Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Mahu Cari Angpow" Wants Apology

I'm sorry, I just found this really really really funny. "Senior" and "experienced" politicians sending legal notices to others for taking a mickey out of them! I've not been in the political circle for very long, just about 2 years. But I've seen enough before and after I've joined politics, both in Europe and in Malaysia, to know that political humour, i.e., taking mickey out (making jokes) of your political opponents is a political norm, accepted and enjoyed by those in the audience.

But now, "mahu cari angpow" MCA wants Lim Guan Eng to apologise for face a legal suit for making fun of MCA, which really is not only silly for pursuing a most trivial issue, but also politically stupid for continuing to publicise "mahu cari angpow", and hence ingraining the term in the minds of the masses (whenever people think of MCA).
Penang MCA has sent a legal notice to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, demanding an apology over his alleged derogatory and inflammatory remarks against the party.

“We have sent the A.R. Registered notice to Lim’s old house in Malacca to remind him that he is an outsider who has come to Penang.

[Deputy state MCA chief Eng Hiap Boon] said Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, had allegedly described the MCA as a “Money Collecting Agency” and “Mau Cari Angpow”, making fun of the party’s acronym (MCA) at a dinner in Taman Dedap, Raja Uda, on Aug 30.
At least DAP knows how to enjoy political banter. When MCA Penang Wanita chief Tan Cheng Liang ridiculed DAP "Dapat Ang Pow", we thanked her for it for indeed on the March 8th elections last year, DAP "Dapat Ang Pow". MCA on the other hand took themselves too seriously!

She even went to the self-righteous extent having to emphasize that "MCA was one of the component parties that fought for the country’s independence."
“The party established the foundation for the settlement and development of the Chinese community in Malaysia. It also helped the Chinese, which includes Lim, to obtain citizenship besides providing the freedom to participate in politics, economy and education under the Consti tution,” she said.
(Yawn! ... and we should henceforth be eternally grateful to MCA and give them all the ang pows they need to pursue their desired lifestyles)

She then makes the silly argument that "how can you go to a non-governmental organisation (NGO) function and say such things when we (the MCA) do not have a platform to rebut?"

Excuse me? The opposition, including the DAP gets attacked on a daily basis at both NGO and Government official functions by Barisan Nasional, as well as in the BN-controlled mainstream media without "a platform to rebut"!! What the hell is she talking about?!

MCA's focus on this issue really signals its irrelevance, when there are so many other bigger issues for us to focus on in the interest of the country. Political banter, with both sides taking the mickey of each other will always be there (or it'll be like "politics" in Singapore). At the end of the day, whether a "name" sticks or not, depends on the electorate who will make their own informed decisions on the issues at hand.


Anonymous said...

These moron corrupt MCA politicians only care about the money in their pockets! They are no longer relevant to the Chinese community anymore. They know that they will be doomed in GE13, thus 'Mahu Cari More Angpao' for their last survival.

Sit!! Good UMNO's dog!!!

Collin Ng said...

Dear YB

Am from Singapore, while reading this article I suddenly remember something I saw this morning while driving to office. Saw a truck with this message, 'DELIVER AS PROMISE' and in short, they call themselves DAP and you can find them on Well, hope I don't get registered mail for saying this. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Again MCA is making a fool of themself, let them continue with the path of self-destruction, who care?
The MCA youth who claim he is so deeply in love with MCA, was so offeded by LGE that he wanted to punch him, OMG, such thugish behavior reflect the quality of that party!

pneoxian said...

Is the MCA who self-proclaim such profoundness to be so immature, petty and insecure to demand an apology from the opposition whom they have been looking down on all this while?

lilian said...

Let me pimp the video of CM Lim with the Mau Cari Angpao remarks again, can? Hehehehe

Anonymous said...


Embarassed said...

Tony, I agree with you that these "expired shelf life" politicians, who had nothing to contribute to a new Malaysian society is seeking cheap publicity for themselves, and it is with much regret to say that they are embarassing the Chinese community as a whole!

Look at the way he spoke last night, it really is disgusting, cannot even speak proper BM or English after being in Malaysia for so long, and claiming to be an MCA leader. Anyway, the MCA represents the Chinese in Malaysia? What a laughing stock these people are making of themselves!

To be frank, if you get to know MCA politicians or those associated with MCA in one form or another, you will be pissed off with their views of the current politcal environment in the country. They will swagger if they have some form of connections with UMNO politicians who, the intellectually elite Malays had openly mentioned, rakyat tolak UMNO!

Anyway, it is good that the younger generations are now more intelligent and it is a matter of time such sub standard MCA politicans are rubbished off! Good riddance to bad rubbish and let us hope the younger Chinese generation will make politicians understand that the rakyat want more from our politicians to contribute to our society. Not politicians from what we had seen from MCA so far, a disgrace to the Chinese community! Dwelling on petty issues and that LGE is not from Penang. I think they are unaware that the President of the United States of America is a black, the President of India, a Hindu majority country is a Muslim, and the Congress of India, the ruling party is run by an Italian lady, Sonia Gandhi.

MCA must get rid of such low rated politicians to further embarass the Chinese Malaysians anymore! The Chinese Malaysians are more educated than the MCA politican who made the disgraceful statement on TV.

Anonymous said...

Aplogy? My foot! MCA represents the Chinese in Malaysia?

That was perhaps during the "Perikatan" times, now? Come on!

Anonymous said...

MCA stand for Mau Cari Angpau incorrect, Angpau can't fit in big amount corrupted money of our devalued Ringgit.
MCA should be call Money Corrupt Agents.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so LGE was wrongly addressing MCA as Mahu Cari Angpow party. MCA is rich like a conglomerated company with a lot of tycoon within it. If MCA isn't an Mahu cari angpow party, how is its rich coming from? We don't see opposition political parties as rich as them.
What we see Pas and DAP is as poor as hawker not being like MCA's rich. Another party like MIC is as rich as MCA. How they get the rich?

Anonymous said...

NO NEED .... Mahu Cari Angau will wipe out soon in next GE. ZERO seat !!! Yes That is going to happen !!! YES ZERO SEEAT !!! RIP

Gan said...

Bankrupt minds - can't fight UMNO, so had to pick on LGE !

Unknown said...

off rail,

anyone follows up the corruption cases of 2 perak kataks???

can DAP/PAS/PKR keep on giving pressure to MACC perak to resolve the cases immediately!

int said...

Mahu Cari Angpow is clearly in a very insecure state. Can't blame them... as the audience, this just increases the enjoyment :)

Also, I'm very happy to hear about the new Malay-based branch! This is subtle but very important news. May there be many more to come.

I think the strategy of cultivating a Malay grassroots from the bottom up (instead of parachuting high profile Malay personalities with the hope of spurring a Malay base) is the correct approach. And I believe this strategy can work - no way that all Malays in Malaysia are opposed to secularism, you can be spiritual/religious but still see the value of separation of church and state, especially in an environment where those in power can clearly be seen to exploit religion to maintain their dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ when the gangster confronted yb lge & stating that mca has done a lot for the chinese...this is a mind of a typical civil servant. this is the sort of mentality & attitude that has not only brought down any political party but also the nation since mca is part of the ruling gov. it's good that this mca gangster reacted as such. this has shown to all chinese what kind of people really make up mca today since tun lls time. anyway just want to correct that mca low life that it's the chinese people that made mca, not mca made the chinese people in malaysia. he has obviously been suffering from the recent cow head disease.

another thing, if the comments were made & laughed at...that means the majority of the people in that hall that night was laughing in agreement. also, the current mca is not the original mca. it's mca-baru.

Anonymous said...

Siasat..Siasat..Siasat..bertahun-tahun sampai suatu hari pasti sesat..seksa..akhirnya..kesal..kena semua sekalipun amnya dan khasnya..!

Mungkin Baik untuk negaraku tercinta..tapi kan kena tengok dulu baik tak bagi pemerintah...!

Mesti suatu Hari..Salah Satu Orang Besar...kena jadi "Wira"..untuk jadi "Pelakon Utama"..yang akan menerima "Anugerah" teragong..di Sejarah Moden Malaysia tercinta..!

Mungkinlah sebabtu banyak-banyak lagi "Taskforce" kena jalankan tugas perlukan "right time" lagi..kan dah bertahun-tahun siasatya...yang akan dicatat di Buku Sejarah Moden 1Malaysia...!Bukanlah semua dapat tercatat di Buku Rekod Malaysia..!

Takkan rakyat tak tahu..siapa tu..siapa ni..tiap-tiap hari "Headline'di mana-mana jugak,Tapi kena lihat "Siapa" yang terima Award "Anugerah" teragong tu dulu..!Apa kesan pada Negaraku tercinta..lebih-lebih lagi pada pemerintah kini..! Marilah tunggu dan lihat..1 Malaysia dulu.!Marilah 1 Malaysia hapuskan "Yang Rosak..Yang Jahat..Yang Keji.."Sabar..sabarlah..!

Semoga Tuhanku senantiasa memberkati dan melindungi..Malaysia tercintaku..!Doa-doakan..!

Melvin Lim said...

Just to share something I find amusing.
This joker Dato' Soong Kee Chai, the Kapar MCA division chief quoted something about the recent MCA EGM issues:

Datuk Song Kee Chai said: "We want to know. The number 21 is very bad for the party as it symbolises certain gangs.

"We do not want to be associated with any gangs which might disturb and try to control the party."

Now, is there anybody living or working in Klang aware of what he said? It's hilarious......The very character that is so well known for his involvement in the triads and 'kang-tow' activities said sumthing like dat. You are so dammmm good sir! It was like you shout out loud many times over and you are cleansed. Hahaha!!

k a l a m b o n g said...

Oh c'mon !!

You guys from Dapat Ang Pao better don't laugh at the Mau Cari Angpao gang because you guys are sama sama

Sama sama buruk, that is

Anonymous said...

Dapat Ang Pao buat kerja.

Tak buat kerja Mau Cari Angpao.

Know the difference.

Karen said...

LoL !

Sour Puss wants to take Mickey. to court.

I totally missed this is the news. MCA is obviously too free.