Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Highlights of The SS2 Ceramah

if you missed it, here's a short videoclip,
:D thanks to Malaysiakini


kni said...

Dear Tony,

I am a student from South Australia and this clip does, really keeps me up to date.

Let's hope we'll see you in the parliament in the coming year!

god bless!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Very interesting! Keep up the good work! Please share more videos with us!!

Tony for parliment!

Anonymous said...

god speed, tony and please retire the 1969 lady who is more interested in drains and streetlights.

Anonymous said...


You have delivered great speeches and of course with lots of substances in it. After seeing this video clip, I have, without shadow of a doubt, confidence that you will become a great MP for all Malaysians. Keep it up!!! Hope to see more clips from you...

all the best all the way from N. Ireland.. =) PJ ppl like you...

Anonymous said...

On your Singapore comparison thing. The PM have said don't compare to Singapore which he a grade A grape while Malaysia is a grade A apple.

The truth is Malaysia as you pointed out is only 400X times the size of Singapore. In fact it has the advantage of land, resources but NOT the difficulties of size.


Anonymous said...


I attended your speech at Kg Cempaka last nite. Despite you mentioned that after Lim Guan Eng spoken earlier and you said most of the things you want to mentioned already mentioned by LGE, the crowd remain there. It shows you have gain popularity in PJ and your speech does touches the heart of many voters in PJ.

Keep up the good work although its tiring for you, for the next few days till election. Continue to highlight and harp on that:-

1. The PM is sleeping on the job
1a. A sleeping CEO in any company would be been long SACKED!!

2. The PM is INCOMPETENT and talk nonsense. (How can he say M'sia economy is doing well by telling us that our exchange rate with US$ has improved recently. The whole world know US$ has deteriorated!! W

2a. The PM Badawi embarrass the entire nation. At least Mahathir is better to put us on world map.

3. The Son In Law is manipulating the PM, influencing the government policies and enriching himself , eg ECM Libra

4. The PM actually LIE, and dare to say "I don't know"

5. Under this admninstration CRIME increase tremendously

6. PM cheat us by in 2004 for supposedly CLEAN and TRANSPARENT. What major ACA achievement after 4 years? Where are the 18 big fish?

7. The UMNO elites use NEP to enrich themselve in the name of poverty eradication? Even common Malays continue to suffer

I would suggest Tony to upload in your website with snippets (in Youtube) of your ceramah covering various issues in your blog.

Perhaps snippets of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng would be added advantage. This should be EFFECTIVE.

Anonymous said...

please do arrange for more recordings of your public speeches to be uploaded on youtube so that more people can watch them.

Anonymous said...

Tony the tiger! RAWR!

Anonymous said...

The first thing that all DAP and opposition speakers must stress to all Malaysians is:
Badawi is a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!

How can Malaysians trust and be led by someone who even lied about the date when parliamnet is to be dissolved.

Badawi promised: parliament will not be dissolved tomorrow (13.2.08).

Then on 13.2.08 at 12.30 pm, Badawi declared the dissolution of parliament, without any embarrassment.


Is there anything from Badawi that can be trusted? No, No, No!

Previously, when asked about his wedding to J, he also lied - no, no, only rumour lah! My foot!

Now, his latest achievement progress report card is full of lies and more lies.

What happened to his Cermerlang, and other lang lang lang rubbish motto? He himslef has become a tua paoh lang (big cannon guy = big liar)!

Anonymous said...

I hope there are more people like you can join DAP to save Malaysia.

I really hope you can win in this coming election. God bless you!

Unknown said...

Great speech there Tony.

1 error though, S. Korea reached the World Cup semi-final in 2002, not 2004.

Unknown said...

Your speech is not just about firing cylinders but filled with passion and sincerity. That is why you set yourself apart from those manipulators.

Anonymous said...

Alot of talk about problem, but not a single talk about solution. Send you to parliament for what

Unknown said...

The agenda is to highlight the problems so you can see for yourself and make an informed judgment. Solution is through your participation. The MP serves as your vehicle to your voice....get it!

Anonymous said...

anonymous above: Hello UMNO cybertrooper. Welcome to Tony Pua's blog.

Tony Pua is Oxford-trained and had a listed company. I'm quite sure he has more solutions and strategies for countering BN than you on your computer doing nothing and typing rubbish.

Anonymous said...

if talk about solution...
our copy cat be end garmen copy then how ? lol

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua is Oxford-trained and had a listed company.

don't boast so loud, go dig some fact before to equate him like other successful ceo listed company. i don see how relevant oxford trained is something relevant here, we have one SIL also came from oxford mind you.

the truth is the gov performance is so so bad, plus the incompetency of AAB that i think i would give oppos a try to run the show. do you think under dap, judicial and public safetiness will be so eroded as in current ? heck this is the first time memang memalukan to hear aca giving out bribe, lawyer wrote judgement for judge, police dare pm and internal security minister, dpm involved in bombing, etc etc. do you really think dap+keadilan will be worse than this?! and i don see aab has any plan to improve the situation at all other than cakap tak serupa bikin!

only thing i can do is at ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:18 AM,

Pak Liar talked about fighting corruption in 2004, did he tell us how to fight? Look at the result after 4 years! Not a single corrupted one is brought to justice!

Pak Liar talked about improving transparency and free media in 2004, did he tell us how to do? Look at the result after 4 years!

Pak Liar talked about improving economy in 2004, did he tell us how to improve? Look at the result after 4 years! - everyone except his cronies is suffering!

I need not to eleborate further. Pak Liar has cheated us in 2004, and we won't get cheated by him anymore!

Anonymous said...

hi tony
corruption is a two-way evil - the giver and the receiver. just so we don't lose sight of the need to change the business people "way" of doing business. i don't condone the receiver, god forbid! so, let's not be so myopic abt the whole thing.

also, while on the one hand we talk of bangsa malaysia we ctd to pursue segregation - even chinese language blog, tony?

Anonymous said...

20 Opposition MPs may not give effective solution. That is why we need to send more Opposition MPs to fight in the parliament If possible the Opposition become the next government. The solution is not only the MPs but we are the BOSS. We the Boss sending more workers like MPs to fight for our consitutional rights? like right of mother tongue and religion?