Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rebuilding Kg Berembang

Photo Credit: Politikus

"Citizens sleep in tents; Ministers live in luxury".
For context, read "Marginalising the Poor"

Photo Credit: Politikus

Residents who had their homes destroyed takes shelter in tents with the Petronas Twin Towers, the symbol of Malaysia's developed status as the backdrop.


Anonymous said...

it breaks our heart to read these sad stories highlighted by tony

we sincerely hope that under the capable leadership of our Prime Minister, Pak Lah, his commitment of the following which he conveyed in his BN Manifesto will be followed through by his team conscienciously and effectively :

* FULLY eradicate poverty
* REDUCE income disparities
* INCREASE the extend and quality of low-cost housing
* etc. etc.


( " alice in wonderland ", a Citizen Of Malaysia )

Anonymous said...

I think AAB just talk only...talk...talk...more talk

Maverick SM said...

This is unislamic and against the principles of natural justice