Monday, February 18, 2008

Volunteers Required

As you know, we, in DAP, depend very much on our supporters to help us in our campaign. We do not have the luxury that BN has for machinery and media.
We hope that you can help volunteer in some areas for this campaign.

These are some areas where you can help

Posters and buntings

Lots and lots of buntings to be stapled onto rafia strings
and by thursday, we expect to start work on the posters. Posters are printed on paper, and need to be put into plastic sheets before hanging them out. Volunteers are needed for this.

These tasks are carried out at 77, Jalan 20/9, Paramount Garden,46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (This is the row behind Seaview Restaurant, and near O&S Restaurant.)

Polling Agents and Counting Agents

Well, for those who may not be able to assist for a large part of our campaign in Petaling Jaya, but are available nevertheless to assist on voting day, we need you to become polling and counting agents for the day.
A short brief on the roles can be found here
We will be conducting a training tomorrow Tuesday, 8:30pm at DAP Damansara Utama (map here).
Please come!


Anonymous said...

Please give a bit more notice for the training for polling agents. It would be helpful if you can announce the rest of the training dates, that is if there are more to come. Thanks.

Yow said...

Hi Tony,hope you can win this coming G.E! Seriously, we don't wanna see the worst situation happened in the future! Go DAP!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...


Great blog and great background you have here. May I know what would you do to improve Petaling Jaya if you win the election? What's your plan and promise to people of Petaling Jaya?

Anonymous said...

where is the place for nomination? My frend and 1 want go to support you!^_^

Anonymous said...

me too and my boyfriend says me three =) re nomination time and place

hcfoo said...

Those bloggers who are always supporting DAP 'virtually' will come out and volunteer to help. Action speaks louder than words.

goldfish said...

are you seeking donations to your campaign? would love to donate and help...and good luck!

goldfish said...

are you seeking donations or contributions to your campaign? how can I help?