Monday, November 06, 2006

Rock the Vote!

Wah... I thought there were already a lot of issues to write about for Education in Malaysia. But having started this blog on anything else, the number of posts I could be making will really make me a full-time blogger! But before I go into the issues of the day, I thought it's worth mentioning the post by Nik Nazmi on "Rock the Vote!"
In the US, Rock the Vote is a popular effort using music to get young Americans to register to vote. I know a lot of my school and college friends do not bother registering to vote as well. Maybe we need a Malaysian ‘Rock the Vote’?

Regardless of your political opinion, even if you think that none of your views are represented by the exisiting parties or even if you feel the Malaysian electoral system is so skewed - you should just register to vote. You never know that you might suddenly feel the urge to vote during the elections. Registering is easy - go to your nearest Post Office and bring your MyKad.

You can only register based on your MyKad address. So if you work in Pasir Gudang, Johor but your MyKad is still registered to your Sungkai address, then you can only vote in Sungkai. Alternatively, you can change your MyKad address first.

Remember, we get the government we deserve. So make sure you have a say in that democratic process!
Don't procrastinate further, get registered and let's Rock the Vote in about a years' time! ;p


Anonymous said...

Good to see you blogging on your own Tony.

Anonymous said...

The way tony brogs..tony locks :)

Anonymous said...

I support DAP because of Tony Pua....
I hope you represent DAP in Subang Jaya.....

Anonymous said...

Total votes in 2004 elections was 9,762,720, of which 2,658,123, or 27%, were spoilt votes. And the increase of voters from 1999 to 2004 elections was a miserable 253,388. 2007 e4.5 million eligible votes did not register. What is the Malaysian attitude towards politics? Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

The general attitude of the people I come across is:
"What for vote, the BN will still come in strong."
Upon further enquiring, I concluded that the majority of this new generation is really disheartened, disgusted and deluded that anything can be done to keep the people in authority in check. BTW, most of them don't have access to PC's of their own, so any idea as regards to "reaching to them".
Perseverence is the key to achievement.