Monday, November 06, 2006

Shooting Crows

These paragraphs from a International Herald Tribune article on crows (yes, the noisy black birds) in Singapore absolutely cracked me up. ;)
Crows are everything that Singapore is not, and they are not welcome here - raucous, undisciplined, dirty and disorderly.

They are the most annoying pest in this highly regulated city state of four million people, and unlike the human population, they do not respond to government campaigns and directives. So they have to be shot.

Kah! kah! kah! ;)

And according to IHT, "[t]he problem is that - also unlike Singaporeans - they breed fast."

How crows in Singapore ended up in IHT, I have to wonder. Unless it's actually a double entendre on the other type of crows from China (乌鸦) bugging Singaporean men. ;)

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