Saturday, November 18, 2006

Senator: It's OK to Break Law

Yes, and everybody does it, so what's the big deal? That's exactly what Senator Tajul Urus Mohd Zain of Kedah implied when he defended his ayahanda the current scrouge and whipping boy of Selangor, Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros. Here's what he proudly declared during the UMNO General Assembly:

...Tajul Urus said the Selangor politician was merely doing the normal thing that everybody did — build any building first. If there’s a problem, just pay the fine.

So again, there you have it. A member of the Senate itself, a law-making and approving body for the laws of the country, telling you that it's ok for you to break the law, as long as you pay the fine for it later.

Go ahead, the laws of this country is just to enable the government to collect fines. Who cares about Visit Malaysia Year 2007, just litter all around town. If you get caught, just pay the fine. Who cares about the Malaysian rivers, just drain all your toxic waste into them. If you get caught, just pay the fine. Who cares about the safety of innocent lives, just speed along the highway (while drunk, if you like). If you get caught, just pay the fine. Everyone does it, so why not you?

And guess what? The members of this country's governing political party applauded his statement. Did the honourable leaders of this country reprimand Senator for his bringing the Parliament and the laws of this country to absolute disrepute? This unelected legislator deserves the strongest of reprimands by Pak Lah himself, and yet, we don't even hear a pin drop.

That's consensual leadership for you.

(Footnote: Ayahanda means "dearest father", but in Hokkien, it sounds rather rude ;-p)


Anonymous said...

For your info, the senators from the Dewan Negara has no power over the issues raised in the parliament. The votes in the Dewan Negara do not count if the issue raised does concern both parts of parliament house, viz. Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara. So whenever an issue or law is to be initiated and then implemented, it can be debated in both houses but only the Dewan Rakyat has the jurisdiction to approve or reject the issue/draft/law.
So don't worry about the senators. They are mere 'puppets' appointed by the Kings in respected states.

ps. This is what I learn from STPM general paper syllabus. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it means "lim-peh" in Hokkien, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

some of the squatters and temple are also build without permit. why can't they also pay the fine and get over with it?

Anonymous said...

To the above anonymous,

Because the temple and squatters are built on public (state) land, whilst Datuk Zakaria's mansion was built on his own private land, that's why.

If the state land has to be used for public purpose, the state has to demolish whatever construction on it, whether legal or illegal (the difference is, the illegal ones don't get compensation). In the case of Datuk Zakaria, it is sufficient to pay fine only since the state cannot interfere into his private land.

Ada faham kaa?

Anonymous said...

Addressed to Talking-cock Anonymous (u know which one of u ;p),

“The temple was located on its own land and yet (the operators) were not given notice. The building was demolished just like that,” Wee said.

Get the fact right before acting smart else u'll just be talking cock.