Friday, February 29, 2008

Ceramah Tonight - Friday

Donate to DAP for PJ here.

Apologies once again for last night's confirmation.

Though the speakers didnt get to speak in the ceramahs, they were glad and encouraged by the warmth shown by many well wishers.

Tonight's Ceramah is as follows:

1. Restoran Busy Corner (Claypot Chicken Rice)
Jln SS22/11, Damansara Jaya

The ceramah start at 8:00pm

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Rembau is a great place to live if u want to reach 100 years…


key in the IC numbers and see for yourself at

if khairy gets elected, they can live up to 200 years…..

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to inform the date, timing and location of the ceramah for the next three days rather than a daily piecemeal basis? Too rush to attend ceramah on a last-minute notice. Problem with police permit?

If each reader of the blogs/alternative media can convince 5 to 10 persons to vote for you, it would be wonderful...

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

tony, when are you speaking in mandarin again?

want to hear you speak in which area will you speak in mandarin?

will support you...

Anonymous said...

For those who are unable to attend ceramah, this the link for DAP ceramah

I hope DAP continue to add and upload more

Anonymous said...

Most DAP/Keadilan ceramahs I attended highlight that

1) our PM Badawi SLEEPS on his job.

2) Our PM is INCOMPETENCE (Tidak Cekap and Berkemampuan)

What is the consequence of him being INCOMPETENCE or SLEEP?

A) Badawi actually pass all the proposals (be it politics or economic matters or business proposals/transactions) to KJ the, Son-In-Law for vetting and perusal

B) 4 out of 5 Special Assistants of the PM are planted by KJ . (You can imagined that kind of benefits KJ reaps)
Son-In-Law and Tingkat 4 boys(goons) take full advantage to exploit the above situation to enrich themselves/family/friends/their cronies

ECM Libra
Patrick Badawi
Moosoon Cup
SCOMI/Momorail/Petronas contracts
Penang 2nd Bridge
Kalimulah/Air Asia
Appointment of CM for Penang

C) Even Cabinet ministers also succumbed to SIL influence.

Now you know why is so INFLUENTIAL?
Now you know why he is so rich?

Do you want this kind of situation and these kind of people to take care of the nation?

HE is INFLUENTIAL all because his father-in-law , Badawi is INCOMPETENCE and SLEEPS

Would KJ have this kind of opportunity if the PM or father-in-law is Mahathir?

Like it or not, Mahathir is very SHARP. Don't believe, ask any top corporate leader in Malaysia about this fact!!

It is because the PM is INCOMPETENCE, the country now has no direction at all. And it a shame we can only compare with country like BURMA.

Look at Singapiore, don't even have oil, oil palm, timber, land, and WATER can do much better than us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
I am a voter in PJ Utara. I am very impressed by your speech in SS2 and I am sure at last we have a Real MP that can represent PJU and go before Parliament and ask questions on how No. 2 Finance Minister is ruining our economy. PJU need you to counter all the lies the govt has been saying about how good the ecnomy is. We dont want an MP who only look after longkang and potholes and rubbish.
In your future speeches, please mention the following:
How No. 2 Finance Minister (Nor Mohd Yacop) lost 30 billion of Malaysia foreign reserves during his time in Bank Negara with currency speculation
How the Malaysia budget is in deficit. we are borrowing to finance our growth
How the real inflation is actually 20% and not 3 %
How rampant is corruption in government
Good luck to you and God bless you

LAU WENG SAN said...

there is only one ceramah tonight in Damansara Jaya. Please take note.

Anonymous said...


I dont want a MP who look after drainage systems. I want a MP who will ensure my constitutional rights are defended.

You have my vote.

Anonymous said...

yesterday night i took photo with tony~
tony rockS~!~!
tonight sure go support him!

Anonymous said...


I have voted the current MP for the last 2 terms. However, looking at how the country is being run now, you will have my whole family votes now.

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from BBC's article on Indonesia: Muslim bridge-builder?, "...But Indonesia is the kind of Muslim country many western nations and their allies feel comfortable with - it is democratic, pluralist, and has had real success in tackling Islamic extremism."

I wonder what the west really thinks of our democracy. Maybe you could highlight that in Thailand, Indonesia and India, they have a real freedom of speech, where the government can be critised. This is an important aspect to democracy, not just voting.

Keep up the good work! Hope to see more online content.

Voter for truth and integrity

ck lover said...

Sincerely hope you cld win this time. Chew MF is no longer suitable to be a MP. All the best to you and may all PJU residents support you !

Anonymous said...


I am a voter in PJ Utara.
You have my vote.


berubahuntukmalaysia said...

Tony is GOD LIKE! Go Tony for the Mega Kill! Although i am not voting on PJU but i will give you support from elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

please bring back
Council Elections....

Jarod said...

Dear Anonymous,

Its not easy to get permit. There r so many BanaNa rules. And u know the cops are with who....It will only approved within the day or so. usually takes longer period, now election ape ape also OK. Sad that he cant speak on thursday. must Attend tonight!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for DAP to show us all MPs' / or selective MPs' attendance rate in Parliment for the pass 4 years? So that we could know which MP was lazy and not even care to attend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Have listen attentvely for your SS2 and Sec 17 talk. Go specially for the Chow Yang talk but met up with Lau and was told it was cancelled due to no permit. Sad though, but tonite will turn up at DJ to support you and your team. See, I am not a voter in your PJU but in PJS, but see the trouble the ordinary folk like us took to support you, mentally be strong, you have the support of the people. Don't be afraid of the BN machinery and money, go, go, go fight them and best of luck you will win the race. Hi, my friends told me that their children still schooling, are forming networking group, all have one mission, all suppose to go back and convince their parents to vote for oppoisition, not for BN,, especially in PJU, you deserve our vote. After all these years, finally a good candidates with :brain" has arrived, we don't need the :;fried mee hoon:

good luck, and cheers

Anonymous said...

Wow! DAP calun for subang jaya look so beautiful and intelligent! A lot of Uncles and abang will guarantee vote Hanna Yeoh! Wow!

A lot of aunties felt threathened seeing a lot of uncles cannot sleep after seeing Hanna yeoh in ceramah...adoihhhhh

Anonymous said...


pls bring up the issue on the sale of UM land. no tender, as usual. worst, they are selling the country's HERITAGE. Whats next? For a few more bucks (millions), they will sell the nation away?

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony

I am ashamed to say that I am not registered to vote. This is because I have been away from the country since the last election and have only been back this year.

If I am registered, I would be under your constituency. I would have definitely voted for you. You are far sighted, capable and best of all intelligent. We need MPs like you.

Have you been to Parliament?

I thought it was non-smoking. But sadly, it is filled with cigar smoking old men that has fogged their brains with so much smoke that they can hardly differentiate between right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I am PJU voter.
We need the MP that can speak and voice out in Parliment!!!!!
U have my family's votes......

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Tony, heard your ceramah over the internet. All I can say is I'm totally impressed! Chew MF is good, but Tony you're better. All the best Tony! Hope you win PJ!

Anonymous said...


华印人民都是二等公民,因为我们都不是“土著bumiputra", 换言而致,我们都是奴隶,必须努力工作赚钱来交高额的税,以便共养一班贪污滥权霸道的领袖和官员。马华已不能代表华人,国大党也一样不能代表印裔,他们都应该把党解散再重组,或“再转变re-invent"。我们应该都是马来西亚人,应该受到平等的对待, 不该分“土著“和“非土著“。

阿都拉连女婿凯里都没法管教 ,还纵容他的言行, 又如何能管理那些部长官员和肃贪呢?


我们真的有这必要换政府! 五十年的牺牲很够很够了。。。我们的父母也老了,孩子也开始长大了,还等什么

Anonymous said...


watch what you said about the police. you can be charged for sedition! ask lim and karpal of DAP> they are being called in for a statement for calling the police lazy. and that is SEDITIOUS!

Jarod said...

Dap ceramah Damansara Jaya Atria 29 Feb 08. Speaker of the day: Dr.Cheah, Haris Ibrahim, Guest Doc.invited by Tony Pua, Others & Tony Pua!

Below are the link for the speech for the DJ night. You may download it for your reference. (Tony Pua) (Haris Ibrahim)

Will update all of you if i get another alternatives to upload for TONY PUA Hardcore Supporter!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

keep the spirit until end every vote count and work harder 2 win all the pjs and pju seats. all malaysian should support opposition cos only opposition yb work for rakyat

Jarod said...

Dear Anonymous,

Will i be charge Just for a sentence? Then where can the People voice out? Is there a democracy...i am not even saying they are lazy. I am not stating any facts against them. They are who they are! A police la! hahaha... well, they are doing a good job! Give them a "BIG clap"!

Good day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I was at Busy Corner Restaurant last night, Damansara Jaya. It was the first ceramah that I've ever attended.
Even though it was raining cats and dogs before 8.00pm, it did not deter your supporters at all.
Most of them came with their umbrellas in tow.
The crowds start to built up around 9.15pm after the rains slows down to a drizzle, by then quite a lot of them are soaked.
They are not deterred because.... they want CHANGE!.
I estimated there are more than 2000 people (agak2 saja).
Out of appreciation on your commitments and hard work, I would like to say a big THANK YOU for standing up!
My family and I will vote for you.

Way to

BTW, do you like strawberry?..