Sunday, September 06, 2009

Shameless Racism

Excerpts from various reports on the town hall meeting to resolve the Hindu temple relocation in Shah Alam. What makes it even more disgraceful is that all these comments were made openly in front of their own Indian neighbours and comrades.

Insults againsts Selangor Menteri Besar and Pakatan Rakyat MPs:
  • "MB bodoh"
  • "Khalid babi"
  • "You should be ashamed of being a Malay"
  • "Don't be like a cow led by a ring through the nose"
When a resident lost a rational argument:
"I had been saving up for many years to buy a house in Section 23 and I have the right to object to this. And now we are speaking in anger... and don't make us look stupid by quoting Quranic verses to us," she told Khalid Samad.

"It would disrupt traffic flow," said one female resident of Section 23 when asked what exactly these Muslim sensitivities are.
Racist remarks:
Ainul Hisham, who is a teacher, said she feared the relocation of the temple would create a "higher crime rate" in the neighbourhood.

"We don’t like the smells. It would be noisy and the temples would usually get bigger so we just don’t want it to be near our homes," said another resident, Roshan, 42, on why he was against the temple being built there.
Blame the media:
[Mahyuddin, a leader of the cow-head protest] denied that he and other protesters last week had intended to step on the cow's head but instead blamed it on the media for encouraging by "asking us to step on it for photo purposes".
The above reminds me of a famous phrase by our Minister in Prime Minister's department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz - "Racist! Racist! Racist!"


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is the same as Kampung Buah Pala/High Chapparal. This time its UMNO collaborators that are behind all these...

PR and the residents better learn from Kampung Buah Pala...

Anonymous said...

Some religions really make me very scare of it. It has made people in belief to be more irrational in thinking and insipid in controlling themselves.
What kind of people in this world must drag religion into this man-made bewilderment and obfuscation state? Its obstructive behavior and provocative protest with cow-head and chanting verses and threatened warning of blood-shed is really dirty the image of the religion they enormously take in. For what?
Where we live on? Do we live in the cave as stone age? Are we the bad lower rank of animals as monkeys living the in the jungle where no rule of law?
If there is a god we people believe he made all man are kind with brain, but how come what we see them are not the same as we see them like others?
One might be thinking that this kind of religion is as bad as rubbish. Is it really useless? It can not beautify people's soul?
A country needs its people to put in their heart to build it. It needs tantamount of strenght and energy, thought and wisdom to protect it and rebuild it after rebuilding. Few people with imbecile of mindset to spoil it without regret and repentant.
Is this a man kind of society? I really doubt it.

JohorGirl said...

Quote - "I had been saving up for many years to buy a house in Section 23 and I have the right to object to this. And now we are speaking in anger... and don't make us look stupid by quoting Quranic verses to us," she told Khalid Samad. -

Highlight "don't make us look stupid by quoting Quranic verses to us"... This is very opposite to Islam. Although she's a malay and a muslim, by saying those words, I don't think she's practising what Islam has taught.

ANN BK3 said...

We are always in 'reverse gear' on all fronts.. macam macam pun ada, die lor!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

There are also Malays themselves who cant sees eye to eye with each another.
A good case will be the umno malays who will not go to a Pas surau .
And our comrades from Pas will not go to any of the federal mosque.
This is nothing new.

The 50 lembu incident is for political mileage. It is to create havoc for PR Selangor.
And when they create chaos and riots , this is where the feds walks all over Selangor using the emergency act.
Samy will be the first to fires salvos in such case.
But he didnt. He knew it is to take over Selangor.

Everybody , keeps your cool.
Dont gives them a reason and dont react excessively.

Collin Ng said...


I am from Singapore, it is certainly disheartening to hear such racist comments and I hope we won't face such sensitive situation in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Very good thing about townhall meeting. It tells us what BN has done to Mlaysia after 50 years in power. BN has created seperation in people using race and religion. So Nabji said about 1Mlaysia is all Cock and bull. But if one just look down south, people there looks more united than up in Malai

e n g said...


what she was saying is that put ISLAM aside, I DON'T WANT KUIL near my house because it will affect the house price!

She obviously know she is at the wrong in ISLAM way otherwise she wouldn't be quoting 'LOOK STUPID' :)

Human are ugly. When greeds and heart takes over... they will grab whatever excuses when they see fit. Use religion / right / health etc to fence off things.

How i wish someone would listen to me when i shouted 'I DON'T WANT NAJIB as the PM, because ... i hate his WIFE' !

nana said...

As we can see clearly from this case, religion has nothing to do with it. It's just because of the people prejudices and their own sentimental values and bigotry that play a major part in this incident. It's sad to see that the residents have used and exploited the the religions to buck the good intentions of the state govt to resolve this issue amicably through negotiation and discussion.

The commotion instigators can be likened to the English football hooligans who create nothing but troubles for the govt and the people overall in the state of Selangor. "Daulat Tuanku' they chanted. The funny thing is, will they ever SHUT UP if the Sultan agrees to the relocation lol.

Anonymous said...

Now become how many Malaysia in this country ? I had lost the faith with 1 Malaysia concept , it's ridiculouS !

democrazyman said...

Babaric act by those residents. 1 Malaysia??? The police are still investigating? Why so slow this time? Useless!

karenL said...

i watched the clips on the arrest for some hindraf members who were protesting peacefully till the police came and how violent the police were to non-violent protesters. The woman did not deserved such rough treatment.

The cow-head protesters were violent and full of contempt and anger....and yet nothing was done by the police.

Cant this be raised in Parliament with regards to double standards treatment by the police?

please bring it up.


Anonymous said...

Well, apart from the brawl happening in Singapore UMNO Oops! PKMS headquarter in Changi Road, I don't think Singaporeans are "crazy" of doing such thing.
Of course, I remember the Serangoon Garden's incident. Frankly, I am not happy with these goons. Of course, you know Singapore government. Very strict one

pneoxian said...

Disrupting traffic flow is a real lame excuse to single out a particular religion.

There will always be traffic jams at religious areas due to poor planning, as with most things in this country.

kopitelp16 said...

Unless stern action (is there any yet) by the Police is taken against those thugs stepping on a cow head, these thugs will remain unrepentant. Of course, getting charged will make them look like a hero for the Sec23 folks but in the truth, these are racist thugs and nothing more.

i think the S'gor government has been very tolerant in having a dialogue with them but they used it to act like heroes... Sounds like Zeros to me!

Using foul and rude language is not proper for a dialogue; in the Holy month is even more shameful. And these idiots are calling themselves Muslims? Disgrace!

Collin Ng said...

Hi Looes47

Singapore is not a perfect model, ya the last incident at PKMS headquarter (an opposition party founded by UMNO) is really an embarassing one and another one, the Serangoon Road incident some years ago, that fella is best not mentioned lah. He went on hunger strike hoping to get public sympathy but he has never gotten an inch into Parliament since then. Govern too strict, good and no good too but best to avoid racial issues which can make or break a nation. Cheers

Leedon said...

Just out of curiousity, is it written anywhere in the quoran saying other places of worship should not be placed near a muslim's house or is it forbidden to have a temple and a mosque side by side? I think this issue is purposely fanned by the opposition in the state. They have not gotten over the nightmare of having lost the reins to the state and are now looking for ways to topple the state government.Look at the complete inaction by the police, and the thundering silence from MIC and MCA. To the BN goons I have this to say, "GO RUN, AND NEVER COME BACK"

dukun said...

mr tony pua,
this racial prejudice has gone too far. i agree with khalid samad as we are unjust if deny to build the temple. what insanity drives the protesters(surely, they're paid) to shamelessly swearing and insulting via national TV?I'm a malay and couldnt stand how ppl at my workplace treat my colleague as empty can because of her quzaini hassan, damansara jaya

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,

Malaysia certainly seem to be a forgetful nation. Many injustices has been committed but the rakyat will soon forget once the next “hot topic” comes along. I hope that you can take up this challenge to make those responsible pay for their crime…lest we forget and allow them to escape scott free.

1) The 2 cops convicted of the murder of the Mongolian Lady, what happened to them??
2) Teo Beng Hock’s death at MACC building. MACC must take responsibility!!
3) Al-Islam reporters spying on the Catholic Church!!! They have not been brought to justice
4) Cow Head protestors, the AG says that they will be charged. But will thier punishment befit their crime?? Or will it be another mokery such as the fine imposed on the UMNO youth who bullied YB Karpal a member of Parliament from entering the Parliament Building?? Send these cowhead bigots to jail …i say!!!!
5) PKFZ….all those involved have to pay for plundering our nation’s wealth for thier own!!!

Anonymous said...

That fella hah????? I am absolutely speechless about it. I have told my Sembawang friend to rather spoilt his vote rather than supporting that party
Anyway, Kenneth, son of JBJ sounds promising. Perhaps, SDA should dump PKMS & bring in Reform party though Reform Party seems lotsa oldies
I guess LKY is right. Next 2 GE, it would still be under PAP's bag. After Hsien Loong, it should be Chee Hean but I suspect Thaman would be the first Indian PM in Singapore
LKY prefer Dhanabalan to be PM once upon a time. He changes his mind because he thought Singapore is not ready to accept an Indian PM. So, LKY's next choice is Tony Tan. But then the rest you know what happen.
I quite admire Tony Tan except his protege, Khaw not so politically quotient. I can list down the things he said sound extremely insensitives. Khaw fella was from Penang. So does Irene Ng.

Anonymous said...


Economists quoted Tony Pua here.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it you lot think Malays should just kept quiet about EVERYTHING and are not supposed to practice voicing their dissatisfaction coz they are racist by doing SO

But it's ok for u lot to go on street or sing a song that mock islam coz it's YOUR right?

Such hypocrisy!!!!

and ask urself if you're really sure you are not racist youself?

Anonymous said...

Agree with pneoxian that Pakatan should ensure better planning by the state planner. Places of worship must be catered for for the different comunities and identified in the "master plan" just like other land use. Traffic flows and adequate parking spaces should be considered.
Rezoning or relocation say of temples should be avoid unless absolutely neccessary and only when suitable locations have been obtained. Relocations should not be for flimsy reasons.


Anonymous said...

"It would disrupt traffic flow," said one female resident of Section 23 when asked what exactly these Muslim sensitivities are.

...and how about the traffic jams caused by chaotic parking on friday afternoons all over PJ?...this is very narrow & shallow sec23 resident talking.

Anonymous said...

looks like bn-umno made their next move by preparing to send their mah-cai to kamunting. ai-ya, they were prepared for it. after all, consider as 3 years paid leave - holiday camp with pay. should find out what background are these 12 being charged for & list their names.

next thing bn-umno will say is will pakatan & anti-isa ngos protest against these racist to be locked up under isa? bn-umno made their move. pakatan next.

Anonymous said...

Where are the MIC leaders????

Anonymous said...

They were not only shameless but full of recipe of brewing hatred to stir up disturbances amongst races in the area of Shah Alam.
They thought they could wreck the state government hard built fame and stacking up capability of ruling Selangor state.
At the moment there was proof they were used by their party head to cause problem for PR coalition government in the state.
It was obvious they were members from Umno to take the temple relocation site as objection as platform to stage protest against the state government's decision of the Hindus temple be built at section 23 where they live on.
An Islamic religion was wrongly used to crack on with other religion in this beautiful land just to show sheer disagreement build of temple near to their place where they claimed which was 90% Muslims dominated area.
A meeting was programmed by MB to discuss about the site of temple built was irrationally disturbed by the residents involved. Bad wording had run out of control in exchanging. The reasons of protest were weak and cypher. That meant their purposes were to make show to humiliate Khalid the MB of Selangor.

Anonymous said...

Racist remarks was one thing.

The most disturbing was the threat to rape YB Rodziah. This is the problem when we have sexist MPs in Parliament coming from BN bench that has set the example & got away without being punished. So, it was obvious these cavemen thought they can do the same in public.

Btw, from RPK site, the video explained that one the cavemen was none other than an UMNO thug whose brother lost to YB Khalid Samad in the last GE for the Shah Alam seat. Corek?