Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DAP for PJ Website

Yes! After much delays and heartaches, the website for the DAP for PJ Rocket team is finally ready for public viewing.

The website introduces the Rocket Team members for the constituencies in Petaling Jaya, which includes the Petaling Jaya Utara parliamentary seat, encompassing Kampung Tunku and Damansara Utama state seats, as well as the Bukit Gasing state seat.

There's still work to be done on the website, but it is at the very least functional.

Most importantly, we have set up a credit card, Maybank2U and other online payment system and have provided detailed information for cash and cheque donations, which is much needed! We definitely need funding to fight a good election battle and have a winning possibility. ;-)

And if you are unable to contribute much in terms of funding, your effort and assistance as a volunteer (however little) will be just as valuable.

Have fun. The site will be further updated once the actual candidates are announced for the respective constituencies! ;-)


Unknown said...

Good idea in presenting you and your running mates on the web. I have much difficulty in identifying who and who at the CNY open house.

Anonymous said...

well done !!

interesting and informative website =)

Congratulations !!

Thank you for the fantastic hard work efforts =)

Anonymous said...

Same pic like the DAP CNY open house!!!

Sivin Kit said...

Good work Tony. I liked the image where it looks more like a team than a one man show. Of course, it's also nice to see all of you with a good set of teeth! :-) (cf. I recall some Chinese phrases about having "teeth":-) )

Anyway, all the best ...

Dr Boulevard said...

why can't you add a Malay as a DAP candidate too? Try it for experiment and you will gain this experience

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that overseas Malaysians are not allowed to vote through post except for students, diplomats and their families. From casual observation there is a substantial number of Malaysian expats who can and will vote if given the right to do so. Sadly, the law forbids such votes denying their basic right to vote guaranteed by constitution.

If given the chance, I would exercise my right. Just place a tick on your preferred candidate on the ballot paper, fold it and then stuff it into the ballot box. You are done and you have voted. Your vote will then be counted once the polls are closed.

Every vote counts and it is a fact that a candidate can win or lose by just one vote. But many Malaysians are famous for their lackluster attitude towards politics who are more commonly known as the 'silent majority'. But I would say they are a 'silent and scared majority'. Yet they like to complain alot but do nothing when the election comes.

Their abstaining reason is completely dumbfounded if not nonsensical if you have heard their endless complaints of the government and authorities being corrupt, inefficient, failed to deliver promises and endless other faults. They complain so much but they don't believe they can do anything about it by voting. If votes can't then complaining will do the work? They don't think they change the situation when actually they can!

Former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir said you deserve the government you voted in, and to it I would like to add you also deserve a government from abstaining your vote. To those of you who thinks a tick is so hard, please don't complain in the future and take it like a man for what you have 'not' done.

The time has come for you to make a change. Just a tick, just do it.

Talk is cheap if not free.

l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

The site is important obviously. But the issues of this election need to address.

PJ Utara may be an urban centre but its an old township with very establishment oriented leaning. The young will vote for you because they are pissed off the broken promises of BN but the old remain to be convinced. You have to give very solid reasons to the older voters to vote for you and they are very bread and butter. Toll road gripes works better than corruption. Crime works better than judicial integrity etc.

Anonymous said...

If you still wondering whether to support MCA or DAP, please take a look at this video and see how useless is MCA!


Anonymous said...

Are you really running against Chew Mei Fun, and Jeff Ooi against Koh Tsu Koon...? Either this is some arcane masterful strategy, or a big waste. Sun Tzu says, the war might be hard, but pick battles that you have good chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

The election is very close, but me and my friends have no freakin idea what DAP is about, and what their strategy is. So far it is not encouraging. We want to support Opposition, but are REALLY sick of unproductive criticisms. Also, those senseless "RM10 salary cut" motions have to be stopped, it's become a useless joke.

And I thought the purpose of this site was to connect with the people. For whatever reason, and glaringly, disappointingly, for an ex-IT entrepreneur, this blog has not been leveraged at all. How many posts have we seen in the last few months. And I mean, not announcements, but real posts showing you're a real person that we can identify with. Whatever you are busy with, I have a feeling that even one well-written post might gain you many votes.

Also, in the last 4 years, your entire pary didn't even bother to write out a proper polling agent guide, that can be photostated and used and re-used by every single candidate. Argh.

Having said that, I still support you, but you really have to instil confidence that our support for you to help you to help ourselves is not futile. We need some leadership and morale boosting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Good lyrics by you for the DAP 2008 Election Campaign Song:


Please put this nice video up in your blog to let more people view it.

Good luck to you on the election day. I will pray for your victory!!

Anonymous said...

Great song DAP, great lyrics TP =)

Dr Boulevard said...

is this the famous Soi Lek video?

Anonymous said...

Good work Tony, you've got my respect.
Do Malaysians in oversea able to vote at Malaysia embassy?

Anonymous said...

Why PJ Voters elect 3 layers of BN cronies for looking after the place. You have a BN councillors sitting in the majlis, then BN SA and finally BN MPs. What job they are doing? Looking after the roads and drains? Malaysia boleh in job effiency. When comes to crime and inffiencies in the administrative and governing task, they are very diam and like devil keep an eye close to these matters but angel in cleaning the lokangs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations DAP.

You have toppled BN in Penang, Kedah, Perak, and Selangor. No doubt this was possible because all the Parties involved listened to the hearts and heads rather than their sentiments.

The BA proposed earlier can now be relaised and serve towards bringing about a truly Malaysian malaysia where veryone can feel secure and yet need not give up their own identity.

I have the following SCAM I wish DAP can immediately resolve. Please type MAT KIOSK. You will find several (or one company using different garbs) "genuine" companies and numerous extremely frustrated investors. My own investment was RM RM 21,580 made last Oct. So far I have heard nothing. The Consultant handling my case has not answered my calls and messages. Reading some of the experiences of other investors the situation isn't encouraging at all.

I made my investment in Telawi 3. This office has now vansihed. The website will give you an office in Perdana Business Center, Bandar Damansara.

The total investments in this SCAM must now have amounted to several million RMs!!!

Please attend to our heartaches. Please help us get our hard earned money back.



Anonymous said...

the web site DAP for PJ seems to be down. any plans to resurrect it?