Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Crime Rate Soars in Perak

The Perak police have announced that crime rate has soared in Perak over the first 6 months. Now, why am I not surprised?
...cases involving robbery increased by 197 cases from 541 cases in the first six months of last year to 739 cases this year, a 36 per cent hike.

Car theft from January to June this year went up from 55 for the whole of last year to 138 cases in the first six months alone this year, a jump of 150.91 per cent.

...snatching theft rose from 195 cases to 268 in the first half of the year, up 37.44 per cent.
With the Perak police being more interested to become the security forces for Barisan Nasional in protecting the power grab in Perak, as well as suppressing all forms of civil and peaceful actions by Pakatan Rakyat, it is unfortunate that the ultimate victims are the rakyat who are robbed twice over - once by BN, and another by free-roaming criminals.

And as usual, the Perak Chief Police Officer (CPO), Datuk Zulkefli Abdullah lays the blame on the people:
He was upset with the attitude of the people in the state, who did not provide information to the police about crimes in their area. He said the meet-the-people programmes at police stations held each Tuesday were not well received by the public.
How about the fact that he has diverted thousands of police personnel to conduct unnecessary road blocks, to disrupt peaceful political dinners, to confiscate video recordings of police brutality, to shut down restaurants with patrons wearing black?

No, of course arresting men (and women) in black is of utmost importance compared to fighting rampant crime.


Anonymous said...

Who wants to meet the police at police stations? How many law abiding citizens feel safe there? We can be injured in so many ways in a police station; a swinging door, an unyielding wall, a slippery toilet, an unfriendly baton.... This Perak CPO is an incompetent BN/Umno bodek artist who is trying to shift accountability and responsibility to a public that no longer has faith in him and his men to fight crime and keep neighborhoods safe.

KoSong Cafe said...

This is what I have gathered from coffeeshop talk in Batu Gajah:

A retired teacher walked out of her house compound to talk to a neighbour a few doors away, was robbed of a gold necklace by two on a motorcycle.

A group of men robbed a man in his sixties at the old railway station. Not satisfied, they went towards Pusing and robbed motorists at a petrol station.

Farmers with a small number of goats were robbed of their goats too, which was a reason given by another why he did not rear goats in his orchard in Pusing.

Without going into further cases, I have personally come to the conclusion that it is best to avoid being alone in the park, either early in the morning or in the evening for some exercise. Avoid carrying unnecessary cash in case of robbery to minimise loss even though it seems defeatist.

Before going out, watch for any suspicious characters hanging around, especially those who are on motorbikes.

Years ago, my ex-classmate living in KL would, instead of opening his autogate to drive his car in, drive away and come back later if he sees stranger nearby. His friend's paranoia went to the extent of placing his pistol on his lap upon reaching his front gate because he was too late in drawing his gun from his foot once!

A few years ago, in Section 16, PJ, a gunman met more than his match when he pointed his gun at the occupants of a car when three bodyguards drew out their guns and started shooting at him!

The conclusion seems to be that once targetted, it is very difficult to get out of, unless one is lucky. Is it any wonder why now people believe everything is fated?

The police claimed they cannot be everywhere but they can spare thousands where oppositionists gather. If I were a baddy, I would take that into consideration when I plan my next move, wouldn't you?

Super Chu Chai said...

Not to mention the infamous treatment you get when "trying" to lodge a police report at the police station.. and i use the term "trying" as most of the times they will disuade you from lodging a report...

jooshin said...

cool stats to have =)

KoSong Cafe said...

Thursday night, at a wedding eve house dinner, heard about a robbery involving four men wielding parangs who tied up an old Indian woman in her house in the same Taman in Batu Gajah.

Friday morning, my wife heard about a robbery in Parit, involving some 20 guys who drove away 5 lorries laden with fertilizers (1 lorry broke down) and 12 Indonesian workers there were robbed of their handphones and their wages paid earlier.

What frightens me is the fact that a group of men were no deterrent to them. The desperation of this group of robbers is telling us of a bigger problem in our midst. They could have easily robbed a bank instead and ordinary households are living in fear.

NEO said...


A syambol of economy down fall.
More and more people loss thier jobs... no income...

Anonymous said...

an actual incident happened just at my doorstep, few senior citizens were having their usual morning walk at the neighbourhood (an open and bright area), out of sudden a group of motorcyclists passed by, and slapped one of them and drove away. On another occasion, some elderly were being pushed by motorcyclists (again) and snatched away their gold necklace. When report to police, the victims were accused of why they want to have morning walk in the morning. What are our DEAR police force doing...? Do they know that these things are happening everyway in Ipoh. Ipoh not only famous for good foods, friendly residents, and now, it is top by high crime. Can they pls do something....? I dont want to be a next!!!