Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who Are These Cow-Heads?

Below is the video of the disgusting, racist and bigoted "cow-head" demonstration held 2 days before Merdeka, see for yourself if these people deserves "defending" as the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin has done today.

Now, who are these people? Are they from all parties - UMNO, PAS and PKR as alleged by one of the speakers?

Well read the excellent picture recognition analysis by Zainul Faqar, and the answer is obvious. These samsengs and thugs are all from UMNO, and understandably defended by UMNO.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed disgusting.

The minister talking to the 'protestors' when investigations are being conducted by the 'super fast' and 'super efficient' PDRM.

No minister went to talk to Kugan, Francis Udayappan and the others who later died in police lockups.
They were just suspects, not even criminals - unlike these fellows of S23 Shah Alam, whose acts and vulgar utterances were audio and video recorded.

Is this minister actually giving the message to all and sundry that the protestors have to be 'set free'?

They did not actually mean harm nor instigate?

And the Indians there also did not like the relocation? Ah, so there are Indians too in S23 Shah Alam.

But no Indian participated in that 'cow head' protest? A case of Indians playing out the Malays?

Anyway where are they (Indians) in the important visuals with the minister? Too dark to be noticed? The minister could have asked for extra spotlights to 'bring out' the Indians too in the visuals.

The real story is is the U-tube postings. So easy to tell what it was all about.

And there is another blog which has its own interpretation, which also 'exposes' more on the people behind the incident.

Just because someone high up there wants to showcase stupidity does not mean we have to adjust our IQ accordingly to that same frequency.

In fact these type of 'leaders' are going to be a real headache for the new 'KPI' full minister who reports to another full minister.

We too know how to interpret, make decisions...and pray to GOD for an end to all this type of nonsense - very unbecoming of a party that has been ruling for more than half a century.


Unknown said...

It is obvious that the government is playing deaf to these disgusting incidents created by certain mindless race.
"You want a fish and then you want a palm of bear." This will definitely make you unhappy forever in your miserable life.
Above mentioned is the great philosophic teaching. They have constitutional privilege and NEP. But that won't be enough for them to make them feel happy. They definitely want more and more to fulfill their greediness. But then we can not talk about it. It is offending them if other Malaysians talk and discuss about it their privileges. What an imbecile of thinking?
How could we be that stupid to allow such kind of people to run over us as long as we can rule them out? Pondering properly, we must kick them out without mercy in next GE. Why wasting some more time to see them doing like made tigers running wild?

Anonymous said...



Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Protests are fine and it is within their rights.
But why they need to spread hatred and provocations if they are only protesting against a temple.
And if the home minister defended such an ugly act, this means he himself is as dangerous as that group.

Terrorist are able to destroy certain targets.
But those 50 are able to destroy the entire Malaysia.
Those 50 and the home minister should be charge and punish to read and understand their quran for 10 years.
They failed to understand their own religion demands in the first place.

bennyloh said...


vengai said...

Its not surprising. Its their goons all right. Their ass lickers.
Its actualy a plot by the desprete UBN Regime to topple the Selangor PR Goverment.

This result is expected by all Malysian. We knoe who the ministers are and the stinking Blue dogs. Its not a surprise the Moooh Din Keris defending the demonstrators.

Ass owner pleasing his ass lickers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

with this evidence in full audio visual they still deny what transpired. truly hypocritic cavemen & the pdrm still not charged anyone.

they had walked with the cowhead for hundred of meters & still deny where it came from.

it was all planned. they got some school dropouts to dress up like talibans as well.

the innocent cow will have its revenge one day. it was not only an insult to the indians but to all malaysians of the civilised kind. may god help us all.

Anonymous said...

enough said

Anonymous said...

if the protesters were from pakatan (over other more purposeful issues) the pakatan leaders would have been locked up 1st, investigate later.

Anonymous said...

it seems malaysia or malaya was more prosperous in the past then now.

there were no cavemen in malaya in the 19th century penang (not to forget Melaka since the 15th century). you get to old melaka town & there is tokong cina, masjid, kuil & gereja - 4 in 1. wish i was able to travel back in time to a more civilised malaysia then now.

so where did these cavemen in sec23 came from??? are they pendatang haram? can someone check if they got proper IC & how many generations they have been here compared to the indian community who were in shah alam since 150 years ago! sweating & breaking their back to put malaysia in the map of rubber latex & cooking oil.

read this too: a nice piece from Diaz (Zaid backwards)...hehe.

Anonymous said...

Is Krismuddin saying that it is alright for some people to demo and protest with severed animal head when a mosque is proposed in a non muslim area? Nope, I do not think it is appropriate to demo or protest with any dead and severed animal head.

It is alright to protest peacefully. Talk and discuss until matter is resolved. No need to chant bloodshed and use severed animal head. Severed animal head and chant bloodshed is definitely NO NO.

What has Malaysia becomes? What 1Malaysia is Najib talking about when one race is not able to accept other's belief.

PickToTell said...

Latest Cartoon on Cow Head and the Suicide in MACC

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of UMNO thugs being defended by an UMNO warlord! Someone said that they tried to spin it when it didn't work as they plan, ie start a riot in Shah Alam, to bring down the Selangor Pakatan govt. Now, the warloards have to go on defensive mode - from warning to sympathy!! Kerismuddin is an ultra- who brings shame to both his grandfather and father.

Just a word of caution to all Selangorians, Whatever they do, we must not react. We must not give the UMNO PM the slightest excuse to declare emergancy in Sleangor and takeover the state. We must learn from Perak. And last words to Pakatan leaders, for goodness sake, please clean up the aliance from these delinquents who may defect any time.

Anonymous said...

[Quran 2:256] "There shall be no compulsion in religion..."

These UMNO people cannot represent themselves under Islam. For they are acting against the very fundamentals of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Next election, let's see whether the younger Malay generation who has travelled abraod, ashamed with these uncivilised acts will vote for them.

Let's see if the Indians will vote for them

Let's see if the Chinese will vote for them. Even when MCA is now in disintegration.

Soon, BN will just be UMNO.

And when the new superpowers of China and India start to defend their overseas brothers, let's see the isolated UMNO and Malay supremists bring Malaysia to the next level of confrontasi.

BH Toh said...

Maidin, Syed Albar & few other were proof that some Malaysian Ministers are incapable of making intelligent statments nor arguing their case logically.

You have just enhanced this theory.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Pray do not be who you are not
Lest you tie yourself up in knots
And receive your due share of knocks
Finally with your own head on the block

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040909
Fri. 4th Sept. 2009.

PS- Thanks Tony, for your quick action!

Anonymous said...

noticed that there were only men protestors? where are the ladies?

it was obviously a failed protest as nobody else in shah alam was interested to join in with their hoo ha. civilised malaysians got better things to do with their lives.

animal rights groups will surely condemn such a barbaric act.

Anonymous said...


A group of barbarians confronted Khalid today.

Anonymous said...

this kind of extremism is the result of majority bn-umno culture for the past 30-40 years. is this what 1-Malaysia is all about?

i'd say it's in the same league of terrorist bringing up senseless suicide bombers from early age.

causing unrest is one way to rule with absolute power. if there is peace, harmony & the right judiciary system in place, there will be little chance for corruption & wastages. even with 80-20 rule, say 80% corruption can be reduced - that still equates to billions of RM.

only bn-umno are allowed to do-what-they-want-&-get-away-with-it. the law (which a lot of it are probably out of date) only applies to non bn-umno.

this will now set a very sad precedent for non-muslims to protest should the majority of the residence are non-muslims & there is a mosque build near their homes. will the non-muslims be locked up immediately should they protest with chicken head or goat head by the police? what is the nation & its current leaders preaching?

what will happen if one day the non-muslims decide to protest against the sec.14 mosque in pj to be moved out since majority in the area are non-muslims. then again, it will never happen - & as far as my limited history tells me, there has never been such a protest by non-muslims.

so, why the protest & why the cow head? why shout bloodshed? it's all on video / audio in you tube.

the home minister has set a bad example & leadership initially by not being neutral on this issue. is he a leader for the country or for sec23 residents only? he is now putting on flip-flop slippers & say to charge the protestors. that means he didn't give proper thought into it. but police say, haven't finish investigations.

to say that bn-umno has more experience to govern the country, i'd say no different or can't be worst even if under pakatan.

the current cabinet looks to be inexperienced to take the country out of the macro economic problems, racial & religious issues, legal & judiciary issues, international image issues, corruption issues & political fighting. i am sure there are many more but these are some main ones.

the country seriously needs a 2-party system to govern, ruling & shadow. this somehow is not favoured by bn-umno & no reasons given. but the reasons are obvious which can't be answered, but by only means is the polls. this is the only way to 'force' a 2-party system.

Anonymous said...