Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lone Ranger Hasan Ali Must Stop Shooting From The Hip

I wrote this statement a couple of days ago but decided on holding it back first to see how things pan out. But well, looks like it has been overtaken by events, with even Dr Hasan's fellow PAS colleagues coming out to criticise his outburst against SELCAT. So I'll just put it up on the blog here instead.

Dr Hasan Ali must decide if he is part of the governing Pakatan Rakyat coalition or a lone-ranger who shoots from the hip

Selangor state executive councillor, Dr Hasan Ali has once again decided to stir controversy by hitting out at the Selangor Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT) committee investigations into the allocation of constituency funds by both former and current Selangor state assemblymen.

The SELCAT investigations has to date revealed extensive irregularities and wrongdoings by various parties including the former Barisan Nasional assemblymen with the complicity of many of the DOs. It was also responsible for the revelations on the Balkis scandal when the state government-linked companies officers were questioned.

He has criticised the transparent and open manner of SELCAT investigations led by the state speaker, Teng Chang Khim, especially with regards to the questioning of the state district officers (DOs). Dr Hasan Ali has further suggested that these investigations be conducted behind closed doors by former judges and other “independent” personalities.

Dr Hasan Ali must be reminded that his proposed closed door investigations runs completely contrary to the key principles upheld by SELCAT and the Pakatan Rakyat government, that is of “Accountability” and “Transparency”. If the DOs or any other civil servants have not done anything wrong or against the law, there will be nothing to be ashamed of. Dr Hasan Ali's argument for “independent” personalities also does not make sense, for the Selangor state assembly has been elected by the people to ensure a competent, accountable and transparent government, and that responsibility must never be abdicated by the assembly.

More importantly however, without going into the merits of the Dr Hasan Ali's arguments, the bigger question is, why is he once again taking unilateral actions to criticise the Pakatan Rakyat admistration without any prior consultation with either the State Executive Council (EXCO) or the state Pakatan Rakyat secretariat of which he is a member?

Dr Hasan Ali certainly has his right to his views but would it not be better if they were raised in these consultative meetings first in order for a common decision to be made for the betterment of the state? This is not the first time he has completely ignored the EXCO and the PR secretariat before making highly controversial and questionable announcements, such as seeking the removal of a fellow Exco member, the confiscation of beer and the empowerment of mosque committee members to make arrests all within the past 3 months.

What is most hypocritical is the fact that Dr Hasan Ali did not utter a single word of objection when the issue of constituency fund allocation investigations was raised in a PR secretariat meeting which was held before the commencement of the SELCAT investigations! And now he has to act like the “hero” fighting for the rights of the “maligned” DOs.

Dr Hasan Ali must start behaving like he is part of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, especially since he insisted that he is committed to the coalition after the earlier controversies. The method of strengthening Pakatan is via consultative decision-making, and not via every EXCO member shooting from the hip as and when they feel like it. If however, Dr Hasan Ali so feels that he is for one reason or another, unable to consult and discuss with the EXCO and his coalition partners, then perhaps in the interest of Pakatan Rakyat, it is best that he gives way to another leader who can from his party.


wong said...

hasan ali is on khir toyol payroll..will send in the slip....

Anonymous said...

datuk Hassan Ali should resign his post advance. He"s an UMNO man in PAS clothes. Remove this black sheep.

d'Frog Prince said...

isn't it obvious what he is aiming at? power corrupts and he is so near to power already giddy with it, i shudder to think that if he should become the mb himself.

Old Fart said...


Sad to say, one thing that I see lacking in all this, is leadership! The more Hasan is allowed to continue in his own way the more glaring it is that there is no clear direction or objective. There is no common goal either that we can rely upon to bring this prodigal son to the fold or to have him sacrificed.

Do you think in the BN an MIC leader or an MCA back bencher can take on a position that goes against the leadership position? Just ask Sothinathan to see what happened to him? Even though he may have been right and he may have been justified, fact is what we saw from that episode that even recalcitrant members submit to is the unwavering leadership that
was shown. Even if it was grossly unfair. Hasan has given more than enough cause for him to be sacked or suspended. Instead what we see is we wait for PAS to take action because he is a PAS man. But why should PAS? After all they are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea over this. He has not articulated anything that goes against PAS' own doctrines and goals. And they have not given up on their idea of an Islamic State either.

wong said...

hassan ali beleieved he is allah send to be chief minister prime minister and allah offical spokeman ..he is the most holy of the holy...soon he be raiding dap ss2 cafe...for.....toasted bread without halal certificate

Anonymous said...

i'm itching to suggest for his removal as an exco...

but then that would make pakatan like evil-umno.

i bliv evrybody's entitled to his/her views. but having said that, i'd much prefer if hasan ali fights for what he blivs in, OUTSIDE of the pakatan family.


Anonymous said...

wei...sapa yang jahat..u orang dap lah yang xtau apa itu keadilan..

u klu nak soal orang pun..soalah elok-elok, jgnlah ikutkan perasaan u saja nak soal org..paksa orang..itu bukan caranya..menekan orang dengan memberi jawapan itu bukan caranya.

xkan u nak jadi pembangkang lagi weiii teng ...sekarang kita memerintah..bukannnya pembangkang..bila kita memerintah buat macam kita pemerintah jgn selamanya kita nak kena jadi pembangkang..Teng Chang Kem memang xlayak jadi ketua..kalu perangai u macamni..menyusahkan orang saja..tidak menunjukkan sikap yang baik..

wong said...

hassan ali, ali ibrahim ..voted most dangerous man alive ..

Anonymous said...

Frankly, from my understanding of who Hassan Ali is, all his talk make absolutely no sense from a ideological agenda. The man was fomerly UMNO, supposedly cross over because he did not like what UMNO was doing. But now he is doing all the talk like he is in UMNO also.. So why?

Then there is his background. The man is not trained in anything specifically NOT even in Islamic studies. He is a motivational speaker apparently - basically a bullshitter..Why would a motivational speaker go on SUCH a bender on Islamic stuff? Basically for bullshitting....

Hasan Ali benders are a con-job of the highest order - one that he make himself believe so that he can make other believe so that he gets what he really want - power and influence..

Anonymous said...


Put aside this Hassa Ali chap for a while. You need to do something in your own backyard i.e. SS2. The place is getting from bad to worse.

marcus63 said...

it is a good thing that over time, these 2-faces are coming out of the closet, either by monetary inducements from umno, or through their desperation. this way, in the next ge, they can be weeded out. i always believe, that as long as the voters mature, democracy will win the day.

however, its just the heart talking to recommend sacking this 2-headed snake. in coalition politics, as opposed to running a corporation, you need consultations with coalition partners to make such a decision.
do not worry, if pas fail to do the right thing, they will suffer a humiliation in bagan pinang. the voter is no longer bodoh.

Penulis Muda said...


Unknown said...

yep. don't let the ulgy cancer spread away.

a disgrace muslim indeed.

of all the things, corruption, murder, public safety, public welfare, petrol, barang naik and injuctice, he can talk above, he talks about the 'saving face' for the corrupted civil servant. how about the people's stand??!!!

Anonymous said...

Lu tak tau apa-apa pun dalam SELCAT. Lu sapa mau cakap pasal SELCAt?? Jangan cakap la.. Lu tunggu next PRU mesti kalah punya. DAP sama dengan BN juga. Cakap tak serupa bikin.Suruh itu SELCAT siasat la apa yang itu SPRM siasat pada Beng Hock, tengok apa yang lu dapat.

Anak Perelih said...

Remember the Khir Toyo broom incident??? The Selcat does need some changes in its inquiry.. especially the way question was asked... if not the PR government will recieve the same fate as Khir 'broom' Toyo government.... the culprit was BN ADUNs, not DOs...

Anonymous said...

YB Pua,
The fact is Hassan Ali got the complains from the DOs following Selcat inquiry. He did not directly criticised Selcat. He make comments upon approached by DOs and issue statement regarding treatment by Selcat. He deserved his opinion upon complains from government servants under democratic system. The criticism should be viewed positively though I fully supported Selcat funtions. I viewed the Hassan Ali opinion has been blown out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

Oooi Anak,
What would be the best? Having high tea in Lot 10? My goodness, this is a proceeding scantioned by the legislative assembly. The chief is Teng Chang Khim
Those civil servants have ample opportunities of defending themselves. They have documents. They bring their lawyers. The proceeding does not prosecute them. The objective is to identify weaknesses & implement remdey actions
I have noticed some District officers boycotted the Malaysia Day events immediately after Hassan Ali bailing them out. That's strange & interesting

Anak Parelih,
Those district officers are civil servants. They are subject to public scrutiny. If they can't stand those scrutiny, they need to reconsider their position.
Tun Saleh Abas, your PAS member doesn't have that luxury. Those folks in the judiciary tribunal not as kind as Teng & his co.

Anak Parelih,
In Singapore, those distric officers would be "fried" alive. Know why Mat Selamat doesn't wanna go back

Unknown said...

PR is in bad luck to have such kind of people in its folder. An unpredicted condition is in the brewing. Will this man be used as sordid tool of BN to topple PR? Hopefully PAS will take it seriously to sort it out.
A man of conservative with misinterpreting of his religious preaching and teaching. Constantly forwarding sore of sediment is purposely calumniate the stable of PR government. His rendition is slanderous and injurious to PR's coalition. A man with malefaction.
He is awkwardly a schizophrenia and crustacean.
An action should be taken to stop his perpetual tamper blowing upon PR. This man must be deleted and putting away into recycle bin once for all.

Anonymous said...

Si Anon 12:42 berkata....
Lu tak tau apa-apa pun dalam SELCAT. Lu sapa mau cakap pasal SELCAt??


Untuk makluman semua, inilah bahasa yang lazim digunakan oleh DO-DO UMNO semalaysia. Mana ada DO yang tak ego.

Kena faham kerja DO amat bertekanan tinggi. Terpaksa kena entertain semua orang besar kecil termasuk:-

1. kena judi sekali
2. kena main pompuan sekali
3. kena minum buih sekali
4. kena tunggang motor besar sekali
5. kena pecut motokar laju sekali

Kerja DO tidak boleh disoal tau, nanti malu anak bini.


Anonymous said...

yb tony

as a pas member i dont agree wt hassan ali in most of his doings.

but what about jeff ooi?
he never apologise to jim members for he hv hurts me until now.

Anonymous said...

anyone who can think straight should knows that hassan ali is a MOLE.. an UMNO TROJAN.

Anonymous said...

another greedy man... wat la! UMNO UMNO

umno pick isa o ISA... same same no brainy malay!

aiy0 biasala MAKAN DUIT

another UMNO man in PERTRONAS!!!

Anonymous said...


If someone dont bliv in CAT, then we smell a RAT loh!
Remember, the truth always hurt!

Anonymous said...

takleh tahan kene kritik yer..selcat ni tak leh dikritik sangat ker...that's all i want to know..

kata pr amalkan keterbukaan, openness my foot lah... kritik sikit mintak adun letakl jawatan..bodo punye pr...