Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lazy Journalism and Unethical Reporting

OK, I'm not writing about The Star this time, so my friends at the MCA-owned Star could breathe a sigh of relief ;-). Instead, this time, it's another MCA-linked news provider, The Malaysian Mirror.

If you have read this very long convoluted article "Nightmares for Khalid after Teoh's death", then you will understand what I mean by the title of this blog post. For one reason or another, Teoh's death is being in one way or another connected to Azmin's demand for a Selangor Exco reshuffle(!?)

But most glaringly, the writer chose to take assertions and insinuation in poison-pen blog post by some UMNO blogger as a matter of fact, and reported as such. It involves me, and my party's publicity department, so I should know. They had the following to describe Teoh:
What else was Teoh? He was a former journalist at Sin Chew Daily and a former assistant to Petaling jaya Utara MP Tony Pua.

He was said to be also one of those people who video-filmed a fracas at Parliament House on March 25, involving Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh and some Umno Youth members.

It is said there were two video recordings of the incident, one by a DAP member of the Ipoh Timur division and the other by an aide of Tony Pua. The second video clip was downloaded on to YouTube and the person responsible for that was said to be Teoh.

The video clipping was used by Umno Youth to its advantage as it allegedly showed that the wing did not harass the wheelchair bound Karpal Singh. For this, the DAP camp was not pleased.

Following this incident, Teoh was allegedly transferred to the State Secretariat building in Shah Alam and worked as Ean Yong’s political secretary.
By quoting such "credible" sources, and to give them validity shows the utter lack of integrity at the Malaysian Mirror. For one, Teoh NEVER worked a day for me, not even on a "by the way" basis like happening to photocopying documents for me. And two, Teoh NEVER worked for DAP's publicity department in-charge of video-recordings at the parliament, and hence he was never ever involved with the Karpal being threatened by UMNO Youth thugs case.

The above are easily verifiable facts that any reporter, no matter how junior, worth his or her salt can easily verify with either other reporters, the party or even myself. Obviously, since the above can't be printed in the Star without being sued for millions, the Malaysian Mirror has become the convenient place to disseminate these outright lies.

As to why, a reporter or journalist will want to prostitute her name and face to the article which is in all probability was not written by her, you'll have to ask her yourself. The money at the Malaysian Mirror has better be worth it.


Anonymous said...


thats what MCA is for. to be a lapdog for UMNO. newsprint was the main weapon via STAR. now, its the internet space.

by the way, we (my in laws and me) have asked the newspaper man to stop the daily delivery of the lying STAR papers. of course, nasty pee paper was dumped long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I take all news report by the STAR, NST with a bucketful of salt. The have reached very low levels by quoting 'news' from the blogs, esp one called RockyBru. (Berita Haram and Utusan Meloya are not worth mentioning, they're extremists employed by the UMNO's PM to divide and rule Malaysia, while he espoundes so-called 1Malaysia). I hope all right-thinking Malaysians wil remain objective and force the govt and its agencies to look at the submarine commissions, Toyoland, PKFZ, all these worth millions and billions. Let's also focus on getting the real truth out as to the cause of TBH's tragic death- The govt owes his family, wife and unborn child the answers. It should also provide childcare and education support for the child until he/she finishes tertiary education. We Malaysians should give all the moral support we can to Ms Soh, but the UMNO govt owes the child all the finacial support for taking away the father's life.


Anonymous said...

Hello friend,

Whenever something about UMNO/BN appears in the internet all are true?

Whatever appears against the DAP is baseless ka?

Mana ada aci... Come on la DAP, answer the allegation thrown at you! Don't hide la friend...

denzook said...

i agree, another unethical journalist whore ...

sound muffled ... kita orang bodoh ke!

tupingera said...

It's not just lazy journalism or unethical reporting but a baruah is a baruah is a baruah.

Anonymous said...

You can smell the fear that is running through UMNO and the eunuchs in MCA...

Lets take it to them:
BN Tidak Dapat DiSelamat Campaign- Get one Malay or Dayak or Iban to s say BN tidak dapat diselamatkan and tell them about Teoh and these so called bloggers..

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

I am personal friend of Shah A Dadameah who is, I think in charge of Malaysian Mirror and I know him to be a God fearing man with lots of honesty and integrity.
I haven't met Shah for ages but I will be very disappointed if he had degenerated to this level of gutter journalism at this ripe old age.
I hope he publicly disassociats himself from this article to ridicule a probable murder victim.

Anonymous said...

You have choice guys.Either you write to please the big brothers and keep your BMW and high salaries or drive a kancil and lose that job if you insist like a small boy wanting so much to write the truth.

Anonymous said...

The MCA & The Star can't face themselves in writing such S**T journalism - so they had to use a Mirror to do it. I read it & it stank a mile away the moment it tried to link Teoh's death to DAP.

YAB, sue them for not putting the facts right. The entire mainstream media must have been told to go all out to defame Pakatan, esp DAP. There is obviously some dirty hands behind all these dirty tactics - first Perak (PKR), then Kelantan (PAS), then Selangor (DAP) & Penang (DAP) at the same time. Hope you see the trend here.

These were all the 'lubang' that BN was looking for for their offensive before the next GE. You can bet that this is not the end, it is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.36

take an english class coz you seem be utterly deficient in that area.

tony just rebutted the allegations, didnt he?

pls, if you want to be a sycophant for the corrupt BN, go ahead and make it your port of call in life. but for goodness sake do it a bit more intelligently.

Anonymous said...

Well i will from now on won't read MM ever again!!

Anonymous said...

rubbish journalist writes rubbish story, spewing only lies and things that we all know it is too ridiculous to be true..

we, the ppl of Malaysia are all sick of reading news that are bias, full of prejudice and lacking in journalistic responsibilities. Rubbish in Rubbish out.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:36 is one of those clowns hired by BN to read this blog but forgot to ask if he knew how to read english.

even the Star editor was a disappointment. he was singing about the RCI but did not specifically said it was only limited in its investigations & not to investigate how the victim died in MACC's hands.

so, it is obvious all the editors of the MSM's balls (if they have) & hair (if they also have) are tied to BN paymaster.

Anonymous said...

Remember Daphe Loke, the MCA Integrity Watchdog Committee is from Segi College. As a lecturer at a private college, who do you think "directed or delegated" her the job to form a committee (not to check the superman) but to check his his challengers. The hint: Who owns Segi college?

The hint: applies here

Similarly, who owns the Mirror and whose "outfit"?

I think the answer is pretty clear. And where the strings are attached from where to where?

And the strings can be seen sourcing from Superman but to where? and to the Mirror?

The answers should be in your head by now.

Anonymous said...

Twisted reasoning and facts, she must have thought that we are all idiot with zero IQ!