Monday, February 04, 2008

Vote for MCA = Vote for UMNO

MCA denies being an UMNO 'agent' used to mollify the unhappy Chinese community in Malaysia. Can you believe them?

As you can see, the President of MCA was overjoyed with the recent announcement of 6 new Chinese primary schools and 13 schools to be relocated.

It is unfortunate, that the community's needs have been made into a political circus show whereby we are held at ransom by the infamous Minister of Education, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein. (I wonder if OKT managed to whisper into (Keris)ham's ears as to what he thought of his annual keris-defying acts)

Just before elections are called, the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government will dish out small portion of the community's needs (it is estimated by DongJiaoZhong that the overcrowded Chinese vernacular primary schools today will require some 130 new or relocated schools to resolve), and obviously, these 'agents' of UMNO will dish out Oscar winning performances to demonstrate how magnanimous Barisan Nasional is (re: above pictures).

Is this not "beggar politics"? Can we accept subservience to UMNO and it's race supremacy politics? After all, the MCA president have publicly declared that UMNO's MCA's best partner... "why end such a beautiful friendship?"

Doesn't it mean that a vote for MCA, or for that matter, Gerakan is indeed a vote for UMNO?


As I Was Saying... said...

Let me add, Vote For MCA = Vote For UMNO = Vote For ISLAMIC STATE.

Anonymous said...

Vote For BN = Vote For MCA or Vote For UMNO = No Future For Your Children....

Your children future is in the your hand, If BN remain 2/3 majority in Parliament or any state government, the BN will same policies for another 50 years.

Say Tak Nak To Barisan Nasional

Anonymous said...

The country indeed needs 132 Chinese schools at the moment! If they give you only 6, should you really feel grafeful about it at all?

Wake up!! Don't be conned by BN anymore!! They are the most corrupt and hypocrite government in the world!!

Anonymous said...

he looks like a fishmonger. he is a disgrace to teachers all over the world

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I m a Malaysian. And I am a chinese. I am no DAP member. I am just an ordinary rakyat. But when it comes to MCA, I have one place for the party .... in my thrash can.

Dr Boulevard said...

If we analyze the body language from the pictures, it is obvious:
1 Ka Ting is really not happy but got no choice
2 Hissamudin kris is not really sincere in his gesture towards Ka Ting
3 Hissamudin is behaving like big brother who is trying to console his small brother not amounting to be genuine or admitting his mistake or being sorry

NEO said...

Mr. Santa in other part of the world give us Candy every X'mas

But in Malaysia, our Mr. Santa from BN will only give you Candy once every five years. Moreover, that also depend on other factors like Kawasan Selamat or Kawasan Hitam

Anonymous said...

If we analyze the body language from the pictures, I can only see hypocricy between Hisap-putin and Ong Nothing! It's merely a show to cheat voters!! What a bloody shame and total rubbish!!

Anonymous said...

this picture is hilarious. two men getting touchy-feely. ini islamic statelah. kita tak sokong kelakuan macam ini.


Anonymous said...

i dont understand y u all chinese cant tolerate to study in smk school instead of chinese school. its still a school. y must bother? im a chinese too and i dont think its such a big matter .in fact i feel ashame because this matter being played by all politician to create bad impression which affect all malaysian for being malaysian.

we all are the cause of the impression not the government by not tolerate with such matter.

btw think about it. u may get what im trying to say.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Great caption:


To make the message with impact and emotion, I suggest DAP should used the above hugging photo plus Hissamudin kris weaving photo.

Anonymous said...

There can build hundreds, if not over a thousand, nationa schools without any real planning over four years but they can't move a few dozen Chinese primary schools and then conveniently it can happens before an election? BTW Note also there is no real deadline for MOST of these schools to be build.

Again, the comparison is a relative borrow money from you every year for years and then he gives back a little, say sorry and say he did nothing wrong?

Chinese say, Where got so cheap thing?

lucia said...

absolutely agree with the heading.

vote for MCA... OR gerakan, MIC, PPP, is a vote for BN. see diagrams here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


最近政府批准增建6间华小,可容纳2万7000名学生,批准13所华小搬迁。各大报章因此大事报导,认为政府重视华教,俯顺民意,以为会给全民带来喜悦,也希望获得全民的赞扬和报以热烈的掌声。6 间华小真的值得高兴雀跃,是可喜可贺的一件事?真的是明智的决定??还有,马华民政深怕选民患上严重的近视,超大的模拟支票可以从老远的一公里以外都可以看得见,幼稚令人恶心的造作,哄小孩的举动,实在是天大的讽刺!

大马有几个州?6 所华小建在哪里?一个州连一间华小都争取不到,还有什么表现,争取可言 ?真是丢脸丢到家了!

如果为了这“6 粒大选糖果”,而断送了大马莘莘学子的未来前途,真是可悲啊!






Unknown said...

Why must a Chinese senior leader stood low for a Malay youth leader? Why is it that Malay youth leader and women leader able to hold full ministership and Chinese at the level only hold half baked minister post? Is this call fair for all races?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

问题是怎么让马来选民接受DAP的政治理念.即使所有MCA, GERAKAN, MIC的席位都给DAP赢完了,UMNO还是可以单独执政!潘先生的壮志令人佩服,但你的竞选宣言只有在DAP执政后才能实现.我怕我已等不到那一天了!年轻人,无论如何,你勇气可嘉!