Friday, July 31, 2009

More Misreporting?

This time, it appears that the culprit is Bernama.

Penang Chief Minister has requested that Bernama correct it 30 July report and instead print the complete and accurate version of his comments on the new RM300 million Sarawak State Assembly Building. He was reported to have said:
“Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was also impressed with the new building, adding that Sarawak had the capability to provide the state with more infrastructure facilities.”
However, what he said in Bahasa Malaysia were words to this effect:
“Bangunan ini menarik perhatian. Yang menarik saya adalah pembentukan modal insan dan sumber manusia seperti dalam bidang pendidikan. Adalah penting sekolah dapat bekalan letrik kerana apa gunanya computer tanpa bekalan letrik. Penetration untuk jalur lebar(broadband) di Sarawak adalah 13%. Saya lebih berminat memberikan tumpuan kepada aspek menaikkan kadar penetration broadband atau jalur lebar ini.”
Can you tell the difference?


jshin said...

big difference

pneoxian said...

This why English education is important.

Anonymous said...

utusan = dead, long time ago.
tv3 = dead long time ago.
star = dead since operasi lalang.
bernama / astro awani = dead too.

only reliable news source:
alternative media.


Anonymous said...

When you translate from one language to another word-for-word or phrase for phrase, its very easy to lose the emphasis and nuances unwittingly.. For BN spin machines, these are golden opportunity to abuse.

They know they got it wrong but from their point of view, the CM opened himself up to be abused, so..

Seriously, while the need to score pointers is important, you can't trust the mainstream media in any chance. Loook at TB4H and the grossness of it ALL...

Jeffrey Chew said...

Ini tukang karut Bernama man!

Anonymous said...

I thought those clown don't understand English, but now they also don't understand Bahasa, may be LGE should speak French! After all, it makes no difference cos' those clown just write what they want to spin!

Anonymous said...

it's like heaven & earth. think they will have a new post for bm-english translator soon?

anyhow, YAB, what do you make of this?

Chris Yap said...

Remember during our SPM BM paper we get extra points for isi tersirat in the summarizing test which i always think its ridiculous. Know i know what's the purpose for the extra

Anonymous said...

out of topic...

compared to other commonwealth of democratic systems, do they allow the civil service, army & police to vote?

indonesia if not wrong recently declared that army & police can't vote. this should be the way. so that police & army cannot "extort" any ruling party.

Anonymous said...

Come on It is normal for the government propaganda machines to specially package any news depending on the audiences.
Watch the news on the different TV channels and notice the different spins each time!

Old watchman