,000, nobody will bother much. If generosity prevails, say, RM500,000, then it is a big sum that people will fight over, whether shiny-armoured DAP or not.

So, people are asking that we implicitly trust DAP because they are "not BN"? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

i don't think it's a good idea. after all, teoh was only an ordinary person who worked for living. who knows, he made up his decision to jump just to end up everything(he may be guilty). the child has his mother, let them got thru life as it is, work hard to make a better living.

Ng Woon Lam said...

Will definitely support this. Good work by DAP.

solidleong said...

Thanks for the info. I shall definitely do my bit and will inform my daughter, who just started work to do so.

denzook said...

well, you should start the fund when only her fiancee gives birth (that's 9mths). then see if dap still got the fighting power to continue this issue....

denzook said...

anon 4:34 ... you tak suka derma you punya pasal ... it's our own judgement whether to give or not, not yours. if i feel TBH child and family indeed deserved to be helped since his abrupt death is connected to rascal gov enforcers, ini i punya pasal.

elizabeth said...

Dear richard cranium,

Re your 3.36 comment, let me say this, when we give a donation, be it towards this trust fund, an established charity like world vision or a need highlighted in the newspapers, we have a choice, whether to give or not.

In all cases, we do not have full confidence whether the funds will be used in exactly the way we intend it. We rely on our instinct, exercise as much judgmemnt as we can, and then decide whether to give or not, and if giving, how much.

The other option is to not give, becuz we don have 100% guarantee or confidence on how the money will be administered. But to do this, it may also mean that many who need help will not be receive the much needed assistance.

Anyway, Richard, feel free to give to the fund if you like. But if you have concerns, then by all means, do not give.

Anonymous said...

I think a good way to generate more fund is through education plan. At the same time, the education plan can be used to give protection to the guardian as well as the kid. Is there such consideration in the fund handling as well?

fylam said...

This is what I have to say :

Giving to TBH trust fund comes from the heart.

No one will force anyone to donate against his free will.

It is out of compassion for the child who lost a father and a staunch supporter for the child in times of need but there is none now.

Yes, if Teoh was an ordinary person and living today, he will not ask for donations for his son anyway. He has his own honour too.

joe said...

Is it safe to transfer the money to this trust fund? How can I be sure that the money falls into the wrong hand? PErsonally I think the trust fund should be banked into TBH's wife directly.

Anonymous said...

to transfer fund from maybank thro intrnet, there is a request of recipient ID. Mr Pua, can you help to provide this info for further action?

thank you.