Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kerishammuddin Defends Extremists

It is obviously not expected that an UMNO leader will come out to openly condemn the racist and bigotry displayed by the extremists who demonstrated with a severed cow's head protesting against the building of a Hindu temple near their residential area.

But to hear Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who is in-charge of our local police force to come out and openly defend the actions of these extremists (see Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider), it is downright abhorrent.

"They felt victimised and feel that there is another valid explanation on their part. There was no intention on their part to cause racial divide. They, the organisers, who are sitting left and right of me, didn’t even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration." [Hishammuddin] said.

He added that the residents only wanted their voices to be heard but it was unfortunate that "the publicity they received was negative because it was linked with racial and religious sentiments."

Can you believe that a cow-head would just drop from the sky? Did he not forget that the same guy who is protesting "innocence" over the cow-head is the same one who threatened bloodshed over the building of the temple?

"I challenge YB Khalid, YB Rodziah and Xavier Jeyakumar to go on with the temple construction. I guarantee bloodshed and racial tension will happen if this goes on, and the state will be held responsible," shouted Ibrahim Haji Sabri...

Never mind the double-standards in UMNO and police enforcement - you can only imagine that all hell would have broken loose if any non-Muslims had attempt the same stunt (and I pray that it will never ever happen) against the building of a mosque. Or the fact that peaceful demonstrators holding candlelight vigils are beaten up, spray with tear gas and water cannon, and arrested, but the police took absolutely no action against any of these extremist protestors.

But more importantly, is this the 1Malaysia spirit that our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak would like to promote as his vision?

Obviously Hishammuddin, infamous for his keris act which he had belatedly apologised for, has not learnt his lesson. Najib must openly rebuke his Home Minister, seek his open apology to all right-thinking Malaysians (sincerely this time) or sack him from the Cabinet for non-performance in his so-called "performance now" Cabinet.


Melvin Ng said...

What a load of bollocks (no pun intended) and double standards from the defellar.

denzuko1 said...

Kerismuddin will not dare such attempts if not for an order from the top. The fact that Najib kept quiet over the incident except for a "anger" performance and asked IGP to act has shown clear intention of re-enacting 513.

marcus63 said...

tony, umno is in damage control. they started the fire, but did not get the reaction they wanted, but instead their people got roasted by every community in malaysia, as well as overseas. what is worse is their action turned off the malays, the people they are trying to stir up and unite under the umno umbrella.
hence, they got their home minister to pull these umno pawns out of the fire otw they may spill the beans on who is the mastermind behind this despicable act. got a clue? who said get selangor back to bn at all costs?
what is worrying is since this operation failed, expect more to come.

kopitelp16 said...

Whaddaya expect from a UMNO goon? The fact that he defended these idiots shows that they're the same kind......Racist idiots!

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody should initiate a protest and bring in a pig head...we shall see how he reacts then. Mr Home Minister, sir if it is wrong it is wrong don't justify just get your act together..

d'Frog Prince said...

they can do no wrong. even the dead and rotten corpse, under their hand also they will see it's just a sleeping person.

Anonymous said...

Krismuddin! Take a walk towards the sunset! Why do you think Najib and the top goons in UMNO appointed you, of all people in Malaysia, as Home Minister?! Go Fuck yourself, you barbaric Islamist extremist!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

POLICE works only for UMNO, for $$.
AG works only for UMNO, for $$.
IGP works only for UMNO, for $$.
JUDICIARY works only for UMNO, for $$.
GOVT HODs works only for UMNO, for $$.
sadly, even the highest body of persons in the land too works only for UMNO, for $$ and business interests.

now we, the rakyat, are left to fend for ourselves...

but the rakyat is 27-million strong.

minus 1million umno hardcores.
minus a few thousand from the shameful NGOs.

so, what are we, the rakyat gonna do about it??


Anonymous said...

Well,well, well here it goes again!! What happenend to the freedom of religion in this country? Does it have to take another "HINDRAF" episode to awaken all this sleeping UMNO cronies?

The Indians, Chinese and those who are known as the "Lain-Lain" have EQUAL rights with the Malays to build their respective places of worship. That's what the constitution promises us.

Where in the constitution does it stop the Non-Muslims from doing so?

Aren't we all "Anak Malaysia"? Or is that another shameful coverup to hoodwink everyone?

The parading of the cow-head (knowing very well that cows are sacred to the Hindus)is clearly an action to incite racism.

For goodness sake, they dont even know how to spell "BEER"!!

What if next time, the non-muslims where to carry a pig's head in protest of building a mosque?

Will the government of the day "DEFEND" this as the "voice of the rakyat"? and let them go?

Or will they practice double standards and arrest everyone and shove them down in the ISA dungeons??

Is this justice? Is this 1 Malaysia?

Maybe we should change the theme for this year. Instead of "Rakyat diutamakan", it should be "UMNO diutamakan"

ayabluelady said...

shame on the guilty parties.shame on our peaceful tolerant islamic community . shame on bringing our nation into the dark ages where other religion is not tolerated.

we have so called community leaders and politicians participating with these biggoted and backward people.

no wonder we are third world status in behaviour and image.shame shame shame upon the rakyat.
what a load of imbeciles.

Unknown said...

It is sure double standards of implementation of policy toward BN's members and opposition representatives. This country is going to be ruined and deviled by these bunch of irresponsible elites in BN's government.
Foolishness has over taken them and their innate conscience if they have it. The way they love this country is different from other ethnics rationally. Trying to bring disaster and devastation to this country by their unwise arrogance. Indirectly they have spoiled the long time built moderate Islamic nation. Reputation has vanished, no more exist due to their extremist of behavior. Malefaction of malignancy paints the opposition is traitor and against Muslim. PR should actually do some thing powerful to rebut them. Let them know that PR is strong but unwilling to bring harm and hurt to Malaysian without a meaningful course.
The task for PR to gain forming of federal government is tough and uneasy. BN is too evil to be overtaken. Play with them with care and wisdom is the wistful application. Be careful of their relentless attack perpetually and mercilessly. This country needs PR to save. Time is ripened. Chances are there waiting for PR to grip. This time in the coming GE is the definition. Go right for it! Please!

Anonymous said...

Wonder why he even commented on Pakatan wanting ISA repealed but then wanting ISA to be used here...

Stupid minister, wake up! If it is not repealed, its an active act. If its an active act, its only fair that you put it into practice like how it was put in practice previously. We all know why its not in practice now so save your breath.

Silence is golden. If you dont know what to say, better off not saying anything!

Anonymous said...

If Pakatan stepped on the Cow's head , runtuh 1 Selangor.

Anonymous said...

marcus63 is right. expect more to come. get the latest & sharpest mobile phone cameras in order to capture the truth when anything "dirty" happens again.

if these cavemen claimed they were pas-pkr-umno members, so what? what does that got to do with it? it can be internal sabotage sometimes in politics. like over 500 umno members did not turn up to vote in most recent by-election. to bring this up shows that it was planned & rather desperate.

no muslim in the right mind would participate in this cruel show. someone should check the identities of these pendatangs to shah alam.

we all know that bn-umno always say one thing but do another. there is planned attach on dap, now pkr. maybe pas next?

telur dua said...

I always have a sneaky suspicion Chris Muddin is a moron. He just proved me right.

Citizen said...

Those goys are liars! They should have stop them from man-handling the cow head or advise them to take away.For all you know,those may be their conspirators.Worst is that the leader uttered such threatening words like bloodshed and racial violence which are uncalled for. God Bless Malaysia!

picktotell said...

Latest Cartoon on "Dancing with the cow head" and "Suicide in MACC"

Anonymous said...

"There was no intention on their part to cause racial divide" [Hishammuddin] said.

Hishammuddin. Explain this:

"I challenge (Selangor government leaders) to go on with the temple construction. I guarantee bloodshed and racial tension," Ibrahim said amid chants of "Allahu Akbar," or God is great.

Anonymous said...

The don't know where the head came from? Interrogate all there to extract memories.

Cannot extract? Simple. You don't know where the head came from, but did you know your hand was on the head, as did your foot, your spit and your words cumulative to sedition?

ayabluelady said...

you are the taxpayers. you are the rakyat.

so who draws salaries from rakyat....from the nation's treasury?
the same people who are persecuting you.
do you pay a robber,lier,con-artist to provide you a service.

remember these politicians are your paid servant in government.

they are accountable to you the rakyat who can with hold taxs by a united front.

simply put if there is no money in the kitty there is no governance!

how united are we in gaining our malaysia back?

Disappointed Malaysian said...

Honestly I don't see what there is to gain (at least for the greater good) by your open criticism against Hishamuddin here. I think most people have already made up their minds about what they think of his statement. If we disagree with it (which I believe many here do), we disagree with it. If we think it's smart, well, everyone has their opinion.

But to discuss it openly here with a clearly political motivation, I just really don't know how it helps us at all to work towards a resolution. And now candle light vigils?

I thought we were supposed to be the 'silent majority' and patiently waiting a few more years to make our voices heard. Or is it because the other side is on an offensive and you guys need to take action now? But then why aren't you guys reaching out as human beings rather than just being politicians?

Nothing good can come out of this kind of attitude from our leaders from either side.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed Malaysian, so what do you think of our UMNO leader's critisim and pushing the blame to LEE KWAN YEW?

Would you agree now that our dear UMNO politician is wrong with a political motive as you are charging Tony here?

YeapKimLai said...

UMNO and BN is trying their BEST to portray PR as a weak PARTY by creating many internal and external incidents.

Come next election, PR would show BN whose is strong.

1Malaysia should be fair to everyone and NO double standard.

Hidup PR, Hidup Rakyat Malaysia