Thursday, November 23, 2006

Distorted Umno

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said the live telecast was viewed as inappropriate as it gave a distorted picture of the ruling Umno proceedings during its key general assembly. "It has given an inaccurate picture of the proceedings of the general assembly," Najib said. Therefore, no more live telecasts.

Datuk Seri Najib also conceded that some speeches during the just concluded assembly were extreme. "Sometimes inexperienced speakers tend to get carried away by the occasion and they play to the gallery."

Datuk Seri, inexperienced speakers, as far as I'm aware, will be more than happy to be able to string a couple of sentences together in front of hundreds of people and thousands of live television audience. Inexperienced speakers are certainly not those who are able to "play to the gallery".
  • Azimi 'blood of Malay warriors' Daim, UMNO Youth Exco,
  • Datuk Mohammad 'Amok' Rahmat, former Minister of Information,
  • Razak 'mengamok' Idris, Terengganu Information Youth Chief,
  • Hasnoor 'bathe in blood' Sidang Hussein of Melaka and
  • Hashim 'use the keris' Suboh, of Perlis
These speakers are certainly regulars at the UMNO general assembly, and by no means inexperienced! In fact, they are not only experienced at the assembly, they are elected by UMNO members to be taking part in the assembly. Hence they are representing UMNO members throughout the country.

Now if a live and direct telecast without censorship and editing of the assembly proceedings doesn't give the best and 'truest' picture of what UMNO grassroot leaders and by extension, UMNO itself, then what will?

Datuk Seri Najib said that the live proceedings gave a "distorted picture of the ruling UMNO", he is only being honest for its true, UMNO is indeed distorted!

(Tony now has a sinus headache distorting distorted discourse.)


Anonymous said...

melayu mentality class pertama...
world class...persidangan umno
wat a laugh!

strangely umno is the english abbreviations..united malay national organisation

why not use a malay abbreviation?

Trashed said...

Its not the media, Mr DPM. Its the content that the Malay neocons are spewing.

Anonymous said...

The facts are simple.

On one hand, because of global competition and how unprepared things are, the country's economic cake is not getting bigger and on the other hand, because of having things easier compared to others, through the years, their population is expanding year after year.

So, whether it is telecast live on TV or internet, or not, everyone knows that the same old issues are brought up year after year…the delegates who are appointed to speak will harp on the fact that they keep failing to achieve the quota and keep asking for more and have the priviledges under whatever policies continued.

Daniel S.H. said...

What goes around comes around. Reality will eventually hit the politicians that racial and religious lines will not make for progress for all Malaysians. Capable citizens who are knowledgeable and talented are welcome everywhere. They don’t need to tolerate racial slurs or the ranting of brainless politicians. So it is really a non-issue. Why should we bother so much about it? Shame on those racist delegates! LOL!

Please read this if you haven't:

Anonymous said...

The fear is that with such mentality, racial politics will become a way to distract the people when Malaysia as a country increasingly being marginalised by the global economy