Thursday, July 02, 2009

PKFZ: Full Support to Stop Payment

We would like to express our fullest support to the PKA for witholding the RM660 million payment to Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd with regards to the PKFZ project.

The DAP Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng has requested for the Transport Ministry to stop payments to KDSB or any other parties, until the culprits responsible for the scandal are arrested and charged in court yesterday, and we are elated that the PKA has agreed with the suggestion made.

The Transport Minister must now expedite the investigations into the various wrong-doings, abuse of power, conflict of interest, criminal neglect as well as possible corruption in the handling and management of the PKFZ project.

Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat must now ensure that all 222 Members of Parliament receive the long-promised but still outstanding copies of the complete PKFZ audit report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) before the current parliamentary session ends on Thursday, 2nd July. The delay and failure of delivering these key and critical documents signals the reluctance of the Government to reveal the truth and nothing but the whole truth to the public to ensure that the wrong-doers are duly punished.

The Minister must also demonstrate his sincerity and ministerial responsibility by giving an full account of the various wrong-doings, abuse of power and other weaknesses as found by the Ministry to date to ensure that the Parliament as well as the overall Malaysian public is given full accountability of the PKFZ, instead of continuing to evade the very pertinent questions in the minds of the people at large.


Anonymous said...

doubt further action will be done. this stop payment just for show. bbc chairman will be knocking on otk door for payment everyday until he get it. don't forget, bbc chairman is mca man. he & his buddies are ready to cash out. if not, will form team c in mca...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I read from newspaper the reports has been delivered into the hands of the responsible officer in charge in Parliament. I think its somebody in Parliament office.

Please scold that officer for too lazy to distribute the reports. It's his job and he should be scolded accordingly.


Jajarbink said...

Infact its paid much earlier and now just doing some wayang kulit.

Is thare anyway one could confirm that there is no such payment being made?

Don't bite the bullet blindly.

Anonymous said...

Why does it need so much time on this PKFZ "drama"...???

PWC is a professional body & in their business for years...! They know how to do their job & do it properly....!!!

Is it becoz there "ARE" high ranking goons involved, that's why documents needs to be rewritten again & again...!!

In the end there's a "NO CASE"....!
Just like the Lingam case....?????

If Lim Guan Eng has the basic common sense to tell PKA to stop all payment till the case is solved (if ever...!), then what the "bullocks" was Ong Tee Keat doing all these while...??????????

PKFZ has been loosing money for years.
Why let it "drag" & "accumulate" hutang for soo.... long...????

Don't they get their monthly accounts statements to be checked...???

When a company is "NOT" making money for 2 months oredy........
One should look into it & rectify the situation....!!!

Don't know meh.........????
I tell you all, for sure a "scape goat" will be slaughtered..............!!!

Richard Cranium said...

I am not an MCA fan-boy. I voted opposition all my voting life. I detest the shenanigans at the PKFZ, like all right-thinking Malaysians.

Now, can I get to ask my question?

OK, Tony. What does it mean for you or the DAP to "express our fullest support" to the PKA for withholding the payment?

Are you or the DAP prepared to put your monies and positions where your mouths are i.e. if PKA loses the legal suit, and some heads have to roll, are you also prepared to resign your positions as well to "express your support"?

If not, you lot are just grand-standing.

Anonymous said...

....meanwhile MARC has placed its debt ratings of AAA and MARC-1/AAA of Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) related debt issuances on MARCWatch Negative. The PKFZ related debt ratings involve the following issuers and corresponding debts:


Anonymous said...

this will drag on until the next GE for sure. the longer they drag, the more they suck. bn are no fools when it comes to sucking us dry. they have been experts of it since 1970s. in fact, it's so natural in them all in bn. it's an addiction. they tremble & fall onto the ground if they don't suck.

Anonymous said...


You mean your government should pay the Sarawak tycoon ???

Anonymous said...

count the number of days the so called "tell all" PwC report will be released. this is so typical. say one thing, do another. "tell all" yes, but not "tell all" to public. "tell all" to otk means only to cabinet only. otk "tell all" is just talk only.

NEO said...

Dear YB

You must explain your views or opinions on this issue!

In relation to the "Highways Agreement" you recommend to pay high amounts tax payers money to "Buy Back" the "un-fair" assets.


In the case of PKFZ, the scam is soo perfectly design but this time your recommend to stop payment which supported by "legal agreement"?