Thursday, February 28, 2008

Haris Ibrahim at the SS2 Ceramah

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videoclip - thanks once again to Malaysiakini


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Although some politicians are a "big joke"
Politics are still an important and serious matter
Though we consider some with a pinch of salt with coke
An error of judgement will end ourselves on fetter

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng -280208
Thur. 28th Feb. 2008.

dino said...

Hi Tony,

I am impressed with Harris, Kit Siang and yourself speeches! If the message can conveyed to the 76,618 voters in PJ Utara. I have confident this position is already in your pocket. Most important is to get the messages across especially to the Star readers and the aunties. Just a wild idea, can you burnt into dvd and distribute houses to houses. I am not a internet savvy person but trying to cut and paste the video and sent it out to whoever I know.
Well, like Kit Siang said: Enough, Enough, Enough! I am one of the typical working class PJ resident. Everyday I have to stuck in the jam, starring at the eye-sore billboard all over the place. If we have better public transport and infrastructure; we can save time, petrol and better working productivity!! This will improved the country economy and better lifestyle! We are the rakyat not guli! I have paid enough taxes but enjoy nothing from the government! Even water we drink has to be filtered! Anyway, Keep up your FIRE! My whole family supports you all the way!!

Mr. Smith said...

That was a good speech. I like that part where he said we are all Anak Bangsa Malaysia.
Race based parties must be displayed in the museum, not in the Parliament.

Jarod said...

Hi all reader of TONY PUA,

I was all gear up for this election. Are you? Please do consider it and made the right choice. Let me tell you what had happened for the last 4 years:

1. Racist remark against female. Everyone has a mom who gave birth to us. The Mp who shout out LOUD BOCOR really make me sad! I can't believe that he is in the parliament. Do you think he should? Don't tell me its a joke. Can his mom take it? I can't even say this joke to my mom. Does he have some sense?
2. Against Disable people. (Towards Karpal Singh) I read in media about a MP who shout at Karpal Singh Disabilities when he return to work in Parliament. It was such an insult that are throw at him. I wonder will they treat the same to other OKU? This immoral people really need to be kick out of the PaRLIAMENT. (BXXXXXXXX came under fire for disparaging Karpal Singh for being wheelchair-ridden because God had punished him.) I felt so annoyed to have this person in our parliament.
3. I am sure all of you know that the Mansion that are built in Klang. Mr.Z was soooo "clever" that he had not gone through the proper procedure to built a house. SO, do you think this kind of people will be a good leader and show good example? More ever, where the heck did he get the money? OUR MONEY!
4. Chinese community really need more Primary school to accommodate the future generation. Why did the GOV did not do anything about it? Where is all the money? Towards the klang mansion? Please do think about it! Wake up! open ur eyes and mind!
5. One of the post that capture my heart is V. Ganabathirau. The way he sacrifice for people and later being Pull down by the BN. Read this post to understand more.
6. The BERSIH rally was to voice what we have bear for the past 4 years. Why aren't we given the change? I am not talking about the HINDRAF or Other, BUt jus a Rally and yet no permit GIVEN!
7. Have you come across a state where there are so many toll that connect us? Just take LDP. 3 toll entryin between LDP to reach damansara, puchong, and further on. Is there a need? More ever, when ask about the contract, they have never show to the public!!! Where is our right?
8. And ISA? What's the purpose of it? Do the gov need to have ISA to keep those people mouth shut? Where is our Democracy as promised?

Friend, i have said what i wanna say. Please open your mind. Don't think that what ever the GOV has given to you is really That GOOD. how about the majority? How many people want justice? GOV always do last minutes work to let U see. thats all. How about long term? I have not seen anything good from them. The choice is yours! FOLKS, please place your vote! Don't bet for the worst!

Please forward to all your friend! Everyone must be given a chance to see behind what they have been supporting all this while! Let's make our government clean!

Unknown said...

An open letter to Tony Pua

To our readers,

Beginning Feb 28, we invite readers who are following any particular campaign trail to share their thoughts and observations about the quality of debates and candidates at any ceramah they are at.

We hope that these kinds of articles will represent the diversity of voices of voters out there who make the effort to hear what the candidates have to say, and want to express their assessment of the candidate. To be fair, we will also aim to allow a candidate or political party their right of reply through this space.

However, out of respect for all parties (political parties, candidates and readers), articles should be concise and provide well-argued and intelligent observations. Please e-mail all comments and pictures, if any, to For guidelines on what is likely to be published, please go to Guidelines for Comments.

We kick off “On the Ceramah Trail” with a letter to DAP candidate for the PJ Utara parliamentary seat, Tony Pua. Team

Dear Tony Pua,

I had posted a comment on your blog on Monday, Feb 25 night but I figure you would be too busy at this point with your campaign to look at it. So, I decided to redirect it to instead, where others might read it even if you don’t.

On Monday night, I went to the SS2 ceramah to listen to you speak. I had hoped to find out for myself, a little more about who you are and what you stood for since I will be voting in your constituency on March 8. And not least, because you had been spoken of highly by a friend.

But, I never did get to that point, because after standing through two hours of inarticulate and uninspiring speeches by several other DAP candidates and supporters that evening, save for lawyer Haris Ibrahim’s (who is not a DAP member), I decided to leave. And when I did, you still had not spoken.

I left not because I could not wait, but for these following two reasons. The first being that the DAP candidates spoke primarily in Mandarin or Cantonese. For a party that proposes to do away with sectarian politics, I found it insulting that its members chose to communicate in a language that panders to that very notion which it opposes. I did not understand them. It is problematic and serves to alienate. And when they did lapse into English that evening, it was painful to listen to as it was clearly a language that they were not comfortable with, and hence rendered them ineffective for me.

Interestingly, Bahasa Malaysia was hardly used by the candidates. (DAP candidate for the Damansara Utama state seat) Dr. Cheah Wing Yin’s tokenistic use of it in his introduction was halting and pathetic, to say the least.

Secondly, I got a little tired from the ranting and sloganeering that was dished out, and found little in way of ideas and solutions. Talk about

government quotas, increasing crime rate, lack of accountability, and weak leadership is fine and good. But frankly, we already know what the problems are in this country. What we would like to know from you is how, if DAP politicians are voted in, you propose to address these issues in Parliament and what strategies you have up your sleeves to be effective within a system that essentially works at rendering you impotent. Your colleagues were not very inspiring that evening, I’m afraid.

The arguments put forth about why and how important it is to vote the opposition in have been plentiful and clearly expressed in blogs, online news sites and banter amongst friends. Suffice to say in this posting that I’m familiar with them, I agree, and was ready to vote for you. I also want very much to like the DAP. But it’s hard.

Given the low levels of argument and lack of creative imagination displayed in the two hours of ceramah that I stood through that night, I do not know if I can honestly and full-heartedly give my vote to the opposition at this point. I went, hoping to be excited, but I left deflated instead.

Granted, I didn’t give myself a chance to hear you out. But there will be other opportunities, I’m sure. I look forward to hear you speak in the near future. I sincerely hope that when I do, you will be able to convince me that you are a lot more than what I experienced of your colleagues on Monday night in SS2. Also, please try not to let us wait so long, especially when you are scheduled to speak in your own constituency.

Thank you.

Chee Sek Thim

Note: Tony Pua (DAP) is contesting against incumbent Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun (Barisan Nasional-MCA) for the PJ Utara parliamentary seat in Selangor. Total voters: 76,618; Chinese (76.7%), Malay (15.4%), Indian (6.4%), Others (1.5%).

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, read from Haris Ibrahim's blog that Chew Mei Fun refused to debate with you. Can you tell her that, if she cannot or dare not debate, how can we ever hope that she can or dare to speak out for rakyat???
The same goes for Keng Yaik's son Lim Si Pin who refused to debate with Tian Chua, and Bukit Bintang's candidate Dr Lee Chong Meng etc etc.
Say NO to these incompetent candidates!!

Chew, PJ

Trashed said...

Haris Ibrahim makes me proud to be a Malaysian.

He tells it as it is.

Anonymous said...

This guy makes a lot of sense even his view of PAS. The Malay race real hope for their future rest in men like these.

To the Malays, the constitutional changes is a corruption of their soul, to the non-Malays, its a corruption of their future which they can seek elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Sek Thim,

Can you please elaborate as to why you find the DAP candidates' speech uninspiring, to say the least? I listened to Tony's speech at the DAP 12th GE website, and found it to be very good. So, it is a case of one man's meat is for another a poison.

Secondly, how is the DA, you asked, going to solve the issues they raised? Simple, by being voted into Parliament and the State Assemblies. Because when you vote for DAP candidates, you are voting for politicians who are there to represent the voice of the people.

Thirdly, are you seriously suggesting that the ceramahs should be a time of intellectual discourse? Have you been to a DAP organised seminar before? If you have, can you tell the difference between a seminar and a ceramah? Are you aware that Haris Ibrahim is also one of the DAP's featured speakers at their seminars? Or are you seriously suggesting that Haris Ibrahim is uninspiring at seminars but is different when it comes to ceramahs?

Have you read YB Lim Kit Siang's blog before? Are you then suggesting that his writings on the blog, and his books, etc. are lacking in imagination? Are these couched in terms which belie intellectual shallowness?

Have you visited Tony's blogs before? Have you read his writings? Are you suggesting that Tony too is lacking in intellectual dynamism?

Have you read the DAP Manifesto for the 12th GE of 2008? Are you seriously saying that this Manifesto and the DAP Budget are lacking in depth, substance, etc.?

Dear Sek Thim, are you aware of the composition of ceramah crowd? Do you agree that many of the people who attend ceramahs do not usually read blogs? Do you know that many people who attend DAP ceramahs do not drive a Mercedes, own a PDA, has a huge library with scholarly tomes, etc.

Do you know why Bukit Bintang cannot to MCA? Do you know why Tanjong cannot fall to Gerakan?

Do you know the expression, speaking in a plain language? Do you know that there are circumstances which necessitates a candidate to speak plainly in order to be able to communicate effectively? It applies if you are a minister, pastor or priest. If the congregation is composed of farmers, hawkers, labourers, etc. do you speak as a theologian in lingo or speak plainly so as to communicate profound theological truths to the people of God?

Anonymous said...

Sek Thim still think he is in UK, USA or Australia. Everyone knows that Malaysia developement starts at the same time with HK, Korea and Singapore. Now we can compare to Burma or living like the Palestinians. We cannot even have a PEACEFUL demostrations. The Thais, Filipinos and the Indons are even better than Malaysians as they have the rights to demostrates and their numbers of reprentatives in the Parliament is more. We have less than a 1/4 and the voice is hardly audiable. As far as other Government MPs, they are under a dictator system. How good you voice, either you toe or be treatened like the Kelana Jaya MP. Now is the time to put more opposition representatives. We want to see a 2 party system rather one has been dominating for 50 years and will continue to dominate if we do not check NOW.

Anonymous said...

hello sek thim
finally, i read a post that made sense to me!

as you said, what ails and plagues us are obvious. but pandering to sectarian tendencies amongst us is not the answer.

go to a dap ceramah and the non-chinese speaking amongst us feels even greater alienation.

bangsa malaysia, is not mere sloganeering